Woodgrain: 200+ (Photo) Ready-made natural designs for your comfort


Despite the fact that progress is rapidly moving forward, people still try to choose natural materials for decorating rooms. The most popular is wood. It is used for the manufacture of furniture, doors, window frames, various accessories. It is used for decoration, creating decorative elements.


Material Features

At the mention of wood in the interior, the first associations are mainly furniture and floor. So some houses are still being built entirely of wood. These are Russian, Swedish, Finnish English houses, chalet buildings.

The tree does not go out of fashion

This tree used to be associated with an old cottage, unreliable creaking floors or outdated interior. Modern designers have invented quite various techniques that allow the material to look great in any interior.

The abundance of wood always makes the interior natural, natural, luxurious. It can successfully be used in almost any interior style from extraordinary Japanese to modern hi-tech.

Wood can be used now absolutely in any room. If earlier it was a strange and inappropriate choice for a bathroom, now it is increasingly possible to find a wooden finish or even furniture in the bathrooms.

It looks warm and cozy

Quite a lot of it can be found in the interiors in the form of decor. It is successfully combined with other materials, for example, with:

  • skin;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • a stone.
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Tree in the interior

Consider the most popular wood trim options in different rooms. What styles will be appropriate and how beautiful to make it?

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Wood can make the interior of the kitchen cozy and original. Kitchens under wood or decorated with natural materials can be decorated in one of the styles presented:

  • classical;
  • country music;
  • Romanesque;
  • Scandinavian;
  • modern;
  • Gothic.

At the same time, wooden elements are not only kitchen sets, accessories, but also wall decorations, floors. The flooring is most often parquet or tile with wood imitation.

Modern kitchen interior

An overview of each style for the kitchen:

1 Classics

It implies the use of expensive tree species. They provide a high social status of the kitchen. There are no bright defiant colors, unusual accessories. Everything is strict and restrained. Wooden furniture complements natural textiles, leather upholstery, gold or silver jewelry.

In classic style

2 Country

Many associate with a rustic style. And the village assumes an abundance of wood. The working area or part of the wall is made of wood, preference is given to wicker furniture. The color scheme involves a combination of warm colors with pastel tones. In the style of many small floral ornaments, cotton materials for curtains.

Country style

3Romansky style

Suitable for a spacious kitchen of your own homes. Kitchen wooden set usually white or black color. The facades are decorated with rough iron carvings. The overall color scheme of the kitchen is dark brown or gray tones with the addition of white. All furniture should look heavy and massive. The weight of the setting gives the stone floor. Antique medieval weapons, knight armor or similar imitations are used for decoration.

Romantic style

4 Scandinavian style

Can be used in kitchens of all sizes. The palette must be chosen exceptionally light, with minor additions in black or dark blue. In a room dominated by white or light tone, there should be a lot of bright spots. The walls are placed wallpaper or plaster, when making the ceiling, you must use wooden elements. All furniture in the kitchen should be made either from natural raw materials or from high-quality imitation. A lot of lighting, lack of curtains, live plants in pots - these are signs of Scandinavia.

Scandinavian style


In addition to wood, the interior should include glass, plastic and metal products. The combination of colors is very difficult - white, gray, black are combined with bright blue, brown or beige. At registration of walls raw materials with metal addition are used.

Art Nouveau


It assumes high ceilings in the room with wide wooden beams. Furniture is purchased from such species as walnut, oak, alder, cedar with bronze fittings. It is better to choose colors dark, mainly brown and red. They should be diluted with silver and gold threads. The lower part of the wall is decorated with wooden panels, the top - wallpaper. The interior is completed with metal window frames, forged parts.

In gothic style

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Natural material in the bathroom

Bathroom - a place with high humidity, constant temperature changes, complex microclimate. Therefore, when creating an interior in a bathroom, wood is not often used. Preference is given to already annoying ceramic tiles.

Wood in the bathroom

Properly prepared wood trim can be a wonderful decoration of the bathroom. Such a natural material can last for a long time. It remains to choose from such materials:

  • Natural wood - the most expensive type of decoration. The block house, edged board of strong breeds, imitation of a bar belong to it. They have antiseptic impregnation and natural beauty of the picture.
  • Wood panels - There are laminated panels and boards made from wood chips, which resemble wood in texture. They look no worse than natural wood. But they have better moisture resistance.
  • Ceramic tiles for wood - You can pick up the usual tiles in the new non-standard colors. The tile conveys the texture, color and pattern of natural wood.

Such a bathroom requires special care.

Wood that is not suitable for bathroom material always looks bright and original in this room. It is not necessary to use natural materials to liven up the space. You can use multiple wood accents.

They may be:

  • a wooden bathtub is an unusual item requiring special care;
  • wooden floor for the bathroom - you can also choose a tile under the tree or choose natural wood. It requires simple care;
  • wooden furniture - eco-style bedside tables and tables, rustic spa.
BoardFor bathrooms of small sizes you need to choose wood of light shades: pine, ash, maple. Dark wood makes the room dark and cramped.

This material looks bright and original in this room.

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In the bedroom

Interior design for the bedroom with the use of wood can make this room cozy and relaxing. When choosing wood for the bedroom you need to rely on the following criteria:

  • high strength;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • the admissibility of further processing;
  • good performance characteristics.

Natural raw materials are chosen for bedroom decor, as it meets all the listed criteria and is environmentally friendly. Pine is considered an acceptable material for the price.

Creative option for a bed

Bedroom Design Tips:

  • To expand the space visually you need to choose light shades of wood, which can be complemented with small bright accents.
  • For a small bedroom furniture you need to choose the most simple, but functional. Do not clutter the space. Furniture should not occupy most of the room. Good options are a transforming sofa, a neat closet.
  • Natural wood shades will serve as the perfect backdrop for other bright accents in the room.
  • Wood with a matte finish looks very natural.
  • Products with a glossy varnish over time will need to update the coating.

When you create an eco-style in the bedroom, you can select an entire wall for wood trim. Usually it serves as a wall at the head of the bed. To do this, you can use economical design clapboard or buy luxury decorative panels.

Cozy and modern bedroom

With such a decoration will be in harmony with paintings, sculptures, lamps, corresponding to the style of the room. If you make a wooden ceiling in the bedroom, then from this venture you can take a lot of advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • excellent noise and heat insulation;
  • the possibility of hiding various communications;
  • beauty of appearance.
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Living room

The design of any room begins with the selection of finishes. If you want to create a living room interior using natural materials, then you cannot do without wood in it.

For the floor, you can choose:

  • deck board;
  • massive board;
  • parquet;
  • laminate or linoleum with a pattern resembling the color and texture of wood.

Fireplace perfectly matches wooden quality furniture.. Therefore, in their own homes, where the space of the room is quite large, you can place an artificial stone fireplace.

The tree in the interior of the living room is associated primarily with the classic style. To convey this style you need to choose discreet colors. The style will suit both dark and light shades, natural materials and textiles. Wood is combined with heavy drapes for windows, natural materials for upholstery of high quality upholstered furniture.

Living room interior using natural materials

Home-made or purchased accessories made of wood can decorate the interior of the living room. A low wooden table of its own production, chairs from untreated wood, wooden frames for photographs and paintings will set the mood for such a living room.

BoardChoose wood shades need natural. You should not choose products and furniture with painted surfaces, the texture of the material is very important. Return to the menu

Finishing loggias and balconies

Some apartment owners in high-rise buildings have a balcony - this is another pantry. There people put old unwanted trash, which is a pity to throw. Any balcony can be turned into a functional space that will cause admiration.

It is necessary to perform a high-quality wood finish to transform the space advantageously. Most often, the decoration of the balcony is carried out with wooden materials.

Option design loggia

Consider a few worthwhile ideas:

Wooden clapboard decoration is a noble, warm, natural material that is environmentally friendly. They can be divided into several classes depending on the number of knots. Lining has a locking connection on the principle of "groove-comb". Therefore, the finish is quick and easy.

BoardIt is possible to use lining for a balcony lining in several positions. Most often it is a vertical mounting boards, but you can carry out horizontal and diagonal installation.

Sheath balcony space can be PVC plates under the tree. They have excellent sound and heat insulation properties, are easy to install, have a smooth surface. In the upholstery is almost completely hidden seam.

MDF panels - with the right lighting on the balcony look no worse than natural wood. This is also an ecological material created from compressed wood waste. MDF is suitable for plating heated or already warmed balconies, as it has low moisture resistance.

Any balcony can be turned into a functional space.

In the summer, you can place fresh flowers on such a wooden balcony, which are perfectly combined with the material.

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Bath interior

The traditional Russian bath is a completely wooden room. It consists of a waiting room, a special steam room and a separate room for the adoption of water procedures. Usually, all three rooms are trimmed with wood to imitate the horizontal laying of logs.

This is a completely wooden room.

All other items in the interior are also wooden.

The following materials are used for finishing baths:

  • lining from natural wood;
  • special wood tile for bath rooms;
  • imitation of a bar;
  • block house from slab;
  • interlacing of a rod or beech.

When you make a dressing room, it is important to ensure that visitors to the sauna are comfortable and cozy. In this room should be warm. Therefore, it is necessary to use natural materials with good thermal conductivity. At the same time, materials must be resistant to moisture.

Beautiful and cozy dressing room

This room houses a table and simple chairs for enjoying tea. The walls are decorated with paintings, shelves. You can buy wicker furniture for the dressing room, which is well combined with wooden trim.

In the steam room should be used high-quantity materials that are resistant to high temperatures. It is also very important to properly organize the space in the steam room. In this room there should be a continuation of the style of the dressing room.

The last bathing room is characterized by high humidity. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials with high moisture resistance.

Since this room is usually combined with a steam room, it may be worthwhile to take natural wood. This room has good air circulation and therefore wood is suitable.

Use natural materials with good thermal conductivity.

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Wood finish

On the walls, the tree looks good and original in embodying the classic style. As finishing can be used:

  • wooden panels;
  • molding;
  • threaded lining.

This setting does not fit any room. For example, in the bedroom or office, it can look pretentious, it will visually reduce space and put pressure on the person. Textured wood panels of light shades are suitable for living rooms, nurseries, adult bedrooms.

Classic cabinet

To finish the floor using natural wood flooring or laminate. Such coverage will cost the owner of an apartment or house is not cheap. But at the same time the price corresponds to the quality.

An alternative to this coating can be linoleum with an imitation of the image of wooden planks. Among the species you can even find those that are similar in texture to a real tree.

Wooden trim to choose those people who suffer from allergies, it is suitable for the design of children's bedrooms. In rooms with natural wood, less dust is collected and the likelihood of damp spreading decreases.

Use parquet made from natural materials.

For the decoration of the walls one of two types of wood is selected:

  • leafy;
  • coniferous.

Hardwood fits for ordinary rooms with good ventilation where people live. Conifer it is better to choose for finishing rooms with high humidity: baths, bathrooms.

Types of trees

When choosing furniture for different rooms, you need to pay attention to the tree species of which they are made:

  1. Oak - is in the category of the most expensive materials. It has noble shades, good structure, resistant to moisture. Used for the manufacture of furniture for bedrooms.
  2. Pine - the coniferous furniture belongs to the economy class. Its strength is average. Strong mechanical effects, it can not withstand. Pine trees are most often purchased children's furniture. The material lends itself well to tinting, has a beautiful pattern.
  3. Hevea is in the category of the cheapest materials. However, in its properties it is not inferior to oak.

  4. Beech - a very popular material among manufacturers of modern furniture. It has a slightly pink tint, easy to process. By nature, it is plastic and durable. All these positive qualities in combination with an affordable price make beech the most acceptable variety.
  5. Alder It has a very beautiful shade, pleasant texture. This breed is naturally silky.
  6. Birch tree different hardness, durability. This is another available raw material. By its mechanical characteristics, birch is equal to beech. It is well painted, suitable for the production of veneer.
  7. Nut refers to the solid varieties of timber, has a wide range of colors. Above all, valued black walnut. This tree is decorated with some details or elite items.
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Nature lovers will appreciate the wooden wallpaper. This material can be made of veneer, cork, natural material.

Panels of small plates

Wooden wallpaper called special panels of small plates. During installation, they easily fit together, creating a full-fledged natural pattern. The connection takes place with the help of the tongue and groove system. For such wallpaper, you do not need to pre-prepare the wall, enough of the standard finish. Doing the placement of wallpaper on the wall is also very simple without outside help.

But wooden wallpaper is exposed to moisture. They are afraid of pests. Therefore, they need special care, preliminary weighing of the advantages and disadvantages.

Wallpapers are made from different tree species that differ in texture, patterns, colors. The most popular are wallpaper from pine and spruce.

BoardIf you need a kind of wood that can withstand temperature changes and humidity, then you need to choose larch. This wood material does not emit resin.

Made of veneer, cork, natural material

One of the most expensive varieties of such wallpapers are panels made from an African abash tree.

Wood wallpaper is divided into several categories:

  • Extra - paintings, devoid of knots and defects.
  • "A" - the presence of a small number of knots is permissible.
  • "B" - on the surface of a significant number of knots.

Such wooden products for decorating walls have many advantages:

  • ecological safety - the material does not emit harmful substances, toxins into the room atmosphere;
  • the creation of a solid surface - the principle of "thorn-groove" connection makes the coating smooth and even;
  • a wide range of models - depending on the breed, color, processing method, natural pattern;
  • good sound and heat insulation. Even the thinnest veneer or cork wallpapers provide good insulation performance.

Interesting office design

A completely different appearance can be created with each type of laying of the plates:

  • diagonal;
  • upright;
  • horizontal.
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Wood and brick

Wood will always be combined in the interior with other natural materials, including stone. Typically used for exterior brick is actively used for decorating the walls inside the room. The combination of wood and brick is a characteristic feature of the Loft style.

Loft style

This interesting and attractive style is rapidly gaining popularity. From English, the word loft translates as "attic." The style involves the use of a minimum number of partitions and the maximum release of space.. Most often, such premises are duplex and suitable for creative people.

The concept of style is a combination of a variety of architectural solutions. It combines outdated brickwork with various communications that are visible, or naked ventilation system.

Complement the old days:

  • modern metallic materials;
  • abundance of mirrors;
  • functional technique.
The Loft style is characterized by the presence of brickwork on the walls, wide wooden beams on the ceilings and the absence of partitions. The space is divided into functional areas by zoning.

The combination of a variety of architectural solutions

Furniture for Loft style is chosen mainly wooden, strict, without unnecessary details and decorations. Its main function is the storage of things. An additional task is the division of space.

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For connoisseurs of the appearance of the tree invented an alternative material. It is a ceramic tile under the tree. It has the appearance of natural wood, but at the same time it has the best operational capabilities.

For example, in the bathroom it is not always possible to place a wooden floor. After all, it is subject to the spread of mold and dampness on it. But ceramic tiles such difficulties will not be terrible.

Woodgrain tiles as an alternative material

Advantages of ceramic tiles:

  • decorative effect, high aesthetics;
  • durability and high strength;
  • the preservation of the appearance throughout the lifetime;
  • resistance to small temperature differences;
  • resistance to moisture;
  • reduced hygroscopicity;
  • resistance to aggressive chemicals;
  • the ability to replace individual tiles due to mechanical damage;
  • convenience and ease of care;
  • optimum ratio of quality and price.

Properly laid tile will protect the floor from the spread of fungus, mold and water flow.

Ceramic tile wood is most often used in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, less often in dining rooms and living rooms. Recently, there has been a tendency to lay wood imitating tiles on the floor in the hallway, corridor, hall or attic.

Protects the floor from spreading mold and mildew

Among the various floor coverings, you can select products as close as possible to the natural wood. During operation, the tile will not absorb odors, will be able to withstand significant loads and will not sag. Such floors have fire safety, are not subject to rotting and look no worse than real wood.

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Door Features

Wood is the most common material for the manufacture of interior doors. It goes well with glass. Therefore, the finished products look in the form of a complete sheet or have glass inserts.

Quality doors are made from:

  • mahogany;
  • beech wood;
  • oak;
  • birch;
  • pines;
  • merbau;
  • sweet cherries

Their outstanding qualities are durability and environmental friendliness. Wooden doors perfectly isolate heat and sound.

Common material for the manufacture of interior doors

The presence of a special coating protects the accessory from external damage and prolongs its durability.

In order to serve wooden doors for a long time, when choosing interroom products, you need to pay attention to such moments:

  • manufacturer - you need to buy any items from trusted manufacturers. For doors it is important that the wood is properly and properly processed;
  • wood quality - good wooden doors are free from irregularities and cracks;
  • door covering - the surface of the canvas should be smooth, as the varnish is applied in several layers, and then sanding is carried out;
  • If glass inserts are provided in the door, it is important to choose shock-resistant glass. When mechanically acting, the glazing should not crumble into small fragments.

These doors can be an interior decoration

Wooden interior doors are of the following types:

  • with a porch;
  • without a porch;
  • single leaf and bivalve;
  • smooth;
  • with one and two panels;
  • symmetrical and asymmetrical;
  • doors made of solid wood, MDF or veneer.

Option in light color

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Wooden furniture

It is impossible to imagine any interior without the presence of wood in it. If this is not a finish, then any pieces of furniture, doors, window frames.

In the budget design is not used natural wood, and its imitation. In the middle price category are also not a solid sheet of tree species, and waste wood processing. Wood furniture has the following advantages:

  • ecological purity - do not emit toxic and harmful substances into the air. May produce a pleasant aroma, highlighting the essential oils and resins, which favorably affect the human body;
  • durability and strength - wooden products have high resistance to mechanical damage. Quality furnishings can survive several generations of people;
  • simplicity and high speed of repair;
  • comfortable use - modern pieces of wood furniture are ergonomic. They are made taking into account the characteristics of the human body.
  • a large selection of various stylistic and design solutions - you can find wooden furniture of any style, type, size, color and texture;
  • wooden furniture is always presentable and rich.

Furniture can be made:

  • from soft tree species: aspen, linden, poplar, chestnut, cedar, spruce, pine, juniper;
  • from hardwoods: apple, ash, walnut, sycamore, maple, birch, beech, larch, oak, elm, mountain ash;
  • very hard rocks: pistachio tree, iron birch, hornbeam, acacia, yew.

The most expensive and wear-resistant furniture is considered to be of the hardest rocks.

BoardIn order not to confuse furniture from natural wood with chipboard, you need to look at the cut of wooden parts. You can also look at the wood pattern. In extruded plates you can find the same patterns, the natural material will not have a repetition of lines.

Using wood always helps transform the look of a room. Natural breeds make a person closer to nature, provide environmental cleanliness in the room. Wood can always be successfully entered into the interior when combined with plaster, leather, brick, stone or expensive textiles.