Bathroom decoration with artificial stone: washbasin, countertop, shelves. Features of use of material


Bathroom decoration with artificial stone - a new original alternative to the usual ceramic tiles. The surface, trimmed with stone, always looks luxurious, rich and elegant. In addition, the material reliably protects the room from the appearance of dampness and mold. The best place to accommodate such material would be a bathroom or a combined bathroom.

Content of this article:

  • Features of use
  • Types of finishing stone materials
  • Recommendations for the design of the bathroom
  • Rules of work
  • Positive qualities of finishing
  • How to choose an artificial stone?
  • Bath
  • Sinks
  • Bathroom Worktop
  • Bathroom wall decoration
  • Stone on the floor and ceiling
  • Stone Bathroom Ideas
  • Compatibility with interior styles
  • Caring for artificial stone
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  • Features of use

    The walls sheathed by granite, marble or onyx look nobly. A more affordable option is the use of artificial stone, which has a very rich palette of shades. Agglomerate material can mimic the texture of any natural stones, allowing you to find the desired shade. Thanks to the artificial stone, you can create a feeling of a complete surface without the presence of seams and joints.

    Artificial stone trim is endowed with not only decorative features. This material is used to make furniture for:

    • sanitary facilities;
    • table tops;
    • lockers;
    • shelves and plumbing.

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    Types of finishing stone materials

    To create a bathroom interior, you can use any kind of artificial stone. The following stone types have gained popularity:

    Artificial stone - an alternative to ceramic tiles

    • Chipped with irregularities - sometimes such a model may have sharp edges. It carries a huge decorative function, it looks very interesting on the walls, but the installation of such a coating needs to be trusted by specialists.
    • Sawn - has smooth, even cuts. Therefore, it is much easier and more convenient to work with it than with a crushed look. With such a stone, the interior will always look noble and elegant.
    • Natural is a natural material from various rocks. It makes the interior really chic and expensive.
    • Imitation is the most popular type, which in appearance can be no different from natural breeds, depending on the selected species.

    Interesting decorative pebbles

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    Recommendations for the design of the bathroom

    Always when choosing in favor of an artificial stone, you need to remember that this material obscures the room and makes it dark. Therefore, it is necessary to think in advance about the future lighting of the room.

    One lamp on the ceiling may not be enough. A person will feel that he is in a stone bag. Therefore, it is better to create a multi-level lighting that will make all the dark corners in the bathroom bright.

    Facing dark stone in the bathroom is inappropriate. The room can simply turn into a crypt, especially if it is small. If you strongly like the black variety, then it is advisable to combine it with the light one, giving preference to the latter.

    Sometimes the dark color of the walls can be shaded by the contrast of the light elements of the floor and ceiling, furniture or plumbing.

    It is enough to issue one wall

    To make a more comfortable laying and bathroom interior, in this room you need to place pots or tubs with green plants. Well in the bathroom look palms and tropical types of plants, which is suitable wet atmosphere. You can try to place high-quality imitation of plants in a stone bathroom.

    In small bathrooms of high-rise buildings you should not use the material for finishing the whole room. It is necessary to allocate for this small areas of the room. They can be the floor, part of the wall, lining the bathroom, ready sink, decorating a niche and others.

    Completely stone walls in a small room often do not look too aesthetically pleasing. If there is such a need for finishing, you need to choose light materials. It is advisable to choose glossy surfaces so that they can visually expand the space. It is very important to follow the rule of compatibility of materials. If it is unsuccessful to combine finishing materials, then the room will visually look smaller than it actually is.

    Cozy option with a fireplace

    Luxury royal apartments in the bathroom can be made using marble or granite masonry. Choose for this you need a tile of neutral shades or pastel shades.

    Corner countertops, bathtubs and shelves in combination with a calm, light design are used to expand the rooms.

    Quartz agglomerate is chosen for the bathroom because of the possibility of this material to provide a smooth, smooth surface without joints, seams and connections. Therefore, such material can be placed on the floor to implement interesting design solutions or create a self-leveling floor effect.

    Use quartz agglomerate

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    Rules of work

    To make the interior of the bathroom successful and perfect, you can use the following rules for combining artificial stone:

    • Increase the number of light sources. Even light stone shades take in the light and reduce the degree of illumination of the bathroom. Therefore, the light must be added.
    • Dark type must be alternated with light materials.
    • In too narrow rooms it is not recommended to use such decoration, as it adds gloom, but this does not apply to bathroom fixtures for bathrooms.
    • It is always necessary to remember the sense of proportion when using a decorative stone, so as not to accidentally turn a bathroom into a kind of cave.
    • Properly beaten rough stone on the walls can be a highlight of the room. It is necessary to soften it with delicate details, smooth forms of interior items.
    • The living plants that create an atmosphere of nature in the bathroom perfectly harmonize with the stone. The noise of the flow of water, stone surfaces and green foliage will combine to energize a person and provide real relaxation and rest.
    • Imitation of natural stone in perfect harmony with wooden surfaces. But when choosing such a bathroom finish, you need to take care that the wood has a special impregnation with protection from water.

    Cave illusion

    BoardDecorative stone can be well combined with both natural and artificial materials, depending on its type. It can be successfully combined with mirrors and metal.

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    Positive qualities of finishing

    Despite the fact that the decorative material is much cheaper than natural, compared to other types of finishes, it has a rather high price. However, its cost is justified by numerous positive features:

    • originality of the material;
    • moisture resistance, protection from damp and mold;
    • durability, wear resistance;
    • ability to withstand heavy loads and mechanical stress damage resistance;
    • low heat transfer ability;
    • the absence of radioactive background, which can often occur when choosing in favor of a natural stone;
    • the presence of a protective layer;
    • simplicity and availability of care and operation.

    It can be well combined with natural materials.

    Bathroom decoration with artificial stone can be different:

    • wall decoration is a classic way;
    • decorating the floor or ceiling - a bold idea;
    • The increasingly popular solution is the manufacture of furniture and plumbing.

    A wide range of varieties of decorative material makes it possible to realize any design idea. Many manufacturers of furniture and plumbing, dealing with artificial stone, can bring to life projects for individual orders. On your own, you can think up the design of the bath and sink, come up with the shape of the table top and make your bathroom interior stylish and individual.

    Wall decoration is a classic way.

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    How to choose an artificial stone?

    When choosing a material, you must first look at its appearance. Its front surface should be free of chips, scratches or cracks, as well as traces of a brush. Dents or bumps on the surface are allowed, but they should be no more than 5 mm.

    BoardAlways need to navigate the price in the selection. This material has a high cost, so at the sight of a low price, the seller must always ask for a quality certificate. In the absence of such a document, you risk acquiring low-quality and short-lived material. Another nuance - at first glance, items made of decorative stone may seem to be the same. It is sometimes very difficult even to a specialist to distinguish a cheap fake from a high-quality product visually.

    Therefore, only related documents can serve as a guarantee of quality. Products of large companies with a known name are usually labeled on the back side, which is also considered a guarantee of quality.

    In beige tones

    For species, you need to choose a stone that will be in harmony with the rest of the decoration or interior items. When choosing a stone of light shades for the bathroom, the interior will look noble and elegant.

    Dark colors make the interior strict and concise. But busting with dark color will make the space grim. The type of stone with a speckled pattern will help to mask the stains from the water. And on white surfaces there will be less noticeable scratches. Return to the menu ↑


    The largest item in the bathroom is the bath itself. Even this attribute can be made of artificial stone.

    A monolithic stone block will make the interior special, clearly different from the rest. Moreover, it can be created by individual developments. The process of operating such a bath brings excellent tactile sensations, and also gives psychological relief, makes the atmosphere special.

    Artificial material is well treatable. That is why you can create the most incredible designs of baths on their own projects. Although on sale there is a huge range of various original and unusual models.

    The material is well treatable.

    The advantages of such baths are many. In addition to these, there is another strong argument in favor of stone plumbing. Such an idea is relatively new, it is still not often encountered and did not have time to pall.

    Initially, this material is a very plastic mass, which consists of quartz sand or granite chips, catalyst and polyester resin. This combination allows the material to take absolutely any shape before solidification. Manufacturers have already managed to purchase special equipment for this purpose. When the material hardens, it undergoes a stage of grinding and additional processing.

    Artificial stone bath has the following properties:

    • unusual appearance and interesting shape;
    • low heat release capacity - contributes to maintaining the temperature longer;
    • bacteria resistant coating;
    • the product does not need additional support;
    • has good sound insulation.

    This material is a very plastic mass.

    BoardYou can use artificial stone for facing the bath. To do this, a special box is constructed around the usual bath, which is covered with stone fragments. Return to the menu


    Stone washbasins are distinguished by a combination of beauty and high strength. A large variety of colors allows you to choose a variety of suitable under any situation objects. Sinks can be made absolutely any form.

    Stone washbasins have a special coating with a gelcoat that protects the surface from abrasion. In addition, the surface under the protective layer becomes perfectly smooth without pores.

    Differ in a combination of beauty and high durability

    There are such types of shells, depending on the shape:

    • square;
    • rectangular;
    • round;
    • oval.

    Plumbing products may also vary in color:

    • shells are created with imitation of natural marble quartz stone in beige, pink, brown shades;
    • there are sinks from a stone of standard flowers for bathroom equipment - white and black;
    • shells are made of bright shades - red, yellow, blue.

    Interesting shell shape

    Separate sinks according to the type of tabletop fastening:

    • Floor - have support in the form of legs or stand and allow adjustment of the height of the location. Floor variety can be mounted on the cabinet, cabinet with shelves.
    • Wall models have a small weight and size, attached to the wall with anchors. Fasteners can be made to finish the walls during repair or after it, depending on the type of work.
    • Corner sinks of cast stone can be of any type, they can be mounted on the wall or placed on a stand.
    • Washbasins integrated into the countertop are a continuous sheet without joints of seams and transitions between the countertop and the sink.

    Interesting, square shape

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    Bathroom Worktop

    The bathroom space can be made quite functional by various shelves, cabinets and countertops. The choice of the latter is simply huge not only for the kitchen, but also for the bathroom.

    Choosing any type of countertops for the bathroom is worth it because of their advantages, as well as ease of care for the coating. Countertop made of artificial stone has a high resistance to chemicals.

    Beautiful, bright tabletop

    Most often, bathroom countertops are made from these types of artificial materials:

    • Quartz Agglomerate - its basis is quartz crumb with the addition of polyester resin and pigments. Drawing can remind natural granite or marble. The material is able to withstand even high temperatures and is not afraid of contact with hot objects. However, such a tabletop weighs quite a lot.
    • Acrylic stone - the most suitable material for creating countertops for the bathroom. This material is based on acrylic resins with the addition of pigments and mineral fillers. It can be used to create seamless designs of absolutely any shape with a smooth surface without pores.
    • Marble - material with an addition of a crumb of natural marble and polymeric structures. Artificial marble produces a uniform surface and very high density. It can be given any shade to match the design.

    It is highly resistant to chemicals.

    Varieties of stone countertops

    All existing countertops can be divided into several types:

    • Solid single-level plane, which is suitable for convenient storage of various items in the bathroom. It may contain a supplement in the form of holders, hooks. The wash basin in this variety is as if drowned in it.
    • A worktop with a washbasin located on top is appropriate when the owner of such a bathroom interior design is used to washing himself out of the sink. Or likes to use the wash basin as a container for various water manipulations.
    • Countertop with most of the surface under the sink. Huge full-length sinks would be appropriate in large families or public places. Also, sometimes they are design solutions and are made to individual orders.

    Countertop with washbasin on top

    • Multi-level countertop with one or more recessed sinks. To implement such an idea, there should be enough space in the bathroom. Therefore, such a multi-level idea is most often used in public restrooms, as well as in families where there are small children.
    • The angular location of the table top - in this case, the surface is made to order. The table top can take a non-standard or rectangular shape, any other, declared by the customer. Perfect for limited space in the bathroom and allows you to functionally use the available space.
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    Bathroom wall decoration

    The choice in favor of artificial stone for the bathroom will be a wise decision not only in terms of design, but also in terms of practicality. In a room with high humidity there is always the threat of mold, bacterial fungi.

    The artificial stone will reliably protect the walls from any kinds of damage. He will not be afraid of either water or spray.Having once made a quality repair using artificial stone, you can forget about this word for a bathroom for decades.

    This material will reliably protect the walls from any types of damage.

    The material is ready to serve for a very long time, without losing the beauty of the appearance and its original properties. Walls lined with artificial stone, are distinguished by their endurance. They are able to withstand built-in cabinets, wall shelves, suspended ceilings and any other structures. An artificial type of finish has a very large color range, so you can use absolutely any idea when creating a design.

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    Stone on the floor and ceiling

    The material is excellent for flooring, as it is distinguished by its durability and strength. You can select different types and colors of materials depending on the style of the room. On the floor can be similar to marble slabs, pebbled floor or stone mosaic.

    For example, for a loft style, coarse material is used, creating the effect of a raw stone.

    Fans of the knightly era will suit the idea of ​​facing the stone ceiling. The choice in favor of aged and coarse materials can result in an original effect. The design of a room with a stone ceiling will fill the room with the atmosphere of the Middle Ages or resemble being in a cave.

    Suitable for flooring

    You can spread the ceiling with a stone partially, not across the surface, but in separate zones. For example, in a niche for a shower or bath.

    You should not choose too heavy-looking, as well as dark material, so as not to visually lower the ceilings and not to make the room gloomy.

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    Stone Bathroom Ideas

    For inspiration, you can use several existing ideas:

    • The choice of the cement range in the bathroom finish makes the mood of this room masculine and brutal. This design with the location of a large mirror and details that match the tone of the main color, more like the style of minimalism.
    • Imitation of marble in combination with sophisticated pieces of furniture and bathroom fixtures will make the atmosphere in the bathroom refined. The combination of marble with black glossy surfaces and white details will harmoniously look. This technique emphasizes the beauty of marble.
    • The combination in the decoration of the walls of wood and stone.

    Interesting colors

    • Marble beige and brown shades makes the room warm and comfortable. When combined with glass surfaces, shower door material makes the room spacious and weightless.
    • An artificial look is a great way to decorate an eco-style bathroom. You can use imitation pebbles in combination with a variety of green plants, placed in pots, or decorations from bamboo.
    • Dark gray material will perfectly fit into youth styles. The similarity of a brick wall will serve as an excellent background for placing bright posters in the style of pop art and accessories in the modern style.
    • For complete harmony with nature, bathroom can be ordered plumbing made of stone, shaped like river pebbles. Products usually have rounded edges, which makes their appearance very unusual and interesting.

    Rustic style

    • Marble sinks standing over the countertop will add luxury to the interior.
    • An interesting solution for the walls will be a stone mosaic.
    • On a free wall above the bathroom, you can place stone panels or an image of abstraction on stone slabs.

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    Compatibility with interior styles

    Artificial stone has a noble design, and the variety of its varieties allows you to make this material versatile and fit into any style of interior. You can try to embody in the design of the bathroom one of these styles:

    1Loft - involves the use of masonry on the walls or finishing coarse raw agglomerate. He will suit the floor of sandstone, stone pieces of furniture. Although in the loft and you can use the material as you like, certain details should give your eyes a little rest from such a finish.

    Loft style

    2Rococo, Empire, Baroque - styles that are the embodiment of ostentatious luxury. Therefore, it would be appropriate for them to choose a marble or granite finish, preferably of strict forms. It should have a glossy shine. Objects of solid stone add expressiveness to the interior - it can be a bath, a sink, a cupboard, a bidet.


    3Techno hi-tech - combine urban propensity and the use of modern materials. Therefore, quartz agglomerate, processed by modern technologies, with angular or strict forms will fit into such interiors.

    Hi-tech style

    4Modern combines smooth lines and natural materials. Therefore, it will be appropriate to use most types of stone of light shades. And modular stone panels will be inappropriate here, as they have the correct shapes. Strict outlines and smooth lines are not combined with this style.

    Art Nouveau

    5Minimalism - for this style it is appropriate to choose natural shades of stone, as well as textures that resemble natural rocks. Appropriate to be glossy surfaces, plumbing from solid stone.

    In the style of minimalism

    6Ethno-style - it is necessary to use as a decoration the stone of natural forms with almost no processing. Looks good wild stone lined primitive masonry. The situation must be supplemented with green indoor plants.

    Eco style

    • Classic style means a combination of basic decoration with wood. The choice of objects of strict forms, for example, rectangular or oval, will also emphasize it.
    • Rooms in modern styles can include items of irregular shape, as well as bright colors and contrasting combinations in decoration and accessories.
    • Ethnic, marine style - you can choose for them a rounded bath.

    In classic style

    BoardIn order not to overload with stone, the interior will be sufficient to use it as the correct accents. Atmosphere rhinestones acquire its character and mood.

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    Caring for artificial stone

    For a stone finish, plumbing or furniture to last a long time it is necessary to provide them with careful care.

    To do this, you can use these tips:

    • Limescale plaque - the true companion of bathrooms is removed from the surface of artificial marble with the help of means for cleaning composite materials. The tool is applied to the surface of the walls, floor, sink, bath, left for a few minutes, then washed off with water.
    • For emergency cleaning products suitable vinegar 2.5%. It is also applied for 1-2 minutes on particularly dirty areas, and then washed off with water.
    • For cleaning and finishing items need to use universal detergents that do not contain abrasive particles.
    • After cleaning the artificial material, its surface should be wiped dry.
    • For cleaning you can not choose brushes with metal or hard bristles or sponges with a high degree of abrasiveness.
    • It is necessary to avoid falling heavy objects on a stone finish, and it is also contraindicated to cut anything on the surface of the material.
    • Do not allow sudden changes in temperature due to the sensitivity of the material.
    • If noticeable scratches appear, you can get rid of such a defect by sanding it with sandpaper. Also applied to the surface of a special composite composition, which is then overwritten.
    • With the appearance of a cleavage, more difficult repairs are needed. It is necessary to glue a piece of stone to its original place with acrylic glue. The joint must be carefully sanded.