Mirror in the bathroom with lights (200+ Photos): Practicality and originality of the idea. Choose additional accessories (socket / clock / heated)


The backlight mirror in the bathroom is not mandatory. But if you see the effect of this - you can not deny it to yourself. The mirror can be completely different, so everyone can choose an option for themselves. Our selection of options will surprise you and show all the beauty of this room.

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  • Mirror closet in the bathroom
  • Materials
  • Designs
  • Touch mirror
  • Round and oval
  • LED backlight
  • Other species
  • Backlight Varieties
  • Only External
  • Internal
  • Light fixtures
  • Additional attributes
  • With shelves and lighting
  • With clock and backlight
  • With light and socket
  • Mirror with lights and heated
  • Installation features
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Mirror closet in the bathroom
  • Designs
  • LED backlight
  • Other species
  • Backlight Varieties
  • Light fixtures
  • Additional attributes
  • Installation Features
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 200 photos)
  • Mirror closet in the bathroom

    Mirror wardrobe - this is one of the fresh ideas in the design of the bathroom. It refers to practical furniture, which is particularly suitable for small rooms, because at the same time the function is performed and shelves for storing various tools and the accessory itself.

    BoardIf the size of the bathroom allows you to not save space, the mirror cabinet can be used as a means of decor, choosing models of any size and design.

    Practical furniture that can decorate the bath

    Those who have already purchased a mirror wardrobe in the bathroom, note the following advantages of this furniture:

    • the ability to fill the desired number of shelves, hooks, departments;
    • simple assembly technology (many cope with it independently);
    • the organization of lighting both inside the cabinet and outside;
    • energy savings due to the presence of the backlight;
    • the possibility of implementing any version of the internal space and exterior decoration.

    Convenience for the whole family

    Members of a large family will appreciate the purchase of a mirror cabinet in the bathroom. Usually, hygiene items should be at hand, in a place accessible to everyone, for example, if there are children, you can put a locker low, having allocated for them lower shelves.

    All hygiene items at hand

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    Every housewife knows that when choosing furniture the main determining criterion is reliability, which directly depends on the material used in the manufacture of the model. The same applies to the choice of mirror cabinet in the bathroom. For a material to be reliable, it must have the following properties:

    Reliability and high quality mirror cabinet

    • do not change color even with long operation;
    • do not change in size (do not sag);
    • reject the effect of moisture and steam, without which it can not do in the bathroom;
    • the coating should not stratify and / or peel;
    • do not deteriorate with a sharp change in temperature in the room.

    Comfort, stylish design and functionality

    Manufacturers offer mirror cabinets made of different materials. The most durable, reliable and practical of them are:

    • special glass;
    • combination of metal and wood parts;
    • imitation of natural stones;
    • Laminated chipboard;
    • plastic.

    A wooden cabinet requires special care.

    The last two options - the cheapest, so their reliability is much lower than the rest. At the same time, chipboard and plastic are the best low-cost options, compared to other existing ones.

    As for the glass, in the manufacture of mirrors cabinets are used specialized samples, characterized by impact resistance and reliability.

    If the model has wooden parts, then such a cabinet will need special care. It consists of airing and complying with other manufacturer's recommendations for protection against mold.

    The most durable mirrors are cabinets made of imitated natural stones. They are not only practical, but also look noble, and their only disadvantage is the high cost.

    On a noteModern equipment allows you to finish furniture for any valuable stone, so these mirror cabinets are suitable for bathrooms, made in luxurious styles.

    Place near the mirror can be decorated with pictures

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    Mirror closet for the bathroom can be designed under the available free space. Manufacturers offer a huge range of variations of models, the most popular of them are such designs:

    1Outdoor. A mirror wardrobe installed on the floor would be an excellent option for families with children. Typically, such outdoor furniture has two versions of the support design: either four legs or side supports. The main advantage of the floor mirror of the cabinet is that it can be easily rearranged, and it is also easy to wipe dust from under it.

    Cabinet with floor to ceiling mirrors

    2Hinged. This design is considered a classic, because the first mirrors cabinets were just mounted. They can be installed on any wall, most often they are hung over the sink. In this case, the mirror surface of the cabinet is used when applying makeup and other procedures.

    Hinged design is the most popular

    3Entresol. Mirrors cabinets with such a design, began to be made relatively recently, so there is not much demand for them. Such models can be equipped with various shelves, niches, hooks and other necessary elements. A weighty plus of the cabinet of the mezzanine design is the possibility of large roominess.

    The mezzanine design has a large capacity

    4Corner. Can be either outdoor or attached to the corner of the wall. All corner furniture is distinguished by its practicality, because it takes up little space, and inside is roomy. The same applies to the corner mirror cabinets in the bathroom, such models will be an excellent option in cases where you want to free up some space in the room.

    Minimum space, but with a large capacity

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    Touch mirror

    Sensory technologies are used in the manufacture of virtually any furniture, including mirrors in the bathroom. The essence of the mechanism is the response of a special sensor mounted on a switch that reacts to the movement of a hand.

    Many speak positively of this option to turn on the backlight, because it is very convenient: just hold your hand to the switch, as the backlight immediately turns on. This is practical in the bathroom, because you often have to use the mirror when your hands are wet. And in this case it is dangerous and inconvenient to touch a conventional electrical switch.

    White bath with touch mirror

    For the touch switch to work properly, it is important to place it correctly, for example, next to the mirror itself. Then, coming to him and seeing that the light is not enough, you can just hold your hand and turn on the backlight.

    It is also important to ensure that there are no hooks and shelves in a radius of 20-30 cm near the sensor.

    Because as soon as you reach out to take something from them, the backlight will turn on.

    Modern moisture resistant mirror

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    Round and oval

    Round and oval mirrors are associated with the make-up rooms of the stars, which are known for their pomp. At the same time, if only such a shape fits into the bathroom interior, you can choose a design that will look original.

    Why do oval and round mirrors usually cost more?

    To give the glass a rounded shape, you need to use more technology, and, therefore, it will require more costs.

    Large round mirror can be placed above the bath

    Some people think that round and oval mirrors are not practical, because shelves cannot be placed on them. In fact, it is not.

    Firstly, mirrors of this form are often present on models of cabinet mirrors, which are easy to install into them.

    Secondly, the shelves can be placed on different sides of an individual round or oval mirror:

    Two semi-circular mirrors emphasize the classic style of the room.

    Shelves. They can be both under the mirror and at its level, affecting a small part. Do not worry that this will bring inconvenience. In modern models, the shelves are pushed slightly forward and have additional "bumpers" so that the things put on them do not fall down. Thus, they can be put cosmetics, personal hygiene items and other items of different sizes.

    Side shelves serve for added convenience.

    Holders. Around the mirrors of a round and oval shape are often attached holders on which glasses or shelves of small size are placed (approximately 10 * 15 cm). The number of such holders can be any, for some it is convenient that they are just under the mirror, others attach them both from the bottom and on the sides. The advantage of such holders and individual shelves for a large family is that everyone can have their own separate "territory".

    Small holders do not take up much space.

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    LED backlight

    LEDs are considered to be one of the best lighting options.. Given that the bathroom needs a careful approach to the choice of lighting, this option will be the most practical. After all, in this room is usually not present for other rooms daylight, so you have to do with auxiliary sources of lighting.

    LED backlight - the most practical choice

    Many consider the main advantage of LED lighting energy saving, because such lamps are the smallest consumers of electricity.

    Despite this, the quantity and quality of light at the output does not suffer, that is, the cost-effectiveness of LED backlighting does not adversely affect its quality.

    Mysterious black bathroom with marble accents

    Also, the advantage of LED backlights is their immediate response to the inclusion. Another significant plus is that they calmly tolerate a temperature drop, which is very important in bathrooms, where both humidity and temperature constantly change.

    Restrained beauty of minimalism

    Also, bathroom mirrors, which are equipped with LED lighting, can be used not only as an additional source of illumination, but also for decoration. Many models are equipped with multi-mode LED backlight, which includes the function of changing the color palette. Thus, it is possible to change the color of the backlight of the mirror even depending on the mood.

    LED lighting is used not only for lighting, but also for decorating

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    Other species

    The type of lamps used for illumination is important, because the brightness of the lighting depends on them, that is, if you choose the wrong option, you will have to buy an additional light source. LED lamps are not the only economical and high-quality choice. Many also use:

    • halogen;
    • fluorescent;
    • neon light bulbs.

    Halogen bulbs give bright light

    Halogen lamps for lighting to the mirror in the bathroom are suitable because they work great in rooms with high humidity. It is believed that they are 10 times more efficient than ordinary lamps. Light sources are powered from a direct current voltage of 200V.

    Bell-luminescent and neon lamps belong to the category of gas-discharge light sources. With a minimum amount of energy consumed, the result is diffused lighting. Due to this, the light in the bathroom looks close to natural, which is very much appreciated in these rooms. After all, the usual sunlight there is often little or none at all.

    Fluorescent and neon lamps consume large amounts of energy

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    Backlight Varieties

    There are two main types of backlit mirrors:

    • external;
    • internal.

    Each of them has distinctive characteristics and advantages; therefore, it is necessary to choose one of them based on our own needs. Another common type of mirror lighting in the bathroom is decorative, its only purpose - the decoration of the room.

    Light green tones backlight is more to decorate the room

    To give the bathroom a rich appearance, it is not at all necessary to buy expensive furniture, tiles and other items that require large expenditures. Simply install a mirror with decorative lights. At the same time, you can be sure that not a single guest, having entered the bathroom, simply can not fail to pay attention to this interior detail.

    This light gives an expensive and elegant look.

    If we talk about practicality, then it is worth comparing the external and internal illumination, because decorative is not a full source of lighting. Consider the features of these two species.

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    Only External

    External illumination of the mirror implies the presence of lamps, which are located either on the sides of the frame or in its upper part. To be able to get the most clear reflection, it is recommended to embed the backlight from all sides. The brightness of such a highlight will be enough to conduct hygienic and cosmetic procedures, for example, you can easily apply makeup, shave, do hair.

    Lamps on the sides of the frame and in its upper part provide the greatest illumination.

    Three-sided illumination can be made using different lamps. The most effective is this option: several small or one large lamp of oblong shape are built into the upper frame, and small lamps (point light sources) are mounted on the sides.

    The number of lamps used in the design of external illumination of the mirror depends primarily on its size and the main lighting in the bathroom.

    Mirror cabinet with two oblong lamps

    With regard to the choice of color of lamps, the most practical is the classic white lighting. Earlier in a fashion were multi-colored lamps, but in fact they bring a lot of inconvenience. It is unlikely that you can successfully apply makeup or perform any hygienic procedure in such a light.

    Two point lights illuminate the creative shape of the mirror

    BoardIf the lights in the bathroom is used not only for decorative purposes, the use of multi-colored lamps is not recommended. In addition, they are absolutely not practical, doctors warn about the danger of such light for the eyes.

    White light is best

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    Interior lighting in the bathroom mirror is absolutely no worse in quality and clarity of the external image. When the lamps are inside, they provide an even distribution of light over the surface, so you can relax and not strain your eyes.

    Interior lights are more comfortable for the eyes

    The simplest and practical way to make the internal illumination of a mirror is to use LED lamps, which can be arranged either individually or by tape. At registration you can give free rein to fantasy and glue the ribbons in any geometric or other shape.

    The mirror with internal illumination looks impressive, which has the form of an intricate ornament, so that everyone who sees it for the first time, involuntarily stops to look at the drawing.

    With the help of lamps you can highlight labels and patterns.

    Another advantage of the lamps installed from the inside is the effect on the glass - it is heated. Many people are used to the fact that after taking a bath or a shower, it’s impossible to see yourself in the mirror right away, because the glass is fogging from steam.

    Thanks to heating, this does not happen, and even if a couple has a lot and yet such a problem appears, it passes quickly, and the glass itself remains clean.

    Heated for the mirror eliminates steam

    Internal lighting mirrors in the bathroom will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than the outside. However, soft lighting, ease of use, three-dimensional patterns that attract the eye - all this justifies the cost.

    BoardInterior lighting looks better on large mirrors. If it is small, then lay out of the LED lamps some kind of pattern or ornament is almost impossible. And if it turns out, then it usually looks ridiculous.

    Interior lighting is more expensive, but a number of advantages justifies its installation

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    Light fixtures

    Lamps that are used in the design of the exterior lighting of the mirror in the bathroom can be varied in appearance and purpose. As already mentioned, most often they are located on the top and / or side frame. However, in some cases they can be attached to the wall next to the mirror.

    Classic bathroom

    The main task in the design of fixtures to the mirror in the bathroom - getting ambient light, which affects the quality and clarity of the display.

    BoardIt is best to choose lamps with closed shades of white, this option is the most practical. Such lighting will not be irritating to the eyes, because the muffled light does not attract attention.

    Flower bouquets in the bathroom are increasingly gaining popularity

    BoardIt is not recommended to use lamps of large size for external illumination of the mirror. Their main drawback is that they create harsh shadows that interfere with looking into the reflection and create irritation for the eyes.

    Another recommendation when choosing luminaires is to determine the color of the ceiling.

    You can choose not white, but transparent or special color shade. But then the light emanating from the lamp will blind, and if it is used for a long time, painful sensations will appear in the eye area.

    Very convenient option - two sinks in the bathroom

    The scattered light from the correctly selected lamps is best to complement the direct. To get the light directed to a certain point, you can use models with adjustable angle. Such lamps can be rotated in the right direction to focus the straight line of light at the desired point. It is important that it was not directed upwards, but vice versa.

    BoardWhen choosing lamps to the mirror in the bathroom, it is important to consider that in such a room is often high humidity and steam. In this regard, it is best to choose models with special waterproof coatings.

    Framed mirror matches the entire interior.

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    Additional attributes

    A mirror with lighting in the bathroom can be equipped with additional elements, both decor and practical details. As for the decor, they can be any details that would have looked advantageously in the room.

    For example, if the bathroom is built in high-tech style, and the mirror is round, then it does not fit the characteristic geometric shapes. In order not to change the mirror to a rectangular or asymmetric one, it is possible to decorate it with elements of such a shape. An excellent option would be a bezel or frame around it, it can be a strip glued to the wall. The result is a "circle in a square" technique, and it already fits the high-tech style more than a circle.

    Hi-tech bathroom

    Additional decoration can be specific figures that are mounted on the frame, especially often they are used by families with children.

    BoardIf children are small, loving parents try to surround them with a fabulous atmosphere and one of the ways is to use special stickers for the frame, but by no means sculpt them on the glass.

    White furniture in beige interior

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    With shelves and lighting

    As already mentioned, the shelves can be mounted separately, around the mirror, and can be embedded. When choosing them, it is important to take into account the needs and characteristics of the bathroom. If it has a special locker where all the items needed for water procedures are stored, then the main goal of the shelf is to decorate the whole room. In this case, they should not be much, it is enough that they just could rely on some trifle.

    Shelf wall length

    If there is a need to put any items on the shelves, then you need to take care that they do not overlap the reflection in the mirror. In such cases, you should not use the built-in shelves, which are mounted so that affect some of the glass. After all, if you put more things on them, then part of the mirror will be blocked.

    Original wooden frame that serves as a shelf

    The rule of good tone is the presence of a special shelf on which things are placed when washing hands. Many have to remove watches, rings, and possibly other accessories, so when guests come to you, they should not experience discomfort when they go to the bathroom.

    Typically, these shelves are small, located close to the sink and have small sides that prevent the item from falling out.

    Glass shelf is light, not bulky.

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    With clock and backlight

    Another important element that can be mounted in a mirror with light is a clock.. At first glance it may seem that they are absolutely not needed in the bathroom, it’s more common to see them in the hall, in the hallway, in the kitchen. In fact, those who like to take a bath and spend a lot of time in the bathroom will appreciate this idea.

    The clock on the touch panel - ideal for fans to spend a lot of time in the bathroom

    Usually, watches look appropriate and even luxurious on large mirrors with internal LED lighting.. They can be located in one of the corners or in the upper part of the glass. Such models always look noble and are particularly suitable for bathrooms, the interior of which is made in one of the popular styles.

    In addition, a sensor is often mounted with a clock that indicates the temperature of the room, which is also convenient, especially when bathing babies. In addition, each additional attribute has its own mechanism of action, so they are practically unrelated to each other. If only a clock or temperature indicator breaks, minimal repairs will be required.

    A temperature sensor is also located on the touchscreen.

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    With light and socket

    The most practical addition to the backlit mirror in the bathroom is the socket. It can be embedded in the side panel and be hidden. In models of a mirror, a cabinet can be fitted with several outlets, from different sides or next to each other.