Breakfast Table in bed do it yourself: Practical models for comfort


For those who like to spend time in bed in the morning, nothing makes life easier than a portable breakfast table. Breakfast tables in bed appeared many centuries ago, and they are still useful today. Now the tables for breakfast can also be used under the remote for the TV, as well as to accommodate your laptop. Most often they are used for a convenient breakfast or delicate tea drinking in bed. Breakfast tables have different shapes, sizes, features and colors. To find a convenient table that fits all parameters, read below.


  • How to choose?
  • Table types
  • 5 factors to consider before purchasing
  • How to do it yourself?
  • Another project
  • How to choose?

    Before looking for a breakfast tray, you should ask a few questions. What will you use the breakfast tray for? Or who will use it? Knowing these answers will help you understand what to look for.

    Tables are of different types:

    Breakfast tables in bed

    • folding trays for breakfast;
    • with legs;
    • without legs;
    • portable;
    • tray with cup holder;
    • with a place for a mouse and with a rising lid for a laptop;
    • adjustable in width and height;
    • trays with handles;
    • and even breakfast trays with a removable tray.

    Trays also vary in style and material. Most Popular:

    • bamboo;
    • wooden;
    • metal;
    • combined.

    Most often they are used for a convenient breakfast or a delicate tea in bed

    Among the styles appreciated:

    • modern;
    • traditional;
    • asian

    That's not all: you have the opportunity to choose what type of finish you want to see on the breakfast tray. The finest of wood in the following colors, of course, looks the most beautiful:

    • natural;
    • expresso;
    • brown;
    • cherry;
    • the Red tree;
    • Pine;
    • Walnut.

    This is an amazing invention.

    This, of course, is not only my taste, but also the general statistics of sales and the popularity of different models, which you can follow when you monitor this market. Someone can argue with this statement, and for you there are no less beautiful models from other materials.

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    Table types

    Let's go over the most popular models to find out the important features.

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    Multipurpose trays

    If you like to have breakfast in your own bed and you need a multi-purpose unit that acts as a laptop table or a picnic table, choose a bamboo table, as it is made from environmentally friendly material and has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Products made of bamboo wood are made very light in weight. Pick a large enough tray to use it for a laptop and mouse pad.

    Many models on the market are also equipped with the option of lifting a table top to watch a movie on a tablet, for example.

    Choose a bamboo table, as it is made from environmentally friendly material

    BoardAlso pay attention to the carrying handles before you buy, as without them transport will be difficult.

    The most ergonomic carved handles - they look stylish and do not create interference when moving the kettle or products. It is better if the legs will be able to quickly fold for efficient transportation, use and storage.

    Pay attention to the bottom, which will come into contact with food - it must have a treated surface that can withstand heat.

    Bamboo wood products are very light in weight.

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    Breakfast table in bed

    When you plan to use the tray only to bask in the bed a little longer, consider a lightweight model that does not have excess weight and volume. A suitable size is the width of your hips (plus a couple of centimeters on a blanket). This size is light enough to be mobile, it can be controlled with one hand and will not steal the place. But it is also still quite stable and ensures that morning coffee does not end up on the blanket, and morning pancakes do not fly off onto the sheets.

    Fit to your hips.

    And, still, pay attention to the design elements and color, as well as the material that determines the weight of the product and the overall impression that the table has - whether it is a cozy tree or a stylish metal.

    Also popular are models whose tabletop consists of high-tech plastic, and the legs are made of metal. Fully plastic models are unstable due to their weight - lightweight plastic should stand only on a perfectly flat surface.

    Therefore, I will not seriously consider them here - after all, we acquire a thing in order to relax and not be afraid to do careless movements, right?

    Great for two

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    Trays and tables with bumpers

    Bumpers are a great idea for any model you If you like two models of tables and one of them will have bumpers - take it better. When transporting from the kitchen to the bedroom, insidious corners and sills await us, and even if you successfully brought breakfast to bed, there is still a great chance to overturn a cup of tea or something like that. Therefore, to my delight, there were so many options with bumpers on the market, and all of them are quite stylish and have different colors.

    Bumpers are a great idea for any model.

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    Folding tables

    Folding tables easily turn into trays that can be used as trays, fold them in half and carry them by the handles, or they can have a different structure. These are universal devices that you can use to place your laptop, to use as an office desk, to watch TV, as a study table.

    The unfolded table helps you work while standing - for example, at the reception desk. Due to the convenient structure they are easy to carry and use not only at home but also at work. The table is also suitable for all those who experience back pain with prolonged sitting, as it allows you to work lying down. There are models that are easily adjustable in height and width.

    Such models easily turn into trays

    Folding breakfast tables come with several trays included for easy use.

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    Trays to bed

    Trays - this is one of the kitchen items that we use in our daily life quite often. Therefore, consider making the tray multifunctional. It can be used to serve breakfast in bed and turn it into a bedside table with a flick of the wrist.

    Multifunctional option

    Therefore, it is advisable that you consider the multitasking function when buying trays. Trays that can be converted to laptop tables are also easy to carry and clean, and they are now quite popular. Or, choose a tray with sides to prevent the pouring of drinks and reduce the risk of falling out of food with an unsuccessful tilt.

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    Computer bed tables

    Despite the fact that laptops are becoming increasingly thin and portable every day, using them in bed is still inconvenient. He warms up, presses on his knees and does not allow to lie down comfortably. In addition, storing the device on your lap can potentially limit air flow and damage it.

    For convenient use of the laptop

    On the other hand, spending a lot of time at the computer can lead to back pain and headaches caused by uncomfortable posture. It is not surprising that people often prefer to go to bed, on a sofa or in a chair with a laptop in their lap.

    If the description of situations is familiar to you, then there is good news - this way of life is now extremely popular and the market has produced a new product in connection with this: special bed tables for a laptop. These are the same tables as for breakfast, but with more functionality and more expensive.

    A bed table will allow you to take a comfortable position in bed by placing the computer at a comfortable angle for viewing.

    Allows you to take a comfortable position in bed

    These tables are still suitable for breakfast in bed, but some contain a built-in fan to cool the laptop, so not all of them can spill orange juice.

    Regardless of your intention, the desk will work well for you due to its compact size, portability and light weight.

    Computer bed tables can contain the following features:

    • the presence of removable LED lamps;
    • breathable pillow that does not allow the palm to sweat, removes the heat generated by the computer;
    • side mouse tray, which can be on the right side, or on both sides;
    • tray with a special slot for storing a mobile phone.

    These tables are also suitable for breakfast in bed.

    It can be used for almost anything. Read a book, eat snacks or work on a laptop without getting out of bed.

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    5 factors to consider before purchasing

    Let's summarize the preliminary results in order to systematize the knowledge that we have gained.

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    This is one of the most important factors that you should consider.Mobile tables are used for a wide range of products, both solid and liquid.

    For hard foods, unstable bed trays will not do much harm, but spilling drinks can mean spoiling the bedding, leading to financial losses and a spoiled mood.

    BoardTo ensure the stability of the bed tray, you should inspect its legs to make sure that they are strong enough to support the weight, and are stably positioned.

    Model with original handles

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    Although most bed trays are made of wood, metal and plastic trays also exist. Metal trays are strong and durable, but the metal can corrode, especially when exposed to liquids.

    Plastic pallets are uncomfortable, but come with better designs. Wooden pallets are durable. Therefore, you can choose a tray depending on what you intend to use it for.

    This model can be made by hand

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    Cost of

    Money is one of the resources that are always scarce. The vast majority of people prefer to spend less to get the most profitable products.

    However, we must take into account long-term costs when making a purchase, because cheap things are short-lived. One way or another, you must purchase a financially convenient thing.

    You can choose a product for any wallet

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    Make sure that the bed tray that you purchase best suits your needs. Some bed trays are designed primarily for breakfast, equipped with built-in pockets for storing cups and cutlery. Some of them are also designed for storing things, such as:

    • magazines;
    • books;
    • pens.

    Make sure your tray is as useful as possible given these factors.

    Unusual product design

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    Consider using a tray. All of them are intended for use in bed. However, consider buying a bed tray that is flexible enough to be used for various purposes, even as a dining table that will look good in the living room.

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    How to do it yourself?

    How about making the table yourself? This occupation will be much more profitable than the acquisition of a new one, and using a table that you yourself have made is much more pleasant. Its production seems to be a daunting task, but everything is much easier than you think. For maximum convenience, find the nearest wood workshop and make all the preparations in it - surely one of them is located near the house (or near the nearest market).

    You can do it yourself

    This table is made from a single board measuring 2.5 meters and 20 cm wide from black walnut wood:

    List of materials:

    • 1 board 2.5m 8x8 cm;
    • 4 eurobolts 21 "(long);
    • 4 connecting caps 13 "(short);
    • 1.1 / 4 ”screws in pocket holes (for legs);
    • glue for wood.


    • roulette;
    • drill;
    • table saw;
    • jigsaw;
    • protective glasses;
    • ear protection;
    • glue.

    Step 1

    Connected 2 top boards with 1.1 / 4 screws and drilled отверстия "pocket holes.

    Step 2

    Cut out bends for handles with a saw. Drilled pocket holes ¾ "in aprons and fastened them to the top with 1-1 / 4” pocket screws and wood glue.

    Step 3

    Cut off the legs of the specified length, then rounded the top. Cut off their lower part at an angle of 15º. Drilled a hole at the top for connecting bolts in the next step. Drilled ¾ "holes for subframe pockets and attached them to legs with screws for 1-1 / 4" pocket holes and wood glue. Made a crossbar at a distance of 2 inches below.

    Step 4

    Drilled holes for connecting caps. Attached legs to the connecting bolts with caps.

    BoardDo not tighten so that the legs can bend.

    Glue and flat gaskets can be used to connect the two upper boards:

    I made sure that all the surfaces were properly aligned, then glued and clamped the pieces together using a parallel yoke. I waited for complete drying.

    I polished the legs with 180, 220 and 320 grain sandpaper, then wiped each layer with a soft cloth, sanding it with 400 grit sandpaper between each layer. Covered with linseed oil. The legs fold neatly for easy and compact storage.

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    Another project

    I also really liked this project and I wanted to share it with you. This small table is suitable for creativity, games, family movies or tea drinking in bed.

    It neatly folds and retracts when not in use. The handle can be used for hanging on the hook and convenient storage. Glue the black tape with Ali Express so that you can use the countertop as a chalkboard.

    What you need:

    • 3 meters of slats 1 × 2 cm;
    • plywood for the top;
    • 4 eurobolts, 2 1/2 ”long, with washers and nuts;
    • you may also need a grab or hook to keep the legs in the assembled condition closed during transport;
    • pen (optional).
    Basic instructions
    • Take all necessary precautions to work safely and reliably.
    • Work on a flat surface free from defects or debris.
    • Always use straight boards.
    • Check the material after each step.
    • Always drill holes before attaching the screws.
    • Use nail glue for stronger fixation.
    • Wipe the surface from excess glue for the models to be painted, since the dried glue will not be painted.


    • Sliced ​​lumber.
    • Gathered legs.
    • Drilled a hole in the top of each leg.
    • Attached legs to the frame.
    • At the top, each leg was attached just below the top edge of the frame to allow movement.

    Detailed guide:

    Mark the location of the bolt holes every 21 inches (53 cm). Drill holes for bolts.

    Take a 1 × 2 frame board and create a shape. The frame can be nailed and glued, screwed, clamped in a pocket - this is your choice. The top of the plywood will help keep the structure.

    Then create two sets of legs and drill the appropriate bolt holes in the top of the legs.

    BoardCut the underside of the legs at an angle of 15 degrees to make the table more stable.

    Then use bolts to attach the legs to the frame. Glue and nail the tabletop to the top.

    Add a pen and personalize as desired:

    • print the desired name using any font in OfficeWord about 225;
    • print and place on the table;
    • using a ballpoint pen, circle the letters with a lot of pressure;
    • the pressure of the pen creates a mark on the tree, giving sketches for subsequent painting;
    • paint with acrylic paint the resulting trace;
    • fix the paint with a lacquer or other fixative for painting.

    Treat the product with wood oil and let it dry. If necessary, apply additional coating on the tree. When the linseed oil is completely dry, sand the product in the direction of the wood grain with emery paper on 120 facets. Remove any grinding residue on work surfaces. Wipe the product with a clean, damp cloth.It is always recommended to apply a test coating on a hidden area or piece of scrap to ensure uniform color and adhesion.