Leather sofa in the interior: What to submit? 160+ (photo). From large to small. From white to black

Depending on your tastes, leather sofas in the interior may be the best option, as they bring style and practicality equally to your home. Trends that are worth not forgetting. How can you upgrade and decorate even the darkest sofa? About all the features of use in our article below.

Content of this article:

  • Features of use
  • Leather sofa in the living room
  • Interior design trends
  • Metallic accent
  • Earth neutral colors
  • Bright colours
  • Vintage style
  • Brown leather sofa - timeless classic and new sound
  • Add a brick wall
  • Color matching
  • How to decorate the living room with a black leather sofa?
  • Scandinavian style
  • The combination of old and new
  • Modern
  • Industrial style
  • VIDEO: Beautiful leather sofas in the living room
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Features of use
  • Leather sofa in the living room
  • Interior design trends
  • Brown leather sofa - timeless classic and new sound
  • How to decorate the living room with a black leather sofa?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Features of use

    Everyone has different ideas about what is luxurious and what is stylish. However, both of these concepts will combine leather sofa.

    There are many reasons to love him. It fits most styles, can be differently designed and decorated. You do not need to upholster it, stains are also easier to cleanse from the skin than from tissue.. The most important advantage of it is that it will last much longer than fabric sofas if properly cared for.

    Many people can not decide which is better: a leather sofa or fabric upholstery. Here we must say that the leather type of furniture requires special and regular care. If you have a dog or children - compare the possibilities of damage to the sofa, because if it is easy to remove a stain from it, then the case of a scratch or cut will be much harder to fix. However, this problem can also be solved.

    Leather sofa in white color

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    Leather sofa in the living room

    Leather, whether artificial or genuine, adds a distinctive feature to any room, but most of all to a standard living room. Glitter skin is pleasing to the eye, and soft texture has a pleasant coolness in the summer, in contrast to the fabric upholstery. Leather furniture comes in different colors, which means that it is just as versatile as a fabric upholstery. Artificial skin is much easier to clean than cloth. Instead of using a wet or dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning, an artificial leather sofa can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

    Genuine leather, although it needs to be cleaned with a special skin cleanser, retains its properties best of all, is less susceptible to contamination and is easiest to clean.

    Country House Interior

    There is something in the skin that adds grace to the living room. As if the skin is designed for mature natures who appreciate more refined things, and a room with leather means a peaceful place to rest.

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    Interior design trends

    Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, but it is worth considering the latest trends before making any expensive updates. If you need a leather sofa, here are some useful tips on how to group it with another decor in your home.

    Minimalist style

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    Metallic accent

    Metal tones (silver, nickel and steel) bring a peculiar modern feel, while warm tones (gold, rose gold and bronze) are great for adding warmth to a room. Although these tones can be used in isolation, the room does come to life precisely when they are combined.

    For this purpose, sofas are used in gray or bronze color, which have, as a rule, a universal angular shape. You can use gray skin for a more industrial style or warmer tones to contrast with the existing color scheme.

    Metallic accent

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    Earth neutral colors

    Neutral colors always work well because they support many different styles, and in more modern interiors allow the architecture of the house to remain in the spotlight. These colors will not go out of fashion, because they offer a universal decorative base on which you can experiment for several years. If you want to add brighter colors, neutral colors will give the right starting point.

    Every year minor changes in neutrals are accepted in fashion, and for 2018, sage is considered to be the dominant neutral. This does not mean that traditional neutral colors, such as:

    • white;
    • beige;
    • brown;
    • Gray.

    Neutral colors support many different styles.

    They will not be popular, but the passion for sage can also take place, especially in combination with the very popular light gray sofa in the living room and the wooden coffee table.

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    Bright colours

    Primary colors (blue, red and yellow) often soften the interiors, but this year their shades are much more often used. There is a tendency to use their derivatives, such as light yellow / blue, but it is not necessary to feel too conservative.

    BoardPrimary colors can have a massive positive impact on living space, especially if the two of them are used together.

    In yellow

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    Vintage style

    Vintage sofa designs can be challenging, as it is often difficult to find the right balance between the old and the new. It is best to choose a vintage sofa in a traditional style and add to it the newest accessories for contrast. This works well because the included unique thing will attract the attention of people, and modern elements will guarantee a bright and modern feeling in the room. Pay tribute to stylish aesthetics, but observe the measure in old things so that they do not overload the space.

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    Brown leather sofa - timeless classic and new sound

    Light brown tan has always been popular, but this year dark shades of chocolate will see a rebirth. This color will make the space more comfortable and intimate, giving it a rustic authenticity.

    As a rule, it is best to combine elements of dark and light brown color, since too much dark can be a bit overwhelming.

    Vintage style

    This color, especially in the bright spectrum, goes well with different styles. Just choose the role that your sofa will perform in the room. Will it be the main element, or is there another object in the room that stands out more?

    BoardAs the main element, a tan-colored sofa looks good in a minimalist and modern design. All his luxury and comfort is manifested here, so I want to spend the whole day there. If you use it as an extra space, it would be good to add pillows, a blanket of other colors and shapes.
    There are many combinations in design magazines that demonstrate a trendy tan-colored sofa surrounded by white, black and gray colors.

    This is a pleasant combination, because warm skin tone contrasts with black and gray colors and looks brighter against a white background. Thus, the room will have a harmonious and modern look, and the sofa will become the center of attention.

    You do not need to decorate the entire room in brown color in accordance with the sofa. This element is neutral and correlates with other furniture of a similar style. You can add a feature, such as a pillow or blanket, to combine the look. Not all elements need to be matched to each other, but correspond to the general appearance of the room.

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    Add a brick wall

    Sectional sofa looks like a modern classic in combination with a brick wall in the apartment style. The color of the brick mixed with the sofa makes the whole look more secluded.. Depending on the brick tincture one should look for the appropriate shade of brown. The paler the brick wall, the brighter the color you can choose, and it will look great.

    In classic style

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    Color matching

    Caramel, mustard, oak and other light brown tones seem ideal on a bright background. The best combinations with such a sofa:

    • Navy blue;
    • soft green;
    • chocolate;
    • turquoise;
    • creamy;
    • light purple;
    • red;
    • Ivory.
    BoardDecorate it with various pillows from the same palette as the wallpaper in the room.

    Even in dark colors, the sofa creates a soft and warm accent in the room. Today in the trend "natural" blend with a hint of tan. For example, brown and green - a combination that resembles a combination of earth and grass. Another interesting mix of brown and blue with sand color.

    In combination with brickwork

    Different carpets can be contrasted with a sofa with the combinations mentioned above, but you can choose your own favorites.

    BoardDo not choose the carpet to the color of the wallpaper, but otherwise, with the vast majority of combinations, it will be well combined.

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    How to decorate the living room with a black leather sofa?

    Today, the decoration of the living room in different styles looks new and fashionable. In addition, the leather in the living room can be complemented by various styles of decor to create a visual balance for the specific requirements of the space. So, here are a few styles to decorate your living room with a black leather sofa.

    Dimensional, black leather sofa

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    Scandinavian style

    If you want to delight your eyes every day, decorate your living room in a Scandinavian style. He is well known for his modern feel. Features such as attractive patterns, metallic accents and handmade touches can create a look that is both rustic and modern.

    You can add an instant earthy atmosphere to your black leather sofa, decorating it with bold colored cushions for throwing, and putting metal candle holders with a matte finish on the table. Another tip for bright Scandinavian style space is to add a canvas or wall art. Return to menu меню

    The combination of old and new

    How about going into contrasts? Since the black leather sofa is dark, so balance it with a sufficient light shade for the desired contrast.White accent or soft cream pillows, as well as a light coffee table will achieve exactly this effect! Antique wall clocks will do the job of styling a black leather sofa. Go to the clay barn to add a touch of old and new.

    In blue

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    Do you want a range of brightness, modern and smooth creativity on a simple white wall with live plants? This style will certainly create an extremely elegant and serene perspective of the living room in the modern style of the mid-century that you are looking for. In addition, add a modern floor lamp - it will stand out in your living room, contrasting with a black leather sofa.

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    Industrial style

    It includes traditional men's accents such as chrome finish, rich colors, rich plant life and leather upholstery. You can add a monochromatic look to a black leather sofa by placing a white men's pillow in the center. You can also have a monochrome look of a gray table with metallic accents in chrome.

    BoardTo create a more masculine atmosphere, use earthy tones, sculptural decoration and monotonous works of art.


    • take care of your leather sofa with a special conditioner every 6-12 months so that the skin is moistened and to avoid cracks;
    • if there is a scratch, you must rub olive oil into it. It copes well with scratches left by pets;
    • blemishes from the skin can be removed quite easily - most of them can be removed with water or alcohol, then moisten the skin. Do not use any detergents that are not intended for skin, they can dry or damage it.
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    VIDEO: Beautiful leather sofas in the living room