Interior bedroom green: How to make it the best place to stay? 175+ (Photos) design options (curtains, wallpaper, walls)


A person gets tired all day long at work or doing household chores. The apartment must properly equip a recreation area. Here he will gain strength before the next day. Best of all for these purposes fit bedroom. The quality of night sleep completely depends on the color of the room, furniture and textiles. Making a room in shades of green removes stress, replenishes the forces spent during the day, fills the body with tranquility. Color has a positive effect on the human psyche and health. The main thing is to combine with each other all the elements of the room. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Design Concepts
  • Ecostyle
  • Tropical style
  • Relaxation
  • Flower garden
  • Unbreakable classics
  • Mysterious east
  • Provence
  • Spirit of youth
  • Shades of green
  • General rules when choosing materials for finishing
  • Wallpaper selection
  • What to look for when making the ceiling?
  • What are suitable curtains?
  • How to choose the right decor?
  • A few tips when decorating a bedroom in green
  • Green features
  • Choice of furniture
  • Subtleties of design
  • VIDEO: We beat the bedroom in shades of green
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Design Concepts
  • Shades of green
  • General rules when choosing materials for finishing
  • Wallpaper selection
  • What to look for when making the ceiling?
  • What are suitable curtains?
  • How to choose the right decor?
  • A few tips when decorating a bedroom in green
  • Green features
  • Choice of furniture
  • Subtleties of design
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Design Concepts

    For many people, the color seems dull and monotonous, so they are afraid to use greenery to decorate the bedroom. To prevent monochrome, you need to adhere to the general style of the room. Green is a universal color. It can be used in almost all designs. The main thing to take into account the features of the room.

    Green - universal color

    There are several basic bedroom concepts that will help to create the most green interior. 

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    It is a popular destination for bedroom decoration. Green color represents fresh grass, leaves of trees. If you supplement the interior with wooden or brown elements, you get the impression of outdoor recreation. To enhance the effect, you can choose the wallpaper, which depicts ornaments with a floral slant. At registration of the room it is possible to use only natural materials. Among them:

    • wood;
    • paper;
    • textile;
    • rattan.

    Bedroom in ecostyle

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    Tropical style

    This direction is suitable for people who love to be in exotic countries. Therefore, in their apartment they are trying to recreate the image of the tropics or the wild jungle, where the main color is green. To dilute the room, you can place elements such as:

    • wood;
    • bright flowers;
    • straw panels;
    • bamboo products;
    • wicker baskets.

    Tropics in design

    The interior is similar to ecostyle. The difference is in ethnicity. These can be African masks, animal figurines, a light canopy over a bed or symbols in the shape of a palm tree. It can be depicted in the form of a picture, photo or other decorative element. The main objective of the subject is to strengthen and emphasize the image of the jungle or the tropics in the bedroom.

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    In a room with such a direction a person can quickly move away from real problems and plunge into a state of serenity. To achieve this effect, it is necessary in the interior to use green shades in combination with white tones. For contrast and highlighting the main accents used brown. They make the floor or furniture in the room. To create a peaceful atmosphere, a large number of indoor plants are placed in the bedroom. Here you can also put small fountains. The murmuring water always soothes and relaxes, especially after a long and hard working day.

    Reaching the atmosphere of relaxation

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    Flower garden

    The style usually appeals to the female half. The room is filled with pale green tones with notes of lavender, lilac, and rose. Shades make the bedroom natural, which helps to relax. It seems that a person is not in a stuffy city, but on a flowering meadow.

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    Unbreakable classics

    This bedroom interior looks luxurious, stylish, modern. Here you can add a dark blue color, which slightly muffles the situation. This will make it softer and more comfortable to sleep. Particular attention is paid to the selection of textiles and decor. It is better to stay on brighter colors for curtains and bedspreads. In the classic interior it is necessary to use wooden furniture. Usually it is dark shades.

    Scandinavian style

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    Mysterious east

    This style is characterized by minimalism. For the bedroom fit dark and deep shades of green. For example, malachite. The interior should remain spacious and free. Therefore, it does not need to be overloaded with decorative elements. Only placement in the room of thematic items is allowed. It can be oriental figures, masks, lamps.

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    The interior in a rustic style fills the room with ease and positive, which favorably affects the rest of the person. Here you can use and combine any natural and natural shades of green. To make the room original, you can add an ornament, live bouquets, flower arrangements to the interior. Furniture in the bedroom can be visually aged.

    French charm and rustic charm

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    Spirit of youth

    The state-of-the-art interior combines sophisticated solutions. The green here combines with red, white or dark blue shades. Such a room is suitable for a creative person. It will be bright and memorable for anyone who visits it.

    Green colors will organically fit into the classic interior of the bedroom. Here you can use different shades and combine the basic tone with other colors: gray, beige, granite, silver, marble. It is important to choose furniture in the same style. It should be combined with the decoration of the room.

    Green wall accent

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    Shades of green

    If you overdo it with green tones, then the room will not be comfortable to sleep. It will have a dark appearance and as a result of the wrong combination of colors. To prevent this from happening in the bedroom you need to take one main tone.

    Making a bedroom a cozy place to stay is not difficult. You need to initially think over all the details of the future design. You can not choose a few basic colors or overload the space with a large number of different tones. Bright accents are best used to divide the space into certain functional areas.

    Making the bedroom a cozy place

    Many people believe that the dark green color is not suitable for the bedroom. If you do not use it in large quantities, the interior will be filled with noble notes. The room will be comfortable for sleeping and relaxing.

    Green color is obtained by mixing blue and yellow colors. Depending on the concentration and proportions of the ingredients, different shades can be obtained.

    Animate the interior with floral motifs.

    BoardFor a room where the sun's rays do not get into most of the time, you can take more yellow paint when mixing. The result will be warm green shades. If the room, on the contrary, is located on the south side of the house, then you can take more blue shades. This will give the bedroom a bit of coolness and freshness.

    To fill the space with peace of mind, which must be present in the bedroom, it is better to choose pastel shades.

    These include:
    • pistachio;
    • olive;
    • mint.

    A good option in terms of psychology

    If it seems that they will make the room too boring and monotonous, then you can add a few bright and rich colors. This will help create a festive mood. The color of the bedroom should depend on the chosen style.

    To do this, you need to know the rules for combining various tones with a green tint:
    • The classic option is considered to be the addition of green details of white, peach or yellow.
    • If a sea wave effect is created in the room or a blue-green tone prevails, then it is appropriate to add a little yellow, white or sea tone.
    • Colors such as kiwi and menthol will help to make the rooms brighter and more cheerful.
    • The bedroom can not only cheer up before a difficult day and fill with new forces, but also give confidence. For this, light green and pastel shades should prevail here.
    • To add wealth and chic to the space, it is necessary to use emerald, malachite, lime color.
    • For relaxation and complete relaxation are suitable shades such as mustard, olive, green tea.

    A little bit chic and glitter

    The tone of the room will also depend on the selected lighting. If the light is not enough, it is better to use the color of green apple, as well as olive or pistachio as the main shade.

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    General rules when choosing materials for finishing

    To create a comfortable atmosphere it is necessary to properly arrange all surfaces. This will help the choice of natural materials for the floor, walls and ceiling. Green color focuses on the naturalness of the room.

    White as main color

    It is very important to consider the following nuances:
    • all shades of green do not tolerate the decoration of cheap low-quality plastic, as well as a large number of metal elements. Such materials are just on the vine will kill everything fresh and lightness of the interior;
    • For a green bedroom, good quality wallpaper will do. In some styles allowed the use of acrylic paint. It is desirable that it does not cover all the walls;
    • various stretched or suspended ceiling structures will fit into the bedroom. If you want to convey the naturalness of the room, it is better to just whitewash or paint the ceiling;
    • decorative beams will help to bring the bedroom closer to nature. They are installed on the ceiling. The construction is made of natural wood species;
    • green color goes well with rattan and wood. Therefore, any of these materials can be safely used to design the bedroom;
    • On the floor you need to lay only a good floorboard or high-quality laminate. With them the room will be filled with comfort.

    Bright textiles for decoration

    For textiles fit natural fabrics. These include cotton and linen. Beds, curtains, pillows are made of them.

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    Wallpaper selection

    For the bedroom it is better to choose the wallpaper. Painting the walls will not give a feeling of comfort. The drawing on the canvases should be selected so that it does not overload the space. It is best to glue or 1 or 2 walls. This is especially true of the cover with geometric shapes.

    For small rooms, wallpapers are selected with small drawings. They must be inconspicuous so as not to attract attention. These canvases pasted 3 walls. The remaining need to highlight a bright pattern of large size or contrasting wallpaper mural. Visually, the room will become wider after applying this technique.

    Use photo wallpapers to match main color

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    What to look for when making the ceiling?

    Today, you can choose a tension or suspension structure with several levels. It all depends on the style of the room.

    There are several popular shades for the ceiling, which will organically look in the bedroom green.

    Mint-tinted ceiling

    These include:
    • Light green. It helps to calm the nerves that are in a tense state all day long, to relieve stress and to remove the burden of responsibility. This helps a person to relax and fully relax. This contributes to the tide of new forces for the next working day, as well as the emergence of creative ideas.
    • Pistachio. This shade attracts with its calmness and expressiveness. There is no aggression or negative energy in it. Therefore, the color can be safely used in the bedroom.
    • Greyish-bluish green. This shade appeared to decorate the bedroom relatively recently. Thanks to him, the room creates the impression of a winter garden.
    • Emerald. People have a strong shade associated with a lawn or lawn. Therefore, he will always act peacefully on a person who is resting.

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    What are suitable curtains?

    In the green bedroom must be present curtains. They create a certain mood in the room. If you choose inharmonious textiles, this can drastically change the appearance of the room in a negative direction.

    For the bedroom, made in bright green shades, you need to choose darker curtains and vice versa. Both single-colored curtains and fabrics with an embroidered pattern or pattern will organically fit here.

    We refresh the dull interior with curtains

    If the sun rays get into the room most of the time, then the curtains should be darker than the color of the wallpaper. This will give the opportunity to rest your eyes. In the bedroom, located on the windows to the north, it is better to hang curtains of softer and warmer shades.

    White tulle will always look appropriate with the green tones of the room. To her you can pick up black, blue, light or brown curtains.

    BoardThe curtains in the green bedroom are better to choose monochrome, but so that they are visually combined with all the interior items. Textiles on the windows and cape on the bed should be different.

    Beige curtains are a great addition.

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    How to choose the right decor?

    The basic mood of the room is created by various accessories. They are selected based on the basic color of the room. Their main task is to breathe into the room a special spirit that will help you feel comfortable and relaxed. The decor elements are selected without nalapisty and very thoughtful.

    Designers recommend combining 2-3 shades in a room. One of them becomes the base color of the bedroom. The rest - it is diluted or set off.

    Primary base color in optional accessories

    The main elements of the decor include:

    • cover;
    • cushion;
    • carpet;
    • chair covers;
    • tablecloth;
    • floor lamps;
    • candles;
    • Photo frame;
    • ikebana

    All of these elements affect the overall perception of space. They help to convey the mood and character of the bedroom. If you need to increase the space, then it is better to choose accessories of light shades. The main thing here is not to overload the room. Its main purpose is the dream and rest of a person.

    Pillows - the main element of the decor

    To add vibrant accents, several plant species are placed in the room. If the bedroom is small, it is better to put indoor flowers in front of the mirrors. This will help eliminate emptiness and create the impression of fullness in the room.

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    A few tips when decorating a bedroom in green

    There are simple recommendations on how to arrange a room for rest in green tones. They need to be followed in order not to overload the space. The main tips include:

    • Choose quiet shades for the main background.

    Among them:

    • khaki;
    • asparagus;
    • olive;
    • nephritis;
    • mint.

    Calm shades for the main background

    If bright colors prevail in a room, then a person will not be able to fully relax and sleep. To prevent the room from becoming too boring and monotonous, it is recommended to place accents and decorative elements in the form of vases, paintings, pillows in the room.. For them fit spring green, lime or lime shades.
    • You can not make a room with glossy or shiny surfaces. It uses exclusively natural and natural materials.
    • Compliance with the rules of combining different shades among themselves. It is important to find a balance of dark and light colors. This will help emphasize the dignity of the room.

    Find the balance between colors

    Green bedroom requires special treatment. Here, all elements are chosen deliberately so that they are in harmony with each other. The main thing is to maintain the overall style of the room. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Green features

    The interior causes a variety of feelings in a person. In the room for rest, they should be only positive. Therefore it is impossible to use bright and aggressive colors in the decoration and furniture.. You can opt for a romantic style. It fills the space with purity and freshness. It is important for sleep and rest. It helps to relax after a hard day and quickly recuperate. Green color improves mood, relieves irritability and a positive effect on the nervous system.

    Raise mood and relieve irritability

    The bedroom, made in soothing green shades, contributes to quality sleep. A person in such a room quickly falls asleep and in a short time replenishes the strength spent per day. Psychologists agree that this color is the most successful for the bedroom.

    BoardTo dilute the atmosphere, it is recommended to add yellow, brown, beige, blue tones to the room. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Choice of furniture

    The room needs to be properly furnished. All items must be combined with each other and overlap with the main color. This creates a harmonious interior. It will promote relaxation and quality rest.

    We combine everything as much as possible

    In such styles as Provence, classic, romanticism in the bedroom green you can put all white furniture. It will look organic and modern. Some styles allow the placement of furniture in the green bedroom with wooden elements or inserts.

    BoardIf you want to create an unusual interior, you can use furniture made of bamboo or rattan. The decor will help make the room natural and natural.

    We supplement with beautiful furniture

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    Subtleties of design

    The bedroom performs several basic tasks. Based on this, you can select various options for its design.

    • Room to sleep. You can use light green or pistachio shades. For interior fit dark green, emerald or malachite curtains.
    • Bedroom for love. Only juicy and saturated colors will help to keep passion between spouses. To add positive emotions, it is recommended to choose curtains of contrasting shades. It will look good orange, yellow, purple curtains.
    • The room in which a person rests and works. The room can simultaneously perform several functions in small apartments. In this case, you cannot overload the space in green. It can be diluted with brown tones.

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    VIDEO: We beat the bedroom in shades of green