Entrance plastic doors in a private house (145+ Photo): How to make and securely and beautifully?


Plastic entrance doors for a private house are gaining popularity only recently. No one would have thought that they have so many advantages and are so practical to use. About all features of use further in our article.

Content of this article:

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Construction features
  • Opening method
  • The size
  • Aesthetic side
  • Door without glass inserts
  • Door with glass insert
  • Shape and color
  • Nuances of choosing a specific door
  • VIDEO: Useful information about the right choice.
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Construction features
  • Aesthetic side
  • Nuances of choosing a specific door
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 140 photos)
  • Advantages and disadvantages

    Until recently, plastic doors obviously lost to competitors, wood and metal in strength. Now, with the development of technology, they have become much more reliable. And in terms of beauty it was difficult to find fault with them before.

    Plastic entrance doors have changed in the last ten years

    Any material has advantages. PVC from which entrance doors are made is no exception. It is peculiar to him:

    • High strength. Modern plastic is supplied with additional reinforcement - the thickness of the metal sheet is added to their thickness, which is difficult to damage even with the presence of an electric tool.
    • Ease. PVC is the lightest material used to make entrance doors. The construction of it is easy to transport, easy to install, plus you do not need to calculate whether the wall will withstand it.
    • Ease of care. Modern plastic is covered with a special layer that is not sensitive even to aggressive chemistry. But even cheap constructions without such a coating are easy to clean - most of the dirt is removed from them with a regular wet cloth.

    Have high strength

    • Resistance to mechanical damage. PVC, which is used in construction, is difficult to scratch or leave a dent on it. He is not afraid of the claws of animals.
    • Durability. With proper care, the design can serve a couple of decades. Many companies, wishing to attract customers and emphasize the quality of their products, promise a guarantee of five or even ten years.
    • Diversity. Aesthetics of plastic is always doubtful - it seems to many that it is too simple and cheap material. But one virtue is not to take away from him - he is as diverse as possible. All sorts of colors, patterns, jewelry - for every taste.

    Ease of care

    • Noise isolation. The level of sound insulation characteristic of plastic constructions cannot yet catch up with either steel or wood. Thanks to the tightness that special rubber pads provide, the plastic at the entrance to the house cuts off the sounds of the outside world completely.
    In the next house can go construction work - you will not hear them.
    • Thermal insulation. Thanks to the same tightness, the closed entrance door from PVC does not pass heat basically. Even if it is equipped with double glazing, the heat loss will be very small.
    • Resilience. Plastic is made in such a way that it is not afraid of moisture exposure (and for part of the exterior decoration it is important because of snow and rain), or exposure to ultraviolet radiation (does not fade in the sun), or biological threats (does not mold, cannot be damaged by pests).
    • Ease of repair. Repairing the plastic construction — or, if necessary, replacing it with the same one — is much easier and cheaper than steel or wood.

    Have durability

    But not a single material is perfect, therefore minuses are added to pluses:
    • Simplicity. Plastic, whatever one may say, cheap material. It doesn’t fit to the really expensive decoration, pompous interiors, natural materials, it is beaten out, no matter how well it is made.
    • Fire hazard. Plastic does not burn as a tree burns - with a bright red flame. But it melts, emitting suffocating black smoke in the process.
    • High probability of bad faith from the manufacturer. With wood or steel, nothing terrible can be done to make them unsuitable for use. But with plastic you can. If it is made not according to GOST, it can melt from very small temperature drops, it is easy to crack, to emit harmful evaporation to humans.

    Plastic is not afraid of exposure to moisture and ultraviolet

    In addition, the cheapest of plastic structures are made without the use of metal sheet, which means that with a certain level of physical strength, they can be punched with a fist.

    Unscrupulous sellers may sell them at a higher price and not focus on the fact that they are not metal inserts.
    BoardIt is worth buying a plastic model if you have a style that is suitable for it - the same modern style, for example, democratic to the materials used. But if the house is lined with natural wood, plastic will look alien and inappropriate.

    Ease of repair

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    Construction features

    A good robust plastic construction that can last a decade is:

    • frame - it is a box, which must be sufficiently rigid, to have a rubber seal that will provide noise insulation with thermal insulation, and on which reliability, service life, general appearance primarily depends;
    • door leaf - usually consists of a layer of plastic and a layer of metal, often complemented by a double-glazed window, which gives it a more elegant look and insulation, which increases the performance of thermal insulation;
    • fittings - handles, hinges that provide overall reliability;
    • threshold - usually high, with a sealant, also increases reliability.

    Buying a plastic door is worth it if you have the right style for it.

    Materials at the plastic door are standard - galvanized steel, which reinforces the canvas with the frame, as well as PVC, which forms the basis of the design.
    BoardThere are structures without metal reinforcement, but they are poorly suited to the role of input. It is better to put them on the exit to the courtyard or even between the rooms.

    Accordingly, it makes no sense to arrange materials attentive analysis. But some design features may drastically affect how it will look and how convenient it will be used.

    Materials at a plastic door standard

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    Opening method

    Of course, the interior design of opening methods is much more - here both the accordion and the pendulum. But the inputs are different.

    The first - swing. These are standard doors that open from themselves or to themselves by turning them on hinges. They have advantages:

    • reliability - it is difficult to break the loops, unless a child tries to swing at them or someone tries to break them out purposefully;
    • traditional appearance - it is this design that is found in most homes, fits into most styles, no one is surprised;
    • no difficulty finding - this design can be bought in any store.
    But there are also disadvantages:
    • simplicity - if you prefer original solutions, the swing construction will disappoint you, because they are the same for everyone;
    • place occupied - Of course, in the case of entering the house it is not so important, but if you want to make a narrow path, break up flowerbeds, turn the front yard into a lush garden, constantly opening-closing sash can interfere.

    Has a occupied place

    The second - sliding. In our latitudes, they are rare, but are traditional for the Japanese style. The principle of operation is simple - the shutters are moved apart along the wall in different directions, and then they move behind the person who has entered. The advantages are as follows:

    • originality - if you love Japan (and Asian countries in general), the sliding front door can change the look of your home and bring it closer in style to the dream countries;
    • lack of space - shutters, which roll along the wall, make it possible to free up space under something else - at least under a flowerbed.

    Beautiful product design

    But there is also a minus:
    • difficulty finding - This is the main disadvantage, because of the low prevalence of sliding structures, you will have to look for a company that can sell, install, and provide a guarantee.
    In fact, sliding structures in terms of reliability are not inferior to swing ones.
    BoardIf originality is in your priorities, and the exterior of the house allows it, put a sliding design. If there is no originality in priorities, it will be easier and cheaper to buy a swing one and deliver it.


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    The size

    They usually have standard sizes:

    • height - two meters one hundred centimeters is considered optimal, since even the tallest person can easily walk under a lintel of such a height;
    • single door width - about nine centimeters;
    • one and a half wide - up to one and a half meters, according to the tastes of the owner;
    • the width of the double is up to two meters (although some can go up to three).

    The height depends on how high the ceiling in the house

    But knowing the standard size is not enough to be able to choose it for your specific home:
    • The height depends on how high the ceiling in the house. If they are about four meters, the standard door will look poor, you need at least two and a half meters. And if the ceilings are low - and the inhabitants do not differ in their tremendous growth - you can take less.
    • A single design is worth taking if it fits well. If the house itself is small, if nothing large-sized will rush through it, if the hallway is small and there is no room for two huge doors.
    • One and a half worth taking if required by the size of the house. The smaller side of it, as a rule, does not open in ordinary life, but if it is necessary to carry something large, it will be possible to open it.
    • A double door is worth taking if the house is a huge pretentious cottage in which the two-meter door will look not too pretentious, but just right. In addition, it is useful to you if you like to change the interior and in the house you need to often bring large furniture.

    This design is worth taking if it fits well

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    Aesthetic side

    In addition to the design features, it is also important to consider how it will look as a result. Colors, shape, presence or absence of glass inserts may differ - all this must be taken into account.

    Arched option

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    Door without glass inserts

    Glass inserts - the best way to get a more beautiful result, but at the same time to make it more expensive. If you are limited in finances - or do not trust the glass - you can easily order it without it. This solution will have the following advantages:

    • lightness - the glass gives extra weight, without it the mass decreases;
    • low price - pure plastic is much cheaper;
    • simplicity - no frills design that can sometimes look great.

    This option passes a lot of light.

    But there will also be cons:
    • simplicity - good looking in minimalism, in most styles it will look unattractive, uninteresting;
    • low variety - most often monochromatic plastic structures are produced in white color, because in this form they are most popular (they are placed in doors and offices).

    Unusual opening option

    To give it some aesthetics, if you are not comfortable with a smooth, even surface, you can apply:
    • embossing - as a rule, gives the simplest geometric patterns formed by differences in surface height;
    • photo printing - allows you to cover the door with a special film that will give any color, any pattern, any drawing up to the night city or jets of rain;
    • fake natural material - the same film allows quite tolerably imitate wood or stone.

    And you can leave it monotonous, emphasize its simplicity instead of hiding - this can have an unexpectedly interesting effect.

    In the style of minimalism, nothing more


    BoardIf you are in doubt whether it is worth taking the door without inserts, look at the photos with examples on the Internet, evaluate the impression they make.

    It will be interesting to you:

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    Door with glass insert

    This design is much more aesthetic - that is why, if you are thinking of looking for a plastic door, it will most likely be with glass elements. In order for them to look good - and also be practical - three main factors must be taken into account.

    In classic style

    The first is a form. Glass can be placed in different ways:
    • Over the entire surface. This solution looks spectacular, but for central Russia, and even more so for the northern regions, is applicable with reservations. The glass should be thick, specially treated, so as not to release heat, most likely on the one hand opaque. It will cost much. But the result will be ideally suited for European styles. And he will not need a peephole.
    • At the top. Traditional location. The size of the glass insert can vary, as well as the shape, but it looks good anyway, the peephole also replaces perfectly. You can add patterns on the surface of the door, which would emphasize its presence.

    Glass over the entire surface of the door

    • In the lower part. It should be used only if the glass on the outside is opaque. It looks original, interesting, but rarely used, because people usually focus their attention on the level of their own eyes.
    • Vertical stripes. Visually make the door taller already. Can be in the singular, can be in two or three copies. It is considered traditional to place the glass strip closer to the edge of the door where the handle is located, but you can always experiment.
    • Horizontal stripes. If one vertical bar looks good, then one horizontal bar is not very good. Usually they are two or three, one shorter than the other. They make it wider, lower, but also look interesting, attractive.

    Panoramic option

    • Patterns. There can be any degree of quirkiness - it's up to you. It can be the simplest geometric, there can be flowers, plants, birds, there can even be drawings made of glass. But, of course, the more complex the pattern, the higher the cost of the final structure.

    The second is the method of manufacture. It is known that for the entrance doors glass can be used differently according to the method of manufacture - but not all of it is well suited and will serve for a long time, reliably.

    It happens:
    • Leafy. The most common glass, which is sold at a low price. It is not very durable - in fact, an open invitation for a cracker, moreover, most often transparent. But small inserts can even be made from it.

    Glass with a pattern like door decoration

    • Tempered. Sheet, heated to high temperature, and then quickly cooled. Much more resistant to mechanical damage, but you can still break it. Also suitable for making small inserts.
    • Triplex. Suitable for a large insert, because it is very difficult to break it up - especially if you take a proven triplex with a certificate. Can be sunscreen, matte, provides significant noise insulation. Make it up from two or more sheets of glass, glued with a special film.
    • Float. For small and medium inserts. Perfectly smooth, perfectly transparent, if not shaded on purpose. Produced by pouring molten glass on the same molten metal.
    Such glass breaks with difficulty, although it is easier than triplex.

    Option for a country house of log

    • Armored. Ideal for full-size inserts - it has a metal grid inside that is poured with glass and does not allow it to break, even if you hit it with force. Maximum - from it will fly a few fragments. It is never transparent.
    • Acrylic. Lightweight plastic, which is indistinguishable from the glass. Lightweight, not beating, but cracking, for the full size is not suitable, because it does not have suitable thermal insulation and sound insulation, but it can be used for small inserts. Worth less than the rest of the glass.
    For small inserts - acrylic, float, sheet and tempered. For medium and large - reinforced and triplex. Larger ones will cost more, small ones are more easily damaged.
    When choosing a glass type, first decide which pattern you want. From it you can proceed.

    Glass at the top of the door

    The third factor is glass processing.. It should be either completely frosted or opaque on the one hand - while looking good, not be too fragile.

    It happens:
    • Painting. It is done most often manually, professionally. Usually it is intricate patterns that are combined with the general style of the house. It is used, however, rarely - to find a good master is not too easy.
    • Photo printing. The same painting, but without an artist.Applicable only for triplex - a thin film that connects its layers, stained in the desired color. It can be patterns, there can be drawings, there can be just beautiful play of color.
    • Sun protection. A dark film that makes the glass look greyish or purple protects the room behind it from ultraviolet radiation, and does not allow people outside to look into the house. Pretty aesthetic, but not too original.

    Simple but tasteful

    • "Chameleon"These glasses are expensive, but they have an interesting feature: they change color depending on the level of illumination. In the dark, such glass will appear transparent, but in bright light it will turn purple or dark yellow. For the door, however, there is little use - except like the color change on its own.
    • Stained glass window. The most common method of finishing. Thin pieces of glass are inserted into a special frame, forming a drawing or pattern. The light passing through it is colored, which also looks interesting and beautiful. The only drawback is fragility. Stained glass easily broken, fly out, deteriorate.
    • Fusion. The same stained glass window, but not in the grid, but deposited on a sheet of glass. The result is the same picture or the same pattern, but much more durable.
    To knock out such an element is much harder than stained glass.

    In white color

    • Frosted sandblasting. Such glass is treated with sand under high pressure. He cuts it, resulting in small scratches, looking aesthetically pleasing, making the sheet matte. One drawback is fragility. It’s better not to handle such large items, they are too easy to knock out.
    • Matt Triplex. In this case, between the layers of glass they put not a transparent, but a matte film. The strength of this does not change, but the appearance - completely.
    • Mirror. Usually they make glass on one side, so that on the other you can look out and see who is at the door. It reflects sunlight.
    • Etching. Gives not very strong glass, which looks as if it was struck by lightning, leaving a trail. Looks good in small items.
    • Color. Multi-colored glass, even if it is not a stained glass window, still looks good. If you look through it, the whole world changes color. In addition, it allows you to make the door a contrast by choosing plastic of one color, and glass of another.

    Open option for a private house

    All these factors give a huge scope for choice. You can combine different types of processing, getting an original, interesting result.
    BoardIf you want your door to be completely unique, come up with a sketch and order it from a company that specializes in manufacturing. Return to the menu

    Shape and color

    In addition to the presence and absence of glass inserts, the shape and color of the door also matters.

    The form can be:

    • Traditional. A rectangular door is a classic that will never become obsolete, which can be seen in almost any home that always looks good.
    • Semicircular arch. It is less common, but it looks spectacular, especially if the house is large, bright, with hints of Greek style.
    • Round. Disappearingly rare cases when you want to make a high-tech house as close as possible to a spaceship. Not very convenient, but very impressive.
    • Square. These are usually double doors that also look good.

    There may still be a triangular shape - but more often not the whole door, but decorative elements that allow you to turn an ordinary square into an interesting polygon.

    Color is much more diverse:
    • Solid. This is any color from white to black, on which there are no patterns, stripes and other frills. Looks simple, fits into the minimalist look of the house.

    Sliding model

    • Two colors. A separate color can be highlighted either structural elements - frame, handle, threshold - or decorative. The colors are most often selected similar in shade or contrast. But while necessarily suitable to the rest of the house.
    • Pattern. Looks good in eco and styles that accept geometric decorations. Should not be too bright, too small.
    • Natural colors. Counterfeiting natural materials made of plastic looks controversial - from a distance it looks like the original, it’s not very attractive near. Because it is worth it, only if the overall look of the house is more important than the specific door.

    Usually the door is made to fit the rest of the style - the same lines as the windows, a shade of the same color as the walls. But sometimes you can make it a contrast, if you have something to combine (for example, with a roof).

    Classic color for plastic

    BoardIn order not to overshoot with color design, use special tables. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Nuances of choosing a specific door

    It’s good to know exactly which door you want. But to be able to choose it is of sufficient quality, reasonably convenient - on the spot in the store is a completely different matter.

    We need to remember the basic tips:

    • Measurements. Before you go to the store, you need to measure the size of the doorway - and, preferably, in several places, so that if it is crooked, it became clear immediately, and not when trying to put the door into it.
    • Door frame. The basic rule is that it should be thicker than the door leaf, since it is the whole construction that rests on it, it is this that provides the basic reliability.

    Combination with decorative glass

    • Door leaf. Should not be too thick, be sure to contain a sheet of metal. Otherwise, the most beautiful door will not last long.
    • Hinges. First, they should be calculated on the weight of a particular door, and secondly, it’s good if they are hidden (unless, of course, they do not act as a decorative element in your idea). So the door will be harder to remove from the hinges, and there will be fewer elements that can affect the overall impression.
    • Completeness. All elements must be bought at the same time, since the same rule works with the doors as with furniture - in a month the batch can leave the production, and then it will be difficult to look for forgotten platbands or pick them up.
    • Compatibility. It is necessary to take into account not only how the door will be combined with the exterior finish, but how it will be combined with the interior.
    Hallways are usually performed in other styles and colors, so you need to pay attention to both sides.

    Before choosing, we take into account all the nuances

    • Fittings. It also depends on the reliability of the door, so when you buy it should be checked. It should not hang out, should not depart, should not look too rough and poorly processed. It is good to try a couple of times in the store to open and close the door - whether it creaks, whether it staggers, or whether it closes tightly.
    • Overall quality. The door before buying need to properly inspect. Are there cracks or chips? Is the canvas everywhere the same thickness, has it warped somewhere? Are there any stains of a different color?
    • Certificates. Plastic doors can be done in bad faith, because before buying you should make sure that everything is normal according to the documents. If there are no documents on the door, you should contact another seller - the probability of buying an obviously low-quality product that is also capable of harming health is too great.