Kitchen dryer for dishes in the closet (115+ Photos) - built-in, corner, stainless steel. Which one do you choose?


Now there are so many things in the world that a person uses that he does not notice them anymore. Even with the purchase, he uses the advice of loved ones. For example, buying a dish in a cupboard, you will not look for information about it on the Internet. Just buy in size. After a year, it may break. The following describes in detail how to choose a dryer, which is best suited for your cabinet.

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  • Kitchen Dryer
  • Varieties of dryers with sizes
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Kitchen Dryer

    In order to start talking about the varieties of this subject, let's first analyze what it is.

    Objects for drying dishes are different. There are built-in wardrobe, there are detached. They are classified in many ways.

    Each such thing in the kitchen consists of completely independent departments. There are departments for storing cups, for storing dishes. Each part of this department should be made of durable material so that the dryer does not fall apart from the volume of dishes placed in it to dry.

    There are some types of kitchen cabinets that are simply mounted on the wall above the sink or installed on the surface. The positive feature of such kitchen items is that they can be placed anywhere. They are supplied with a special tray where water will be drained after washing dishes. They are the cheapest at the price, unpretentious.

    Convenient solution for the kitchen

    Such vessels are divided into several types:
    • Single tierwhich are intended for salad bowls and small plates.
    • Bunk. They are designed to dry the bowls separately from the plates.
    • Combined. On them it is possible to dry any kitchen appliance from a ladle to large plates.

    Another type of dishware is recessed. They are attached to the walls of the cabinet through plastic fasteners. There are cabinets with dryers for dishes, both at the top and bottom. And if the apartment has a dishwasher, then the dryer under the bottom of the sink is the most convenient of all.

    Creative option for the dryer

    The materials that are used in the manufacture of glassware are varied. This may be the usual plastic, which is considered the simplest. From it mainly create the dishes, which are placed on the working surface. And for embedded dryers use metal from stainless alloys. Other metals are used, but they are covered with a layer of anti-corrosion coating. As a result, neither moisture nor any other aggressive substance affects them.

    Plastic is the most non-durable material. In addition, he quickly loses its original appearance. It is easily scratched, can break from any wrong action.
    Another type of material, however, already obsolete, for the manufacture of dryers is wood.

    This is the most expensive material. From the past centuries it has been considered a sign of luxury and wealth. In the production of wooden vessels, they are covered with a layer of moisture-proof material. Therefore, they, like metal, are not affected by water.

    Dryer with a convenient drain for water

    And before buying any of the kitchen utensils you need to measure the place where it will be. So that later there are no problems. A department for cups should be on top of the plates. Since the water from the plates after washing will drain into the cups, if they will be below and again pollute them.

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    Drying cabinet 60 cm

    Ambulances are classified by:

    • type of material;
    • by tiers;
    • in size.

    For example, you cannot put a dryer eighty centimeters long in a closet with a much smaller size. Or, conversely, a small dryer length in a large closet. It will at least not look aesthetically pleasing.. Therefore, it is important to choose the exact size. Especially if you order a dryer to order.

    What is the advantage of such dryers and small cabinets? They are compact, do not take up much space. They look pretty solid and neat.

    Semicircular, convenient option

    What you need to know for mounting such a dryer in the closet? The place where this dryer will be should be well ventilated. That is, the cabinet must have a high-quality exhaust hole. Or you can drill two small holes on the drying side to maintain a constant air flow. Thus, moisture and different odors will accumulate less inside. So the dishes will always be clean and tidy.

    For such a dryer necessarily need a pallet. This is the thing where the water will flow while drying dishes. It is usually made of plastic so that it is easy to pull out and wash. But there are still chrome.
    The pallet needs weekly maintenance.

    Otherwise, it will accumulate dirt and various pathogenic bacteria, which is not only unpleasant for the owners who use this dryer, but also unhealthy.

    Standard model

    Such dryers are made mostly of metal. They are coated with an anti-corrosion layer so that the material does not rust during use.

    The kit consists of a dryer for cups, for plates and a pallet. Such a dryer weighs together about one kilogram. Together with the plates in it, of course, add weight. Therefore, the cabinet must be well fixed on the wall so as not to fall from the weight of the dishes that will be placed in it.

    There should be a height of at least thirty centimeters between the shelf for the plates and the level for the cups so that large plates can fit.

    On the walls of the cabinet should be strong fasteners: either small plastic corners or metal pins. On them the vessel will fasten. They should sit tight in the cabinet holes. This is done so that, under the weight of the dishes, the dryer does not fall and does not break all the other dining items.

    Convenient storage of your dishes

    In such a vessel fit up to eighteen plates. If you live in a big house, where guests constantly gather, parties are arranged, then it is better to choose a larger vessel, respectively, for a larger number of cutlery.

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    In the wardrobe 80 cm

    These dryers will already differ from those discussed above in size and weight. They are more powerful, voluminous. They are installed in standard kitchen cabinets. The capacity of these vessels is equal to twenty-eight plates.

    Such items for drying dishes are also two-tier. That is, the first level is created for storing and drying cups, cutlery, and the second for plates. They are mounted on a spring mount, which allows you to easily remove them, easy to wear.

    Sliding Cabinet Option

    The tray must be removable or retractable to make it easier to wash. Those who choose large sizes for cabinets, of course, should be aware that the price of such vessels will be appropriate.

    The pallet will not be a plastic one, but a metal one with a special coating to protect it from moisture.
    Between the shelf for plates and the shelf for cups, the height of the free space must be at least thirty centimeters. This is done so that even large plates fit into the closet. It is strictly forbidden to overload such structures if you do not want to buy dining sets every month.

    If the vessel measuring sixty centimeters in size can still be placed in a sliding wardrobe, then at eighty it will hardly work. Therefore, such vessels are made only for stationary cabinets.

    Modern Kitchen

    Although, the current masters are able to do everything. RWhen choosing, make sure that the dryer is made with high quality. If it is installed in a sliding wardrobe, then it must be exactly the same size as the plates, so that the plates and cups do not interfere with it when opening and closing.

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    Stainless steel

    This type of vessel is the best purchase for those who love hygiene, aesthetics, durability, ergonomics.

    Firstly, a stainless steel dryer permanently saves you from seeing rust after prolonged use of conventional dryers.. Since plastic dryers quickly break down, and metallic, though not immediately, but the layer to protect against moisture gradually becomes thinner or due to mechanical stress during use.

    Rust first captures one small edge, and then spreads over the entire surface, eating the structure. This item is covered with chrome, which gives it extra shine and beauty.

    When opening the cabinet doors, such a thing will always please the eyes, and the plates that stand in it will ideally fit into the atmosphere created by the chrome-plated product.

    Illuminated kitchen cabinet

    But their price matches the quality. Therefore, to buy a good device that will bring you comfort and joy all your life, it is better to choose a chrome dish.

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    The tray for drying dishes is almost always made of plastic. Since this device should be easily removed from the cabinet, wipe and not rust from moisture, which falls on it during drying.

    Pallets must fit the size of the vessel itself.. You will never be sold a dryer of sixty centimeters, and a tray from an object for drying dishes of eighty centimeters. Pallets should be covered with special products that protect them from mold and various fungal microorganisms.

    Use a drip tray

    There are special mats-pallets. At the same time they serve as a vessel, a device for collecting drops from dishes. Such items are usually sold separately. They are needed as an additional device for drying glasses, cups, and other cutlery.

    They are placed next to the sink on the bedside table. During washing, clean dishes folded on it until it dries, and then retracted in the closet. Then the water that they have accumulated pours into the sink, and it must be rinsed with a sponge with dishwashing liquid so that various harmful microorganisms do not accumulate in it. Return to menu меню return to menu

    Varieties of dryers with sizes

    Above, we figured out with built-in dryers, which sizes are suitable for which cabinets. We learned what these items are made of. Now let's deal more seriously with the size.

    The main dimensions of the dryers are as follows:

    • Five hundred millimeters.
    • Six hundred millimeters.
    • Seven hundred millimeters.
    • Eight hundred millimeters.

    These sizes are used everywhere and are considered standard. These dimensions are calculated according to the width of the kitchen unit. For example, if a cupboard has dimensions of six hundred millimeters wide (or sixty centimeters), then, accordingly, the vessel will also fit these dimensions.

    The depth of these items is two hundred and eighty millimeters. This is the usual standard size of the depth of the kitchen unit. If it has greater depth, then some technique will be additionally built into it.

    Choose quality material

    These are the dimensions of the built-in vessels. But there are others who simply serve as part of the decor and perform a useful function. Such items for drying can be made of any size.

    There are thirty centimeter, forty centimeter. For small in size carry detached vessels. Or they are also called troflex. Such troflexes can also be single-tier or two-tier.
    Can be sold with and without pallet kits, with cutlery sections. It all depends on the designer's imagination.
    Wall-mounted vessels can also have standard dimensions, as well as built-in ones. They are good for those who do not like moisture to accumulate in the closet. And the material from which it is made, as a result of constant exposure to moisture, is deformed.


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    A rare hostess will choose something short-lived for her kitchen. The same applies to dryers. The best item that is built into the kitchen module or simply serves as an interior decor that benefits, is a dryer made of stainless alloys.

    This type of dryer includes chrome-plated dryers. There are, of course, other types of metals from which the vessels are made. They are covered with special anti-corrosion agents. What increases their service life. Such vessels are not affected by moisture.

    The cheapest of the dryers are enameled. But they are short-lived. The enamel breaks off quickly, and rust appears on the chips and various pathogens accumulate. Yes, and these dryers are mostly limited in size. Their width always remains the same and is equal to forty-five centimeters, ninety and one hundred centimeters. Such dryers should be placed in places where they will be as careful as possible or built into the closet.

    Suspended option

    Another thing is chrome drying for dishes. They are beautiful. And also they are wear-resistant, resistant to various mechanical damage. Serve long. They have trays for moisture from plates and cups. Pallets are usually made of transparent plastic. Although in some models the pallet is not included in the kit and you need to buy it. Such items are expensive in price.. They can be either built-in or stand alone on a special sink tray designed for dryers.

    There is another type of stainless steel dryer. He belongs to the class of extra. This type of these items is of higher quality. Even better than chrome. They look great as detached, thanks to the thickened bars. Such dryers can withstand any number of dishes. They are solid and beautiful.

    In a sliding wardrobe



    Sizes for these types of items for drying dishes, there is an incredible amount. From the smallest thirty-centimeter to the largest - meter. Such bulky sizes in width are explained by the fact that the thick rods of the grids into which the plates and cups will be inserted have the ability to withstand a large amount of dishes and the weight that it will give.

    Unfortunately, these stainless dryers do not have their own pallet.

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    In addition to non-built-in dryers, there are also embedded ones. They differ in that the dishes and cups are hidden from prying eyes. And the built-in types themselves are divided into several types of dryers. Each view is called because, the place and the functions that the kitchen module performs.

    Swivel hardware


    Thus, there are standard dryers. Which are located inside the hinged module directly above the sink where the dishes are washed. These dryers are not always convenient.. First, if the housewife is small in stature, then she can hardly reach the very top where the cups are. To substitute a chair or to ask the husband to constantly help put cups in place is also absent. And if a person is tall, he will constantly bury his head in this closet when washing dishes.

    There are two more types of dryers and kitchen modules. It is angular and retractable. About retractable - a little later. Now it comes to the corner. What are their advantages and negative points. Angular grids for drying dishes suitable for families with a small number of people. Since the kitchen corner module itself has small dimensions. Yes, he does not need bulky. Then, it will not look aesthetically pleasing.

    Kitchen in a minimalist style

    Usually, dishes from thirty to fifty (this is the maximum) centimeters are placed in this cabinet. It usually comes with fasteners, pallet. Such dryers are often two-tier.

    One upper section is set to dry the cups, and the other, lower, is used to dry the plates.
    This type of product is made of aluminum, which allows it to serve the housewife for ages. Since it has anti-corrosion coating and rust will never eat this object. Coating - multilayer and electroplating. This alloy allows you to withstand strong mechanical damage while remaining intact. A gloss that is applied on top of the dryer rods will decorate your corner module.

    The pallet is made of high-quality non-breaking plastic. He is also not able to accumulate various bactericidal microorganisms. The only thing he needs is a weekly care. Rinse in running water or wipe with a cloth moistened with soapy water, and then you can walk with a regular damp cloth to leave no traces and make it look as if just bought.

    For different types of dishes

    The advantages of such dryers are that they do not interfere with any family member.It can also have separate compartments for spoons, forks and knives. Now manufacturers of dryers often began to use this method.
    This type of object for drying dishes - ergonomic.

    It allows you to use the free corner of the kitchen room, especially in the "Khrushchev", where it is difficult to have an empty seat. It helps to divide the room and place all the necessary elements in it, to create a cozy atmosphere in a small kitchenette.

    If the doors of the kitchen module are made of Plexiglas, such a dryer introduces additional color to the room.

    For housewives with low growth fit dryers, built-in lower floor cabinet. Thus, the shelf for dishes will always be at hand, you will not need to climb somewhere up. And even better if this cabinet will be retractable.

    Compact and convenient to use

    Having dealt with corner dryers, let's move on to another type that housewives will also love. These are appliances for drying dishes that are hidden in the drawers of kitchen modules.. What are their advantages and disadvantages?

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    Such items of kitchen furniture are very convenient and comfortable to use. First of all, no one will see what kind of dishes you have in the house, respectively, there will not be any extra questions if you are not a lover or not a fan of telling and showing everyone your good.

    Secondly, comfort for housewives with low growth or for future helpers mother. Girls can easily wash the dishes and hide them in a sliding wardrobe so as not to stretch up and not to expose the high chair.

    Can be placed in the closet or at hand, near the sink

    In this type of dryers, manufacturers have provided everything. Fastening the facade, installing the pallet - everything is done specifically to help housewives. They easily slide on special sliding runners. They easily roll out and roll back. Provide full access to the dishes. They have the same sections as for standard dryers for cups and plates.

    Now they also began to build departments for spoons, ladles and other cutlery into this type of dryer.
    Such dryers are even not made for drying, as for permanent storage of dishes. Therefore, this type of subject will be the most useful of all, which were discussed above in this article.

    Take care of such things. It is necessary to lubricate the runners with special oil annually so that they do not creak. Despite the fact that the material is durable material and wear-resistant, stainless, proper care is necessary. You can do this yourself by searching for additional information on the Internet or by asking the company where you purchased this type of dryer. Or call a special master at home, who will carry out maintenance work on this item.

    Bunk model

    On such sliding lockers should not hang, children should not be allowed to hang on them. In addition to the fact that the mechanism may become unusable, break, there is an opportunity to break the structure of the vessel itself, to bend the bars. Which will lead to the purchase of a new device. And this is a double spending budget family.

    Choosing retractable vessels, you choose the convenience for yourself in the first place and for the whole family.

    All utensils will be hidden in a single place. You will not have to look for her in the event of an unexpected arrival of guests.

    Having considered all kinds of dishes, let's more carefully move on to the last part of this article. Namely, what kind of dryer to purchase - from two levels or single level.

    Option for a large number of dishes

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    A two-tier dishware bowl is the best choice for housewives. It can be folded plates, cups, spoons. When buying such a vessel, the main thing is to look at how well it is made of what material. For mounted dryers usually use a metal alloy with a coating of enamel or with the application of anti-corrosion substances. Thick dishes with a twig will be better able to withstand the weight, the number of plates and cups placed on it, in comparison with the flimsy twigs.

    The construction of plastic, whether it is a two-tier or single-level, it is better to install on a table or a special tabletop. They are suitable for installation on a department for washing dishes that was specially created by the manufacturer.

    When buying a two-tier vessel, it is necessary to pay attention to the distance between the first and second level. As with a small distance, the large plates you simply do not fit in the departments specially created for them.

    For shelves without doors

    It is desirable that the dish was made of thick stainless rods. Then the long service life of such a thing and its strength are provided to you.
    Two-level vessels can be hung on the wall as a separate part of the decor. They will look great and complement the kitchen set with their aesthetic appearance. Especially if it is made of chrome steel or metal of the upper class, which we wrote about above.

    Also, vessels of this type can be embedded. They fit easily into corner kitchen units, front cabinets, drawers.. They are much better than simple ones with one level for drying dishes. Since they allow to accommodate a large number of different dishes.

    Similar lighting serves as a decoration of the kitchen.

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    So, when choosing a dish, any housewife should pay attention primarily to:
    • Sizes of the vessel. Since it depends on them how much kitchen items will fit into it. And also in what closet it will fit. You can not buy a pottery larger than or smaller than the cabinet that you have.
    • Acquire such a thing only from reputable companies.. This will reduce the cost of buying unexpectedly broken substandard dishware purchased from an unknown or first-time, and not yet reputable company.
    • Pay attention to what this dish is made of.. Chrome, enameled or generally simple steel, which can rust next year. The latter kind of course is not worth buying. And you define a chrome-plated alloy by its solid appearance and gloss.

    Unusual but practical

    • When buying a vessel you need to look at the size and thickness of the rods.. It depends on them how much weight will sustain this item.
    • You must immediately pay attention to the presence of a pallet.. And if it is not included, then it is better to buy it. Pallet is better to buy chrome metal. Unlike plastic, it will last longer. Of course, for dishwashers that will serve as part of the decor and stand on the sink, the fact that it is without a tray will not lead to anything scary. Since all the water will flow down into the sink. But if you buy a built-in container, then you cannot do without a pallet. Otherwise, the remaining moisture on the dishes will fall on the wood of the cabinet and deform its surface.

    Of course, choose what kind of pot you buy the case for an amateur.

    But it is important to remember that for built-in dishes in the kitchen module it is necessary to introduce good ventilation.

    In extreme cases, drill holes in the walls of the cabinet. This way you will not be disturbed by mold and unpleasant smell. In this case, external vessels that are installed on the wall or on the sink would be the best option. As the mold does not accumulate, water either gets on the pallet, or leaves at once in a sink. No odor will spread. Because the dish is open and the dishes literally instantly dry out.

    The disadvantages of external vessels include inconvenience in use.. On the sink they can fall if they are inadvertently touched with a large object or pan. And the wall can also be damaged. In addition, all the dishes in sight, and if there are flies, insects or cats at home, this will lead to poor sanitation.

    Advantages of sliding vessels - invisibility. They are located in a closet that retracts. Thus, he does not interfere with any housewife or other relatives. And also hidden from pets and insects.

    Guided by these pros and cons, you can now choose for yourself one of all existing types of vessels that we have analyzed in this article.

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    VIDEO: Installing a chrome dryer