Internal filling of the corner and built-in wardrobe in the bedroom. The most relevant and practical models + 140 PHOTOS


In the interior of a modern bedroom, a wardrobe compartment is one of the main items that plays a functional and aesthetic role. Its spaciousness and ease of use should be combined with the interior of the room. How to achieve this? Consider further.

Content of this article:

  • Advantages of a sliding wardrobe: do you need it
  • The main features of the design
  • Configuration choice: do you have a place for a cabinet?
  • Rectangular models
  • Corner models
  • Radius models
  • Features of the choice of material
  • Wood, MDF, chipboard - in search of the golden mean
  • Mirrors
  • Materials for registration
  • The decor of the facade dictates the style of the bedroom
  • TOP-7 materials for the front part
  • Chipboard
  • Leather
  • Lacomat
  • Mirrors
  • Lakobel
  • Photo printing
  • Sandblasting design
  • Shades and sizes
  • Professional recommendations! Read necessarily
  • Rollers or monorails
  • Profile selection
  • Spaciousness
  • Safety: what to look for
  • The best options for organizing space in shkfau
  • VIDEO: Top 18 best recommendations for filling the closet compartment
  • GALLERY: The most successful options for cabinets coupe in the bedroom
  • Advantages of a sliding wardrobe: do you need it
  • The main features of the design
  • Configuration choice: do you have a place for a cabinet?
  • Features of the choice of material
  • The decor of the facade dictates the style of the bedroom
  • TOP-7 materials for the front part
  • Shades and sizes
  • Professional recommendations! Read necessarily
  • Safety: what to look for
  • The best options for organizing space in shkfau
  • GALLERY: The most successful options for cabinets coupe in the bedroom
  • Advantages of a sliding wardrobe: do you need it

    Regular furniture set to choose or give preference to the wardrobe? Each of us may face such a choice.

    We select the furniture correctly

    A stand-alone cabinet with a hinged door system that comes with a bed, a chest of drawers and other pieces of furniture can look very impressive.

    Luxurious black wardrobe for rich design

    Why are more and more people prefer wardrobes? It is all about their undeniable merits:

    • the possibility of choosing absolutely any design;
    • you can install the correctly selected model in any, even small room; visually, you can even increase the space;
    • large capacity;
    • ease of use;
    • attractive appearance of the facades.

    Interesting design of built-in furniture

    Before you choose the built-in cabinet design compartment, you must accurately determine the location and size, since the design will be stationary.

    It is the closet that allows you to hide all unnecessary things.

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    The main features of the design

    Faced with the choice of purchasing the cabinet, it is important to determine its appearance. Each model from a wide range of varieties has its own peculiarities and nuances.

    General interior solution

    Currently, it is customary to divide cabinets by the following parameters:

    1By configuration (radius, rectangular, angular) .2On external equipment (with mirror, plexiglass, etc.). 3By device (recessed or freestanding) .4Built-in or freestanding: choose the best.

    Large mirror cabinet for the room where there is a lot of space

    By configuration, the cabinets of the compartment are divided into two main types:

    1 stand alone; 1 embedded

    Of these, built-in models are the most popular. This option is ideal if the bedroom has a niche.

    When ordering a cabinet according to your own parameters, you can not worry about where to put it.

    By arranging a built-in closet in a room with a niche, we save space, make the room more harmonious, and remove all the excess from the eyes.

    The profitability of this solution will also be an advantage, because the cabinet already has three walls, the bottom is the floor, and the ceiling plays the role of the top cover.

    It is better to make the closet light if you want to put it in a small room

    It remains only to equip it, breaking into sections and add a sliding mechanism.

    Unlike its built-in counterpart, a free-standing wardrobe is a representative of cabinet furniture that has all the corresponding structural elements.

    A beautiful wardrobe that attracts the eye with its large mirror facade.

    This closet is mobile: it can be moved to another place, with it you can move to another apartment.

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    Configuration choice: do you have a place for a cabinet?

    Even in a small bedroom you can find a place for a built-in wardrobe. This is achieved by selecting the model of the desired configuration.

    Many mirrors are a good solution for increasing space.

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    Rectangular models

    The most popular are rectangular models, which are conveniently installed in the natural niches of the room or placed along one of the walls.

    We give the interior elegance

    The traditional external shape of a rectangular model can be compensated by the original decor.

    We proceed from the general interior of the room

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    Corner models

    Based on the availability of free space in the bedroom, the appropriate model is selected, which can be not only rectangular, but also angular.

    Freshen up by a bright pattern of sakura branches

    This technique allows you to use literally every square centimeter of a room.

    In many cases, the corner model is complemented by comfortable open shelves and drawers on the sides. With the apparent small size, the corner cabinet is very roomy.

    Sometimes drawings can go on.

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    Radius models

    What is a radial cabinet? Its difference from a corner is a more rounded outer part. The unusual shape, combining smooth curves, looks very elegant and spectacular.

    The main thing is that everything looks harmonious.

    This can affect the visual perception of space, eliminating clear lines of the walls.

    The cost of radius models is usually higher than that of rectangular and similar angular ones. But their showiness and singularity can be the highlight of the room.

    Visually increase the space with the help of such cabinets

    The space at the same time is used as efficiently as possible, thanks to the design features.

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    Features of the choice of material

    Modern requirements for the design of the premises allow the use of a combination of various materials when creating cabinets.

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    Wood, MDF, chipboard - in search of the golden mean

    The least likely to meet cabinets made of solid wood. This is a rather expensive material that is considered too heavy and bulky for wardrobes, although it is distinguished by high environmental friendliness.

    Classic minimalism in white

    Popular and more preferred in this case becomes particleboard and MDF. For furniture most often used laminated chipboard, which has the following advantages:

    • democratic value;
    • wide range of colors;
    • strength.

    Built-in wardrobe in the room niche

    If you compare it with MDF, it can be noted that chipboard is cheaper. At the same time MDF has a lot of advantages, including the length of service.

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    If there is a door in the wardrobe closet up to the ceiling, then such a large vertical plane is simply necessary to use qualitatively.

    Stencil drawings can be a variety of

    In the manufacture of the cabinet very often mirrors are used on the doors. So the furniture gets additional functionality, and the bedroom - a visual expansion of the space.

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    Materials for registration

    For the design of door panels used in various colors, quality and composition of the material:

    • mirror inserts;
    • rattan;
    • bamboo;
    • plastic;
    • glass, etc.

    The color scale of the furniture echoes the design of the wall and the whole room.

    Classic with minimalism

    An expensive and spectacular design option for facades is the use of stained glass and laser engraving on glass. The budget option - polymers (camelite and acrylic).

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    The decor of the facade dictates the style of the bedroom

    Aesthetics require careful and careful selection of the facade of the closet compartment. Therefore, sliding doors can be as concise, literally merging with the walls.

    When the facade decor obliges the entire room to look like

    When there is a lot of space, you can use a large closet.

    So with genuine works of art - colorful and eye-catching. In ordinary apartments, the truth lies somewhere in the middle between these two extremes.

    The style of the room determines the presence of the decor. The most popular are now considered modern and classic style.

    The main thing is not to overdo it with dark colors

    For a classic bedroom, for example, decorative elements must comply with a strict directivity:

    • curbs;
    • frescoes;
    • wooden mosaic;
    • columns.

    Elegance, airiness and lightness

    The front of the closet for a modern bedroom can be enlivened by the following techniques:

    • patterns, including floral, winding mirrors;
    • frosted glass;
    • use of plexiglass;
    • photo printing.

    Convenient option in 2 colors

    Drawing on glass will make the model more interesting and original.

    Oriental patterns on the facades - a common solution. But so that in the interior such a wardrobe does not look alien, the rest of the furniture should also be designed in the theme of China or Japan. What is the closet compartment will be the most concise? The one that is made for the bedroom in the style of minimalism.

    This direction is rarely chosen by a woman. The restraint of forms and clarity of lines combined with the smoothness of surfaces and the lack of decoration.

    Adjacent to the wall or ceiling cabinets look better.

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    TOP-7 materials for the front part

    The facade is chosen taking into account the design of the bedroom and its colors. Much attention is paid to this point, as the closet will occupy a significant place. And its facades - a large area.

    It is not recommended to save on the facade, because it is the face of your room.

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    This option is chosen by the designer in those cases when the cabinet doors need to give texture to wood. Among the advantages of chipboard:

    • resistance to fading;
    • duration of use;
    • resistance to temperature extremes.

    Beautiful design solution

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    Such an option - expensive, designed for richly furnished rooms in a concise, but at the same time elegant style.

    The decor is very important

    The severity and showiness emphasize the individuality of the design and the taste of the owners of the house. Of the advantages: long service life, good compatibility with materials such as wood and mirrors.

    Make to your taste

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    The facade with a lacquered finish and matte sheen is one of the fashionable options. In this case, the interior of the bedroom becomes more refined.

    Use the corner for the cabinet - save space

    Lakomat is well combined with various elements for decoration - wood, mirrors, various inserts.

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    This is one of the most popular design options. Visually increases the size of the bedroom.

    Beautiful view of the night city

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    This material is a colored glass, which is covered with a film on the reverse side. This technique makes the image spectacular and voluminous.

    In addition, the film serves to further strengthen the glass surface. Lakobel can be used with companion materials or solo.

    Large wall with fitted wardrobes

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    Photo printing

    The decoration of the facades is carried out using a film with a printed pattern. You can realize any of your desire - right up to the photos of your loved ones.

    Sometimes it is better to make a facade without mirrors and drawings.

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    Sandblasting design

    This method of processing mirrors and glasses allows you to create matte patterns on their surface. Elegant and fresh in the design with such facades will be guaranteed.

    Huge selection makes it easy to create the comfort of your bedroom

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    Shades and sizes

    More versatile are considered neutral shades of calm colors. Such colors will not be annoying and annoying.

    Charm and refinement of the interior

    These include:

    • the black;
    • lactic;
    • brown;
    • beige;
    • white and others.

    Equipped with such a massive piece of furniture, the room can turn into a dark and dark.

    We beat the space in different ways

    To avoid this, it is advisable to choose light shades, decor with mirrors and light patterns for facades.

    It should be noted such an important point as the size of the valves. Sliding doors with a height to the ceiling should be no more than 100 - 120 cm wide.

    Bright print in snow-white version

    If you choose wider doors, it will be more difficult and inconvenient to use them.

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    Professional recommendations! Read necessarily

    Having decided on the type of construction, and having decided whether you need a built-in model or standing alone, you proceed to the next stage - you decide on the facades and the internal structure of the cabinet.

    In order that the use of the cabinet does not cause irritation, it is advisable to equip it with a built-in backlight. Return to the menu

    Rollers or monorails

    Modern wardrobe almost always has a roller or monorail door mechanism.

    The closet is the main highlight of the room, which should stand out

    Swing doors are a very rare variant that can be found in the production of custom-made wardrobes in styles that require it. For example, classic or Provence.

    Monorail mechanism, compared with roller, wins in its reliability.

    Full and important interior accent

    Doors equipped with such a device are reliable: they have protection against accidental slipping, and the grooves are not clogged during use.

    We turn the wardrobe into the decoration of the room

    Preferred materials for the rollers themselves:

    • Teflon-coated plastic;
    • uncoated plastic;
    • metal.

    We use rationally and with maximum comfort

    In terms of service life and wear resistance leads the metal. A plastic device without any coating is a cheap, but completely fragile option.

    Such a mechanism will not last long. But plastic with Teflon coating is a balance of quality and price.

    Bright contrasts for a good mood.

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    Profile selection

    In this matter, everything is extremely simple. Only two options are possible:


    Very wide doors to use uncomfortable

    It would seem that the choice is obvious - steel is better. But not so simple. Consider and compare the various parameters.

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    Everything is very individual here. The internal structure of the cabinet, especially when it is custom-made, gives free rein to the imagination.

    We select, but consider the style of the room

    You can organize it as you like. It should be borne in mind that each section system has its price. Why pay for extra devices, if you have not so many things?

    Great emotional decision

    Inside the cabinet there are shelves, bars, segments and drawers. In order for them to be convenient to use, they must be well combined with each other.

    Excellent cabinet that can be moved around the room

    Very convenient drawer systems and shelves for shoes.

    Interesting design

    To make things convenient to lay out on the shelves, and then find, must be maintained such parameters:

    • the distance between the shelves - from 35 cm and more;
    • clothes bars should be placed at a height of 150 cm for coats and raincoats;
    • for shirts - bar height up to 120 cm.

    Cabinet with gold notes

    The capacity of the built-in wardrobe compartment is greater than the cabinet with the same dimensions.

    This is due to the waste of useful space on the side and back wall, a greater number of fasteners and their more complex mounting.

    If necessary, the whole structure can be modified.

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    Safety: what to look for

    When placing a wardrobe in your bedroom, it is important to ensure its safety for households:

    • no sharp corners;
    • thoroughness of fasteners internal mechanisms;
    • installation of mirrors on the facades with the use of a special adhesive film, which will prevent fragments from falling out if the mirror is accidentally broken down;
    • supplying doors with an anti-slip mechanism;
    • availability of box drawers system.

    The most practical furniture is modular, which saves space.

    Modern wardrobes in the bedroom can be of various sizes and style decisions, depending on preferences and general orientation of the interior.

    Only you decide which option to give preference.

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    The best options for organizing space in shkfau

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    Option 2

    Option 3

    Option 4

    Option 5

    Option 6

    Option 7

    Option 8

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