Beautiful drywall ceiling in the hall (suspended, two-level, figured, with lighting) + 80 PHOTOS

The ceiling of plasterboard in the hall allows you to realize the most stunning and exciting designer finds. We will talk about his unlimited possibilities in this review. We hope that our advice will help you choose a unique style for your living room.

Content of this article:

  • Dizzy configurations
  • Let there be light
  • Backlight types
  • How best to choose a color
  • Every man to his own taste
  • Possible combinations
  • Texture: cheap and cheerful
  • Patterned paintings, graphics
  • Combination with other materials: expensive, but cute
  • Liquid wallpaper: why not
  • Caisson ceilings: what is it
  • Other design and interior elements
  • Drywall and suspended ceiling: is such a combination possible?
  • VIDEO: New Design
  • Make no mistake when choosing a design
  • We list typical errors
  • VIDEO: Plasterboard ceilings
  • TOP-9 styles in the design of the use of plasterboard ceilings
  • GALLERY: The best design options for gypsum ceiling in the hall
  • Dizzy configurations
  • Let there be light
  • How best to choose a color
  • Every man to his own taste
  • Texture: cheap and cheerful
  • Patterned paintings, graphics
  • Combination with other materials: expensive, but cute
  • Liquid wallpaper: why not
  • Caisson ceilings: what is it
  • Other design and interior elements
  • Drywall and suspended ceiling: is such a combination possible?
  • Make no mistake when choosing a design
  • TOP-9 styles in the design of the use of plasterboard ceilings
  • GALLERY: The best design options for gypsum ceiling in the hall
  • Dizzy configurations

    The usual single-level ceiling helps to quickly level the surface, but it looks fairly standard and monotonous, so it is unlikely that such a primitive design will please its owner.

    Beauty is always attractive

    Fortunately, the drywall has one remarkable property: it bends quite easily.

    This allows you to create not only straight, but also curved designs of the most incredible and bizarre shape, located in several levels.

    Drywall very easily bends, turning the ceiling into an interesting composition

    The contours of the figured ceiling can be round, rectangular, in the form of a star, a wave or with abstract outlines - the range of options is limited only by your imagination.

    Leaving the space above the plasterboard construction, they create volumetric, floating in the air and separate figures. Interesting and original look ceilings, smoothly turning into the walls and forming with them a whole.

    It looks interesting ceilings that go into the walls

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    Let there be light

    In addition to the main lighting of the hall from the chandelier or light panels mounted lights, without which the surface loses much in design.

    Very light, to help the main light, mounted lights

    You can choose for it both natural shades of daylight, and any other suitable colors.

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    Backlight types

    • Open Lamps located on the ceiling plane.
    • Hidden LED strip along the contour. Installed from the inside of the design, creates a diffuse color.
    • Combined. Combines both of these types.

    Typical hidden backlight option

    Outdoor lighting in addition to lighting in the hall will allow you to perform functional zoning of the space or to emphasize interior details, but for this you will need special spotlights with directional light.

    Functional space zoning

    The possibilities of hidden illumination are wider. For example, you can make a floating figure with an additional internal cut-out and lighting on the two received contours.

    The combined type is perfectly combined and looks no less impressive.

    Modern technologies bring newness to the room design and create a whole color extravaganza.

    Light is needed - use the control panel

    Dynamic alternation of colors and shades, running fire, other special effects - to select a lighting style, just click the control panel.

    LED strips with the absence of color spots are suitable for interiors of the highest class, when you need a perfectly uniform tone of illumination.

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    How best to choose a color

    Your mood strongly depends on the color of the interior. For the appropriate design using various methods:

    • a color scheme;
    • texture imitation;
    • drawing patterns and images.

    More lamps - more light

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    Every man to his own taste

    A riot of color and color is the main slogan, experiment. Choose a coloring to your own taste, there are no certain rigid rules for the selection of specific colors. The main thing is that they harmonize with each other.

    The brightness of your ceiling depends on your imagination.

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    Possible combinations

    • different tones of the same color;
    • a contrasting combination of dark and light;
    • similar in color or sharply opposite colors.

    Popular use of the same color but different shades

    Mature or elderly people will be fairly calm, pastel colors, brighter and more saturated for young people and people in active age. In mixed families, you can choose something in between. Return to menu return to menu

    Texture: cheap and cheerful

    It happens that I really want to make a rich finish, but the budget is limited. How to be?

    Elegant use of additional elements

    Using an imitation of precious metals, rare woods, stone and other materials, you allow your living room to get a truly luxurious look.

    Sometimes minimalism is most welcome

    With this design method, texture paint is used. She imitates not only the listed materials, but also the structure of marble, granite, silk and velvet surface, steel or aluminum, the finish under Venetian plaster, achieving a corresponding decorative effect.

    The impression of a huge ceiling

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    Patterned paintings, graphics

    Monochrome surface is not bad something to diversify. It can be quite simple images in the form of geometric shapes, graphic symbols or patterns that are easily applied using a stencil.

    Geometric shapes, stencils

    In the case of a patterned pattern, in addition to the stencil, a special relief roller is used, the application itself is also not difficult. But more complex types of murals just can not be done. These include images of people, animals, landscapes, often like to draw the sky with clouds.

    Extra interior space

    A win-win choice for a classic design - a fresco with a drawing of cracks for styling a noble antiquity.

    Classic ceiling option

    However, in all these cases, you will have to resort to the services of a professional artist, which will result in a tidy sum, so this design option is chosen for expensive interiors.

    Another type of ceiling wall transition

    The way out will provide liquid wallpaper and suspended ceilings, we touch on this issue later.

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    Combination with other materials: expensive, but cute

    Although the decoration is possible imitation of the texture of various materials, but often use the original itself.

    Combination with other materials

    Of course, this type of decoration will cost much more, it is a real, not ostentatious, luxury. Aluminum and steel inserts are suitable for the techno style, in the classics a tree looks organic.

    Fancy images only add intrigue

    Widespread use of glass, especially multi-colored - stained glass. Popular also enjoys reflective mirror glass. Other materials include leather, fabric, plastic.

    Make your ceiling a highlight.

    Do not make a reflective ceiling with hidden LED strip lighting, otherwise all entrails will be reflected on the ceiling. Return to menu Return to menu

    Liquid wallpaper: why not

    In fact, liquid wallpaper suitable for drywall. Usually they cover only the ceiling plates, often combining with a smooth transition to the walls.

    Use drywall as the basis

    Finishing drywall itself is made of other materials, it turns out an interesting combination of textures. Despite the name, the coating is homogeneous and seamless, with a smooth or embossed structure.

    High ceilings always look beautiful

    The composition of the wallpaper includes various inclusions, giving the surface an original look with completely different visual effects. It may be marble chips, gold and silver spangles, silk or cotton fibers.

    Simplicity of design to tone the room

    Liquid wallpaper cover the surface in one tone, lay out relatively complex patterns or make an application, that is, put a pattern on top of a layer of wallpaper. However, with a full-fledged painting the image can not be compared, more like a mosaic.

    Separate the surface with curved lines.

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    Caisson ceilings: what is it

    The caisson shape is similar to a lattice with individual cells in which it is convenient to embed the backlight.

    Sometimes it is not necessary to use wood to create a first-class design.

    Previously, for its manufacture were needed wooden beams. Now drywall allows you to make a cheaper imitation of wood, it looks very solid, impressive.

    Various additional elements will be appropriate for finishing.

    However, there are certain limitations: this surface will easily fit into the classic style, but a large drawing looks absolutely unsuccessful in a low room with small windows.

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    Other design and interior elements

    Here, first of all, the stucco that is now popular comes to mind, this is where the real freedom for the designer.

    Original painted surface

    With the help of stucco elements you can make an outlet for the chandelier. A good decoration of the ceiling will be a baguette, various moldings, a cornice with the same stucco molding, emphasizing the perimeter, delimiting the surface.

    We break the surface visually

    Sometimes when choosing a project, they do not attach much importance to all the other details of the interior, but in vain.

    The overall picture of the interior, where every detail is thought out

    The composition of the hall creates a holistic impression in the same style, when design with color is common not only for the ceiling and walls, but for furniture, curtains and other objects.

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    Drywall and suspended ceiling: is such a combination possible?

    The undoubted advantage of stretch - the possibility of applying photo printing, creating 3D effects.

    Graceful and tasteful

    Designs of drywall with a tension insert allow you to embody the most courageous design ideas, and a variety of non-standard decorative decoration solutions really admire.

    Lamps can even be placed

    Stretch are divided into film (PVC) and fabric. The film has a clearer image, a richer choice of colors and textures.

    Rich canvas on textures

    Great looks LED PVC "starry sky" with the effect of the Northern Lights, displaying the flight of a comet and other moving objects.

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    VIDEO: New Design