Modern fashion design combined bathroom with washing machine. Top 10 ideas to save space + 50 PHOTOS


We readily follow the trends in interior design, study trends, collect ideas for decorating the kitchen or living room.

But when it comes to bathrooms, convenience comes first, and the flight of design ideas is hampered by the modest size of the room and thoughts of its functionality.

Favorite place in the apartment

Or maybe the matter is not at all in the size of the room, but in our attitude towards the bathroom as something boring and prosaic.

Take the shade seriously

However, the small size of most bathrooms is a great opportunity to create something completely new and unusual.

Learn all the features of wall decoration

Allow yourself this trendy experiment to create beauty and style in the space of a small room. And my observations of the leading trends in the design of bathrooms in 2019 will help you with this.

To make your interior not boring, add bright elements to it.

What are the main trends of the year in relation to the arrangement and design of the bathroom? Which trends are gaining momentum, and which ones should be left in the past? What is easy to implement in a small bathroom, but what can we safely refuse?

Use different textures, contours, lines, details

So, the 2019th can be called the year of returning to the sources with the search for simplicity and functionality that is natural for the modern world.

Try to use the maximum space.

Speaking of bathroom design, environmental friendliness, high quality and natural materials come to the fore. Convenience and comfort of use are synonymous with fashion and beauty.

Make the bathroom trendy, modern, and exquisite.

I like the idea of ​​presenting a bathroom as a bright necklace. It is a small but bold accent and stands out against the backdrop of modern attire - the overall design of the apartment.

Saving on finishing materials is one of the main advantages of a combined bathroom

Quality is a symbol of style.

Surrounding yourself with high-quality modern materials, you can make your life more pleasant and comfortable.

Modern materials in the decoration of the bathroom

So, for a start, we will discuss the current trends in the choice of finishing materials. Trends in the year 2019 in the decoration of bathrooms are universal, and they can easily be used even in a compact room.

Compact room with perfect design

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Metro phenomenon

Needless to say that the tile "subway" is now at the peak of its popularity? And can modern classics that adorn thousands of the most fashionable interiors around the world surrender their positions?

The peak of popularity - the phenomenon of "subway"

The elongated tiles, resembling bricks, were presented to the world by Hector Guimard, the architect of the Paris metro. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been used for the decoration of the walls of aprons, and now it seems to be experiencing a second birth.

Paris metro design

Laconic ceramic rectangles were traditionally made in white. Now this tile has thousands of shades and options of laying.

The usual brickwork is replaced by a vertical arrangement of the tile or even facing in the form of a Christmas tree.

Flawless solution - Christmas tree veneer

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Concrete Creative

The fashion of the last few years on loft-style and industrial chic in the interior gave popularity to such interesting material as concrete. In the interior, it does not look rude, but emphatically delicately and unobtrusively.

Delicate and unobtrusive atmosphere

Concrete is distinguished by a wide palette of colors of natural natural shades and an excellent ability to combine with wood and metal.

It will perfectly fit into a modern bathroom and become its bright stylistic accent.

Stylistic accents of global repair bases

To use concrete in the interior is not necessary to start a global repair.

Technology Beton Cire - a mixture of pure concrete with synthetic resins, allows you to create a moisture-resistant concrete coating on the walls, floor and even furniture.

Beauty and texture of concrete surfaces

It has a specific patina, emphasizing the beauty and texture of the concrete surface.

In addition, this material can be applied over the old tile. This makes it possible to update the old bathroom without much difficulty and dust.

Special refinement of the concrete surface

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Stylish geometry

The basis of modern trends for 2019 was created by the queen of sciences - mathematics. Bold combinations of geometric shapes are the key trend of the year.

Simple solution from primitives

The tile from repeating triangles and circles, hexagons and stars is a call of the ordinary and habitual rectangular forms.

Eliminate routine and familiar forms.

Geometric tiles are an excellent solution for decorating surfaces on high ground.

Dot decoration in the bathroom

In addition, the clear and concise appearance of such tiles makes it an ideal option for placement in the bathroom of any dimensions.

Clear lines for any size.

Bold patterned tile with the effect of optical illusions fascinates at first glance. And by combining various colors and shapes, you can create a truly exclusive design.

Exclusive design in tight spaces

Particularly interesting look modulations and explosions of color, as well as the transition of geometric tiles from the walls to the floor.

An interesting transition from the floor to the walls

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Marble was the key trend of the whole of 2018 and in the near future it does not intend to give up its positions.

Inspired Marble Inlays

Of course, not everyone can afford natural marble. However, the growing popularity of this material encourages manufacturers to increasingly produce ceramic tiles with imitation of expensive and elegant stone.

Imitation of expensive stone is now available to everyone.

The shades of marble are varied: from refreshing white or warm neutral tones to flashy and rich black.

Choose your shade for the soul

The modern approach to traditional marble design is the placement of such a tile from floor to ceiling, which was typical of luxurious interiors of past centuries.

Marble bathroom - the relevance of the present time

It looks the most harmonious and compositionally perfect, creating an image of true elegance.

Like concrete, marble looks especially relevant and modern in combination with a minimalist design and bright metallic finish.

A modern solution with a minimal design.

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Rejecting stereotypes

Perhaps the most unusual trend for us in 2019 is wallpaper for the bathroom. However, it is wallpaper in combination with tiles that will help to implement some fashion trends.

The implementation of fashion trends

So, on a traditional tile, works of art would look rather strange. But on the wallpaper it looks fresh and harmonious.

Modern and rich design

The modest size of the bathroom makes it possible to create a modern and expensive design with minimal cost.

For registration, you can purchase the remnants of branded, prestigious wallpapers with substantial discounts.

The perfect solution at the lowest price.

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Let the floor talk ...

The choice of floor tiles also outlined their trends. Bold patterned floor tiles are becoming increasingly popular in recent years and this trend will continue to grow.

The trend of patterned tiles

Unusual flooring is an excellent addition to plain white or neutral tile on the walls. In a small room, a bright, eye-catching floor is a dubious decoration.

Unusual floor - design harmony

Here it is more appropriate to play with the shape and size of the tile. So is gaining popularity microtrend on the use of floor tiles in the form of fish scales.

Popular microtrend as a highlight in the design

Even in a muted neutral color, such a tile is in line with fashion trends, it looks stylish and sets the mood for the whole interior.

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Let there be color

Down with the boring stereotypes that the light color expands the space. A dark and bright colors in a small closed room should be avoided!

Inspired by the color of the year Greenery from the Institute of Pantone, the designers suggest that we abandon neutral colors in favor of more daring and unexpected ones.

A bold decision for creative people

This trend implies the use of luxurious, deep and muted shades of green and blue for the bathroom.

Deep colors for relaxation

Fashionable colors can be not only the elements of decoration, but also furniture or small interior details. On a white background and with metallic accents, these colors look just amazing.

Nobility, refinement, majesty

Speaking of furniture, it is impossible to pass by, perhaps, the most popular material of the year - wood.

The combination of wood as the primary color

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Closer to nature

Increasingly, designers are refusing to use cheap artificial materials. In the bathroom equipment there are now projects with wooden furniture or pleasant to the touch countertops made of natural wood.

Furniture from natural wood

When the ceiling height allows, decorative ceiling beams are used. And even more unusual use of wood - the baths themselves, as, for example, in the collection of designer Matteo Tan.

Consider choosing natural

You can breathe life into the realm of glass and ceramics with the help of lively greenery. Plants are not only fashionable, but also a very beautiful interior detail.

Complete interior detail with live detail

The main trends of the season are perfectly combined with wooden surfaces:

  • deep green and blue colors;
  • patterned tiles;
  • matt metallic details in warm colors.

Warm shades to create comfort

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Ahead of time

The popularity of precious metals is difficult to overestimate. In the fashion of lamps, plumbing and even hanging shelves made of brass or copper. Oddly enough, cold metal adds warmth and comfort to a room.

Comfort thanks to lighting

However, it is difficult to imagine a fashionable bathroom interior this year without a laconic black mixer.

Mixer as one whole composition

Also in 2019, the trend towards the use of black metal decor elements and lamps began to gain popularity.

Black color as an element of decor

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Play with light

Speaking about lighting, the main trends of the season are repeated - minimalism, functionality and clarity of lines.

Minimum of light - simplicity and relevance

Minimalism is the airiness and lightness of the lamps, their noble simplicity. These lines are particularly relevant in small bathrooms and look most harmonious.

Lightness and lightness

Functionality - the ability to change the lighting scheme depending on the needs and mood.

Light and shade with proper lighting

Several light scenarios emphasize the diverse purpose of the room. In the morning, a bright, directional light will help you to gather and invigorate, and a muffled and diffused light in the evening will adjust for relaxation and rest.

Lighting features are individual

The clarity of the lines. The last few seasons in the fashion are frame metal lamps of unusual shapes.

The light on the wall looks perfect

The combination of these trends allows you to create in the bathroom a spectacular play of light and shadow.

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Minimalism for high stakes

The bathroom should correspond to the general stylistic decision of the apartment, supplement and support it. This is possible even with modest room sizes.

Stylistic minimalism

In addition, if we talk about the area of ​​the bathroom, the trend is downward. The increasing interest of designers is caused by small, but more private spaces.

Small attractive spaces

Along with this, the shape and size of bathtubs and toilet seats are changing. And not only to more correspond to modern urban apartments.

Different shapes and sizes attract attention.

Minimalism in the size of the room allows you to enter a sense of intimacy and restrained elegance.

Thus, even in conditions of limited space, a small bathroom does not have to compromise between functionality, style and comfort.

Style and comfort in minimalism

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On the wave of practicality

Modern, compact and at the same time elegant example of restrained functionality - installation of a shower cabin.

Filling a small space

This approach allows us to give a modern mood to the interior, as well as save the cherished square centimeters.

Save cherished centimeters

Models with sliding doors and minimal dimensions fit perfectly even into the most modest bathrooms.

Compact corner booth

Transparent glass cab walls help to create a feeling of volume and airiness. They also do not hide the stylish shower heads trendy metallic shades.

Stylish modern interior of a small bathroom

If the shower stall does not correspond to the original plan, you can relieve the interior by abandoning the usual bathroom curtains in favor of a stylish glass screen.

Stylish glass screen instead of curtain

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The illusion of space

To support the idea of ​​"airiness" of the interior will help suspended plumbing and built-in furniture. The undoubted advantage is not only the avant-garde design of such an installation, but also a banal convenience for daily cleaning.

With such a cabinet in the bathroom will be order

However, we will not fall into illusions. The idea that hanging sinks and toilets save space is just a myth.

Make space at the expense of light

The installation system itself takes up a lot of space. But in the space above the installation, you can organize a niche and beautifully highlight it. So we will create additional depth and volume in the room.

Organize your niche and highlight

As for furniture, built-in and lightweight hanging options are out of competition. They are comfortable and roomy, do not clutter up the space, and in combination with stylish ceramics more and more correspond to the spirit of the times.

Practical use of conventional niches

In the framework of modern trends, the furniture in the bathroom should form a single unit with the walls.

Built-in consoles, hidden hanging drawers or shelves - this furniture fits perfectly into the compact bathroom of a city apartment.

Compact bathroom with hanging lockers

It should be noted that these trends have all the chances for future development.

Create your perfect, perfect look.

Naturalness, minimalism and functionality are timeless values ​​that in the living conditions of the metropolis over the years only gain relevance.

Options for planning a small bathroom

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Top 10 modern ideas to save space in the bathroom

1Use the locker doors.

Hanger on the door

2 Corner shelves

Shelves for trifles

3 Extra shelving unit

Another rack

4Toothbrush Housings

Place for toothbrushes

5 towel rail

Ergonomic holder

6 Silicone Pocket

Pocket for a bath for trifles

7 Space on the door

The door can hang the holder

8Special toilet roll holder

Even a toilet roll holder can save space.

9Cosmetics on the cabinet door

Keep cosmetics and care products on the locker door

10Shelves over the toilet

Above the toilet, too, can be placed shelves

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