Loft-style table (115+ Photos): What type of design is better? (written / journal / bar / dining / transformer)


The loft-style table today is not just a necessity, but a symbol of the freedom and independence of its owner, who has impeccable taste. He has a wide list of advantages and thanks to this every year he finds more and more fans. It is easy to find a table of industrial style for any purpose and price. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

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  • Kinds
  • Materials and design features
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  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 115 photos)
  • Kinds

    Without a table today it is difficult to imagine a house, office, restaurant, production and any other room. But whatever its function and design, the presence of a tabletop and base remains unchanged.

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    Coffee, or coffee, a table is often the main table in the house. Especially if we talk about tiny studio apartments, where there is a bar for breakfast and dinner. In such cases, a magazine is no longer just a place to store a press. He helps the owners to meet guests, work, play with children.

    Loft style coffee table can be any size and shape

    The loft-style coffee table comes in any size and shape. The main thing that distinguishes it from others is the height, which should be 40-50 cm.. This is a classic meaning and it is allowed to deviate up or down. But it is important to observe one rule concerning coffee tables: the larger the size of their tabletops, the smaller should be their height.

    Like any loft-style furniture, coffee tables should have simple geometric shapes and be made from natural materials. For them use:

    • tree;
    • metal;
    • glass;
    • skin

    Must have a simple geometric shape.

    Loft style was born in the 40s of the twentieth century in North America, when many factories went bankrupt, and poor artists and musicians rebuilt their premises for housing. In the furniture they turned everything that remained from the former industries.

    Pallets and carts bases, wooden boxes and boxes were often used as magazines. All this can be found in the living rooms, decorated as a loft, and today.

    Use pallets

    The most popular tables of this style have legs from a metal shaped pipe or fittings and a wooden tabletop. As a decor use:

    • imitation rivets;
    • locks;
    • print;
    • glass inserts;
    • metal plates.
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    Writing is now more a luxury than a necessity. More often it is necessary for people working at home. But after all, ordinary household chores related to documents and bill payments are more convenient for him to do.

    The design of writing in a loft style can be varied. The simplest option is a rectangular wooden tabletop with straight metal legs. The advantages of such a model are lightness and versatility. It does not clutter up space, unlike many other pieces of furniture of this style.

    The design of the desk in the style of a loft can be very different

    On a noteThe highlight of most desks in the loft is the shape of the legs.

    It can be two side panels from an impressive array of wood with minimal trim. Or underframe, welded from scraps of pipe, fittings or rod. Often they have built-in cabinets or bureau for storing documents. Such models often focus on fancy pens.

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    The role of computer in our century is difficult to overestimate. Today he is in every second house. Even schoolchildren are more likely to acquire large computer desks, which additionally perform the function of writing.

    This model has shelves and niches.

    The design of the table for the computer should provide a place for the system unit, a monitor, and sometimes a printer with a scanner. Therefore chaptersThe only differences that distinguish it from writing are:

    • shelves;
    • coasters;
    • niche.

    Like other varieties of this furniture, computer loft style should be simple and stylish. Usually they are rectangular in shape, and the tabletop is made of wood. Unusual look tables, the working surface of which is made of a single piece of wide unedged boards.

    The tabletop is usually wooden

    The original computer desk is easy to make yourself having an old door at your disposal. To do this, it just needs to be laid on a suitable base and covered with glass for ease of operation.

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    The fundamental difference between a bar and a lunch is its height. As a rule, it is 1.1-1.2 m. There are no uniform requirements for the size of the table-top, usually it is adjusted to a specific room. The most common three types of bar:

    • Classic, detached with a round or square small surface.
    • Console, narrow wall.
    • Bar counter, long narrow straight or rounded.

    Bar counters are especially popular.

    Today the bar counter is especially popular, and most often it is made in the loft style. A typical option is a wooden tabletop and a wooden covered stand without any decorative elements in which shelves or drawers are placed.

    If the legs are made of metal pipe, then this looks easy and does not clutter up small spaces. Often they are made with a concrete or brick foundation, but its functional task is zoning open spaces.

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    For a restaurant

    Restaurant table must meet special requirements.

    Table requirements
    • high strength, because the daily load on it is not comparable with the one that is experiencing the usual home dining table;
    • comfort and respectability, because visitors to institutions of this level have high requirements for everything;
    • ease of maintenance, because any catering establishment must meet many requirements of sanitary standards.

    Furniture for the restaurant should be particularly durable

    Observing these dogmas, tables for loft-style restaurants are tried to be made as simple and reliable as possible. Used for their manufacture rarely used materials, unlike other species. But even if it looks as if its age has passed for half a century, this is just a design trick.

    Made in a minimalist style

    Tables made in minimalist industrial style loft, successfully fit into the interiors of restaurants of national cuisine, for example, Japanese, Italian, French. Given that the room itself is very colorful.

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    This is a gathering place for family lunch and dinner, receiving guests, holding memorable events. For all its importance, it must meet only two requirements:

    • ease of care;
    • convenience.

    Easy care

    For a comfortable lunch table height should be 70-75 cm.

    The loft style assumes large free spaces, which means that the tabletop should not be small either. The most convenient location is possible when its width is 90-100 cm.

    The most correct choice of material for the countertop is an array of wood. The quality of its processing may vary significantly, but in terms of hygiene it is better to choose polished wood with a protective coating.

    Sometimes there are countertops, as if made by an amateur. The tree has been hastily processed, the joints do not converge, there are chips and cracks. But this is only one of the design techniques.

    Durability is very important.

    You can find metal dining tables. In terms of design, they are probably worthy of attention, but their comfort is far from ideal. Metal countertops are cold and make a distinctive sound when in contact with dishes.

    Underframe do wooden or metal. Basic requirements for it, reliability and thoroughness.

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    Speaking of office, it is necessary to distinguish between the concept of the workplace of an ordinary employee and manager. If in the first case it is not much different from a written or computer one, then the table of the CEO or the president of the company should speak about the high status and good taste of its owner.

    Conference table

    Even if the office desk of the head, made in the loft style, has a minimalistic concise design, the quality of the materials and the work of the master make it clear to whom it belongs.

    Often they are made to order from expensive woods, high-quality leather and designer accessories. The feature of premium quality office - secret drawers for storing particularly important documents.

    Original Reception

    Despite the fact that the office desk is selected in accordance with the preferences of the head, made of solid dark wood, it looks more respectable. At the same time, it looks equally good both against the background of the classic red brick wall for the loft, and against the background of light walls or panoramic windows.

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    Materials and design features

    The generally accepted norm for the manufacture of furniture in the loft style is the use of exclusively natural materials. Moreover, their color should be as natural as possible, or close to natural shades.

    Use only natural materials.

    As for the design features, most often loft furniture has a sleek design and regular geometric shapes. To make each item unique helps to use non-standard decorative elements that are endowed with certain functions.

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    Usually, pine, birch or ash is used as material for wood, but any other wood species may be used depending on the price.

    Wooden material

    BoardIf the goal is to preserve the natural look of the material, then colorless varnish is used. For tinting suitable stain or azure.

    However, whatever the protective coating, it must leave the texture of the wood visible.

    For the manufacture of wooden can be used various elements of vintage furniture, boards from the dismantling of old buildings, tree cuts, veneer, solid, in short, anything.

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    As materials for metal industrial style suit:

    • machine parts;
    • wagons;
    • scraps of old water pipes;
    • fittings.

    For countertops usually take:

    • a metal sheet;
    • slab;
    • mesh.

    Use decorative welds

    To give individuality apply:

    • decorative welds;
    • riveting;
    • etching;
    • metal inserts of a different color.
    The main condition for comfortable use is the quality of workmanship.

    It is important that there are no different burrs and no raw edges.

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    On wheels

    This style is typical non-standard approach to the choice of materials. The wheels in this case do not always have a decorative meaning. Often tables with metal elements have an impressive weight and low degree of mobility. Putting them on the wheels to some extent removes this problem.

    Non-standard approach

    Since the industrial style does not tolerate miniature, then if the wheels are already, then they should become almost the main design move in the design.

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    The transforming table is a godsend for small loft-style apartments.

    • Table-book. In the folded form is a cabinet or console, which, if necessary, is decomposed into a full-fledged dining room.
    • Folding magazine. Turning it into a dining room can occur by increasing the height of the base with the help of various mechanisms.
    • Sliding dining, changing its length occurs most often due to the installation of additional sections of the countertop.

    These tables can fit into any interior.

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    Loft-style tables can fit into any modern interior, which is why they are so popular today.

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    VIDEO: The best table options for your design