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The dream and pride of any hostess is an exemplary kitchen in the house. In this review - options for styles with photos, colors and layout. The kitchen for the Russian person is a special, sacred word, because it’s not just a place to eat, but heart to heart talk with friends or easy conversations with relatives for a common meal. Designer design of the kitchen requires the creation of appropriate comfort, so that the intimacy of the situation is conducive to revelations. Of course, do not forget about the main attributes - practicality and functionality. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Style triumph
  • Aristocracy and elegance
  • Minimalism: simple but tasteful
  • Russian hut
  • French Country: Provence Cuisine
  • Industrial style or loft
  • Color palette
  • What plan to choose?
  • Cottage and apartment: is there a difference?
  • findings
  • VIDEO: The most suitable options for kitchen planning
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Style triumph
  • Color palette
  • What plan to choose?
  • Cottage and apartment: is there a difference?
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 175 photos)
  • Style triumph

    As French scientist Buffon once said pompously, each person is a style. The appearance of the house as a whole and the kitchen in particular can say a lot about its owner. He will cheer up, contribute to the achievement of inner harmony and a positive view of the world.

    Your kitchen design talks about your tastes.

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    Aristocracy and elegance

    Of course, this is a classic. Her main advantage is that she is always in fashion.

    The classic-style kitchen looks solid, luxurious and elegant, leaves a feeling of stability and timeless connection of times.

    The colors are calm, mostly pastel colors or different shades of brown with the texture of valuable wood species. White and gold are also popular, but the latter should not be too much. The ceiling is always dazzling white.

    Classic in fashion

    In the decoration use expensive natural materials or their imitation. Immediately attracts attention at the first glance at the kitchen crystal chandelier.

    The classic version of the furniture is a carved table and chairs, the backs and legs of which are usually bent. Upholstery goes:

    • jacquard;
    • tapestry;
    • silk.

    Table decoration will serve as a tablecloth:

    • trimmed with fringe;
    • with rich patterned embroidery gold;
    • silver or satin thread.

    An important element - dishes. Of course:

    • porcelain;
    • crystal;
    • silver or gold cutlery.

    The doors of the cabinets are partly glass, in the design is widespread crate or stained glass.

    All elements, up to dishes, must be in harmony with each other.

    Signs of style are forged items:

    • candlesticks;
    • cups;
    • furniture accessories;
    • fixtures;
    • chandelier frame.

    No blinds, curtains made of transparent tulle are suitable for small kitchens, you can hang heavy curtains with lambrequins and tassels in large ones.

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    Minimalism: simple but tasteful

    In a small or narrow space of a small city apartment, this kitchen design fits best. A minimum of objects and details, decorations, simplicity of design - features of this style. The exterior of the interior leaves a feeling of air and freedom.

    Minimalism style

    The number of colors is minimal, clear lines, solid colors.

    The most popular color is white.

    The decoration is widely used:

    • metal;
    • plastic;
    • To soften the interior, add wood.

    Table and chairs with a clear geometry and, as a rule, with sharp corners. The doors of the cabinets are solid, without shaped elements, create the feeling of a continuous flat plane. Furniture handles are hidden or not at all.

    Fabric in the kitchen is generally undesirable, so no upholstery, napkins and tablecloths.

    Simple plain curtains with curtains of tulle are permissible, but they usually use all sorts of blinds.

    Furniture in a minimalist style should be clear and have sharp corners.

    Dishes without painting or with a geometric pattern, most often white, instead of cups with handles, glasses and glasses are preferable. The ceiling chandeliers are glass or plastic, of a simple form. LED backlight is widely used.

    The kitchen in a minimalist style is concise, functional, easy to clean, but it will most likely suit you only if you are single or a married couple without children.

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    Russian hut

    The colorful Russian style is popular with us by definition. It is preferred by distinctive, rooted in love to the native land of nature.

    Russian-style cuisine is complete without wood

    For registration primarily used wood. No artificial materials, especially plastic. The colors are also selected under the tree, that is:

    • yellow;
    • brown;
    • Red color.

    For individual items, such as textiles, white is appropriate. The central place in this interior is the Russian stove.

    If there is no space for the stove, install a fireplace or brick over the whole apron or just the surface near the stove.

    Russian stove will look especially advantageous

    Kitchen furniture is massive, with wrought iron elements. Instead of individual chairs, you can use the bench. Floors for the harmony of style make sure the boards, it would be nice to artificially age them.

    The attribute of the kitchen in the Russian style is the dishes.

    • bark tueski;
    • Khokhloma painting;
    • Gzhel porcelain;
    • pottery;
    • wooden spoons;
    • copper samovar.

    Dishes can also serve as a decor.

    Another distinctive detail is linen textiles. Curtains are often made from this material. White rushnyks and napkins with ornamental embroidery, as well as knitted, will serve as decoration.

    From the sources of illumination, a chandelier imitating candles or a lamp is most authentic in the Russian interior.

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    French Country: Provence Cuisine

    Isn't it a mange on a system journal? Welcome to the French province. Provence style kitchen is a combination of simplicity and leisure, it is suitable for families with children, senior citizens, measured people.

    The palette used includes pastel shades of almost all the colors of the rainbow, as well as rich blue and blue, symbolizing the colors of the sun on the southern sun, sky, sea and sand. Popular white color. In the design there are images:

    • bouquets of flowers;
    • olives;
    • cockerels and hens;
    • floral ornament.

    Provence style is always in fashion

    The main material of the furniture is wood., in the course of wicker tables and chairs. Cabinets with paneled facades, there must be open shelves so that all the utensils are visible.

    Pastel shades are ideal for such a kitchen

    Dishes and kitchen items are variegated, assembled according to the principle “from the pine forest,” often hung on hooks.

    Combination options
    • ceramics;
    • porcelain;
    • decorative bottles;
    • copper and enamelware;
    • wicker baskets for vegetables and fruits.

    The spirit of antiquity will be given to your home by antique or vintage items, handmade household items, furniture fittings and faucets made of copper, bronze or brass.

    There are many flowers everywhere, both alive in pots, but necessarily blooming, and dried. On the walls to create the illusion of a village house, hang bundles of spicy herbs, bundles of garlic and onions.

    Fresh flowers are an integral part of the decor

    The presence in the kitchen of textiles made of cotton or linen is very important.

    In lighting devices use:

    • fabric shades;
    • enamelled ceiling;
    • forged parts.
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    Industrial style or loft

    The origin of the style is associated with the conversion of industrial premises into residential. Brutality and a certain openness of style will appeal to people of the corresponding warehouse.

    Brutal and open style - Loft

    Industrial orientation requires the use of colors of cold shades and related materials.

    In the decoration of the walls used real brickwork or:

    • brick imitation;
    • concrete;
    • metal;
    • glass blocks.
    It is not necessary to finish the whole kitchen; in this way, design a relatively small surface area, for example, an apron, will be quite enough.

    One of the advantages of industrial style is that engineering communications and electrical wiring are intentionally left open, which is very convenient when finishing the kitchen. Other features of the style are wide and very high, if possible to the floor, windows, matching ceilings, no curtains, or at least Roman curtains or curtains to the floor. In urban areas, the loft is best to take root in a penthouse or attic.

    Style is gaining popularity with crazy speed

    Furniture needs simple and functional, with rough processing, mostly wooden or metal:

    • wardrobes with glass doors;
    • open shelves and racks;
    • ware from transparent glass or stainless steel.

    The latter material is generally applied in this style very widely.

    Pay special attention to maximum interior lighting, which is also inherent in a loft.

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    Color palette

    Our kitchen is associated with cleanliness, so it is usually made light. Items of furniture and household appliances of light colors also do not look heavy.

    Light shades are popular in the interior of the kitchen

    Choose the colors and the corresponding design styles under the level of natural lighting. In bright sunlight all day long you can choose cold ones; in case of insufficient light it is better to stay in warm ones. The decision of the kitchen and adjacent rooms can be maintained in the same style or, on the contrary, carried out in contrast.

    BoardFor color diversity and attention grabbing, highlight an interior item or surface.

    Make the areas that get dirty the most, light, not dark, so that traces of dirt are not so noticeable.

    Emphasis is placed on the bright blue island

    The room should be bright, but not excessive, so as not to resemble a bathroom or bathroom. Even in the white kitchen should be dark accents. In the kitchen design of small apartments, the snow-white color of the ceiling is preferred, and the dark colors should be used to the minimum so as not to reduce the already small space.

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    What plan to choose?

    The mutual arrangement of the stove, sink and refrigerator in the kitchen should be as convenient as possible. In the ideal case, a triangle is formed during the layout with the vertices located in the easy access area.

    The location of the kitchen appliances should be as convenient as possible.

    A through passage in the kitchen of a private house, if there is one, should not cross the triangle so that family members do not interfere with the process of preparing food while moving.

    The layout itself depends on the size of the room. Possible options for the location of cabinets and household appliances:

    1P-shaped or parallel. For a spacious kitchen with appliances and furniture for storage. Standing in the middle, you can turn in both directions. Very comfortable, in the center of a large kitchen area you can set a dining table or kitchen island.

    The island is very comfortable in the interior of the kitchen.

    2g-shaped. For kitchens of medium size, mostly long and narrow. Slightly less convenient. Linear. For small kitchens. Not convenient enough because of the need for constant movement along one line, it is recommended to combine with the island.

    If space allows, install a worktop-island, in kitchens with a linear layout on it you can arrange a stove or sink. The island is multifunctional, here you can arrange a dishwasher, a small refrigerator or a wine cabinet, to use as a bar.

    BoardWith a small kitchen space, the island can be replaced by a more compact peninsula with an end facing the wall.

    Light and spacious option

    The dining table with all the attributes is located in the center of the dining room or slightly to the side, with a lack of space in an angular way or near one of the walls. For single people or couples, an island can serve as a place to eat.

    BoardIf you are placing a kitchen in the attic, use open shelves to make use of the shelf space. A good choice from this point of view would be the loft or Provence style.

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    Cottage and apartment: is there a difference?

    Unlike cottages, in most city apartments there are no panoramic windows and an obvious division of the kitchen into the kitchen and dining room, or the working and dining area, respectively. At best, in the apartment there is a union of the kitchen from the living room.

    Classic design - kitchen combined with living room

    In suburban housing opportunities to show designer imagination more. There is often also a terrace for dining in nature during the warm season.

    If you stopped at the version with a separate dining room, use the following features to divide the kitchen space into functional areas:

    • bar counter, island or just a small height partition with openings;
    • wide arch with columns on the sides;
    • transparent sliding partition;
    • partition with a wide opening;
    • finishing the floor with different materials;
    • arrangement at the border of furniture.

    Cottage option

    Registration of zones should be subject to a single concept.

    Do not forget about lighting. If the working area is enough for a bright main light and furniture lighting, then for the dining room you need to think about the soft, muffled.

    Highlight the dining area with pendant lights or a chandelier mounted directly above the table.

    If in the apartment you can use artificial materials, then in the cottage, use mainly natural materials for decoration in order to preserve the spirit of closeness to nature. Ideal furniture for the kitchen of a country house - wooden or wicker.

    For a small kitchen in the apartment

    Urban and country views from the window and lifestyle vary greatly, so the potential solution is different here.

    Apartment fit:

    • modern;
    • minimalism;
    • techno;
    • loft.

    There are fewer restrictions in the cottage, almost any design will fit in here, but all sorts of rustic or nature-related styles look most organically. In both cases, the appropriate classic or ethnic motifs.

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    We have considered only some of the possible options for kitchen design. But whatever style was, remember the main principle - taste and harmony.

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    VIDEO: The most suitable options for kitchen planning