Corner wardrobe in a modern bedroom: from small to large. What could be its content?


When choosing a corner wardrobe in the bedroom, it is important to consider not only how it fits into the design, but also its practicality. After all, each model has both advantages and disadvantages. And what closet is needed for you? About this and not only you will learn in detail in this article.

Content of this article:

  • Why in the bedroom closet and where to put it?
  • Why a wardrobe?
  • Kinds
  • Types of form
  • Door selection
  • Dimensions
  • Filling options
  • Do I need a mirror?
  • Cabinet material
  • Color selection
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Why is it better to make furniture to order?
  • Lighting
  • Care of the corner wardrobe
  • Other tips on choosing and maintaining
  • findings
  • VIDEO: Wardrobe for the bedroom - ideas for furniture
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Why in the bedroom closet and where to put it?
  • Why a wardrobe?
  • Kinds
  • Types of form
  • Door selection
  • Dimensions
  • Filling options
  • Do I need a mirror?
  • Cabinet material
  • Color selection
  • Why is it better to make furniture to order?
  • Lighting
  • Care of the corner wardrobe
  • Other tips on choosing and maintaining
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 160 photos)
  • Why in the bedroom closet and where to put it?

    The bedroom is one of the smallest rooms in most homes. However, few people can afford to allocate an entire room exclusively for sleeping, having put in it a single bed. In addition to the bedside tables, which are usually present in the bedroom, many have a wardrobe for clothes and linen in it. The explanation is banal - there is simply no room in other rooms.

    Corner wardrobe with fabric upholstery

    Some even like the fact that the clothes are in the same room where they sleep. If the apartment or house is small, then the closet is not only a place to store clothes, but also a whole dressing room in which jackets, coats, etc. are stored.

    The advantage of the corner wardrobe in the bedroom is that it takes up little space due to the unique design.

    The name of this item means that its place is "in the corner." When choosing the angle in which you can put the wardrobe, you must consider not only where there is a place, but also other points:

    • It should not stand, lying against a wall with a window. It is best if the sun's rays fall directly on the cabinet or on the side of it.
    • There should be free access to all the shelves. If in order to get to the necessary thing you have to get on the bed or move it away at all, the location of the cabinet is definitely not a good one.

    Roomy design for a large bedroom

    BoardThe sliding wardrobe is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room, so choosing the place where it will stand is necessary first of all. Usually planned to place the bed and closet, and then placed smaller items.

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    Why a wardrobe?

    Why today corner wardrobes look fresh and stylish? Some people mistakenly think that this furniture belongs to the category of new products. In fact, the first mentions of wardrobes go back to the days of Napoleon.

    Classic style is always in fashion

    Napoleon used them both to organize the interior of his houses, and to organize the locations of troops (portable cabinets).

    The only difference between the furniture and modern wardrobes is that they were closed not with sliding doors, but with a conventional screen. Decades later, designers and designers took up the idea of ​​improving models that had spread far beyond France. In our country, corner wardrobes began to be widely used in the 90s and today there is at least one model in almost every apartment or house.

    Practical and tasteful

    Known for their practicality, it was immediately the corner wardrobes that began to be popular. It is not surprising that in the bedrooms, the area of ​​which is usually not large, these items are used.

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    There are two main types of corner wardrobes:

    • built-in;
    • corps (detached).

    A built-in wardrobe will help hide room defects.

    Deciding which type to choose should be based on the characteristics of the room and the amount of free space. Built-in wardrobes usually take up less space as their walls are flush with the walls of the room.. Due to this, you can win free space in the room.

    Another advantage of the built-in corner wardrobe in the bedroom is that it can be designed to hide the disadvantages of the room. For example, the most common of these are uneven walls. A built-in cabinet will cover this defect forever.

    Hull version suitable for lovers of permutations

    At the same time, if we talk about the mobility of furniture, preference in this matter is given to cabinet wardrobes.

    Separate from each other part of the hull version can be easily rearranged if necessary, for example, this design feature will be useful when cleaning floors and other cleaning. In addition, some can not imagine that the furniture was in the same place all the time, for them the rearrangement in the room is a common thing, but to do it with a built-in corner wardrobe is more difficult.

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    Types of form

    The design of modern furniture sometimes surprises with its originality. Corner wardrobes are not an exception, and, therefore, the diversity of their forms and designs will allow everyone to choose an option. The main ones include:

    1Triangular. These are classic models that appeared at the very beginning of the history of the planning of corner furniture. Their main advantage is the simplicity of the layout and design, which affects the price - usually the cost of such models is the lowest. Among the shortcomings can be distinguished bulkiness, because the triangular wardrobes "take" part of the bedroom area.

    Economical option for storage

    2Trapezoidal. There are many forms of trapezes and cabinets made in this format too - their sides can be completely different sizes. Compared to the triangular, the design of the trapezoidal corner wardrobes looks more complicated and sophisticated.

    Sophistication in the interior

    3L-shaped. Models of this form are much more capacious than all the others. Despite this, they look neat, not cumbersome. If you compare the triangular and L-shaped corner wardrobe, then in the latter you can fit more things, but it will take no more space.

    L-shaped model takes up little space and has good capacity

    4Pentagonal. These models are much more expensive than previous ones, but despite this, they are in great demand. First, they are distinguished by their spaciousness, and, secondly, they look rich and will be a great addition to the design of any interior.

    More expensive and elegant option

    5Radius. The most difficult to perform and expensive corner wardrobes, so they are rare. In the bedroom with the usual, classic design and a set of furniture, such models will look ridiculous. They will fit only in a luxurious interior, for example, made in the Empire style or art deco, in stores they are usually absent and are made to order.

    Luxury in the interior

    BoardA significant role in choosing the shape of the closet in the bedroom is played by personal tastes and views, which must be taken into account so that later, entering the room, enjoy its appearance.

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    Door selection

    Doors play an important role, both in the practicality of using the cabinet and in its appearance. Many, going to the store, already clearly know what design doors they would like to see. The main options are:

    • swing;
    • retractable.

    Each of these options has its pros and cons. Swing doors are classics that are usually suitable for people of old school who do not like modern designs. They open up on themselves, that is, inside the room.

    Corner wardrobe with hinged doors is an amateur choice.

    The main disadvantage of swing doors is that they are suitable for large bedrooms, because you need a lot of free space to open the door completely.. If it opens in half, while you have to stand on the bed to reach the right thing, it is unlikely that this choice of cabinet was a good one. Unfortunately, the area of ​​not every bedroom allows you to put a wardrobe with hinged doors.

    Among their advantages, we can highlight the fact that they are suitable for almost any interior and at the same time look simple, but classically. In addition, hinged doors are more reliable, because at the heart of retractables is a whole mechanism, which consists of many parts. If something in the closet with sliding doors breaks down over time, then most likely it is the door mechanism.

    Sliding doors help save room space

    The main plus of sliding doors is saving space, because the room in the room for their opening is not required. Thanks to this, the corner wardrobe in the bedroom with sliding doors can be positioned so that other pieces of furniture are pulled as close as possible to it, while there should be a small passage so that you can freely stand in front of it.

    On a noteSome older people refuse wardrobes with sliding doors, considering this design is very complex. In fact, they work on the principle of doors in the train compartment, and to see for yourself the simplicity of the mechanism, it’s better to go to the store before you buy and try yourself how they work.

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    There are no standards for the dimensions of corner wardrobes, so if the manufacturer you choose refuses to take the measurements you have taken into account, you can refuse its services, since this is unlikely to be a professional. Of course, every supplier has established standards for product sizes. However, professional manufacturers can change them based on your wishes.

    Large amount of space, and not only for clothes

    For the average bedroom allocate such sizes corner wardrobes:

    • height: 200-250cm;
    • depth: 50-70 cm;
    • width: from 50 to 250 cm (each side is different, depending on the shape and design).

    Making an individual order for the manufacture of wardrobe in the bedroom, you can get such furniture that would fit into the dimensions of the room as much as possible. Sometimes, at first glance, a certain area seems completely useless, but after thinking hard, you can rearrange the existing furniture in order to occupy it.

    Not just a wardrobe, but a separate dressing room.

    BoardWhen choosing a new corner wardrobe in the bedroom, you should not focus on the place where the old one stood. Often the replacement of furniture is a reason to make a change. If you put the previous furniture on certain places, and it stood there for years, and even decades, it is better to reconsider the planning of the bedroom, embodying fresh ideas and ideas. Return to menu back to menu

    Filling options

    The storage system in the closet is the most important indicator that those who want to buy practical furniture that would be useful in operation and can be used for a long time are oriented. The main elements that serve as filling the cabinet of any shape are:

    1Shelves. This is an indispensable filling of any cabinet. The shelves can have a different shape, which depends on the shape of the structure itself, if the corner wardrobe is triangular, then the shelves will repeat its shape, and if it is g-shaped, they will be square or rectangular. Previously, cabinet manufacturers adhered to the principle “the more shelves, the better the cabinet,” however, modern models imply the presence of so many of these parts so that others are well placed.

    Distribution for your clothes

    2Crates. These sliding elements are designed primarily for storing small items: socks, underwear, etc. However, some corner wardrobes do not contain drawers at all, especially triangular ones, since it is difficult to build them into their design. When choosing this part of the cabinet, it is necessary to take into account how they are closed, it is desirable that they be provided with a door closer for smooth closing.

    Small and cozy wardrobe

    3Rods. Designed for hanging clothes, mostly top, on hangers. They are located at different heights and by their level you can determine what they are suitable for: the lower ones are designed for skirts and trousers, their height is usually about 1 meter, and the higher ones are for dresses and outerwear, their height is usually about 1.5 meters . If there are bars for outerwear, they have enough free space around them, but they are not in all cabinets.On a noteBy itself, a corner wardrobe in the bedroom is not designed for storing outerwear, and if such a compartment is added, this is done to save space in other rooms.

    These doors help keep order in the wardrobe

    4Baskets. Usually they are made for clothes that are stored folded, for example, T-shirts and T-shirts. It is also convenient to store shoes in them, some practice storing room slippers in boxes. Usually baskets in corner wardrobes have the same design of the exit mechanism as the drawers; therefore, they are often absent in triangular-shaped models.

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    Do I need a mirror?

    Some corner wardrobe in the bedrooms are equipped with mirrors, others are not. What is the reason for choosing this element of the interior or lack thereof? Most women do not mind having a large mirror, looking into which you can preen right after they dressed. At the same time, prejudices are not alien to many, so they consider him a door to the other world, and they are credited with magical properties.

    The mirror is always practical

    Designers and designers are always ready to add a mirror to the main door of the corner wardrobe. It can be of different sizes and have any shape. Among the shortcomings, apart from superstition, we can highlight the high cost, because furniture with a mirror always costs more.

    The advantages of such models
    • The mirror adds light, and the illumination of the room affects the comfort in it. Where else, if not in the bedroom, you need to take care of creating a cozy atmosphere?
    • The mirror has the ability to visually change the size of the bedroom and proportions. So high mirrors make the room more spacious, expanding its boundaries, which is especially appreciated in bedrooms with a small area.
    • Many dress in the bedroom, so placing a mirror in it will be appropriate in terms of practicality. So in this case, the presence of this element is not so much a whim as a necessity.

    With or without mirror - individual choice

    On a noteAccording to Feng Shui and many other similar directions, a mirror in the bedroom is definitely a bad omen that promises adultery and divorce. If you doubt whether to trust such sources of information or not, it is better to refuse a mirror on the corner wardrobe in the bedroom, in order not to experience emotional stress. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    Cabinet material

    The choice of material is an important detail in choosing a corner wardrobe in the bedroom, especially if you think about how long the furniture will last. It is a mistake to think that the more expensive a cabinet is, the better it is. Of course, high-quality material is expensive, but there are also a lot of fakes that unscrupulous manufacturers offer.

    Provence style

    BoardIf you doubt that you can choose the material yourself and check its quality, it is best to seek the help of professionals. It is better if it is not sellers and other employees of the store you choose, but independent experts.

    As a rule, the cabinet and its contents are made of the following materials:

    1Chipboard. This is the most popular material for the manufacture of any cabinets, that is, it is pressed wood coated with a special varnish (the effect of lamination). Among the advantages of the choice of particleboard can be distinguished budget, since its cost is lower than that of all others, lightness and strength. Among the shortcomings, the most significant is the fact that this material is “afraid” of moisture, even in the bedroom there is little risk of moisture getting into the furniture, but it still exists.

    Custom shape with mirrors

    2MDF. For the manufacture of this material is also used wood, it undergoes steam treatment under high pressure, then dried and glued with paraffin and other substances. MDF is more durable than particle board, and it is also resistant to moisture, steam, and other external stimuli. In this regard, a wardrobe made of MDF material will be more reliable, but it will cost more.

    Durable and durable

    For some, the hem, sidewalls and back wall of the corner wardrobe are absolutely unimportant details.However, these elements are the key to the strength of the furniture. Therefore, no matter how beautiful and stylish wardrobe you choose, so that it does not fall apart after a year, you must take into account these features of the building.

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    Color selection

    The main rule when choosing the color of the corner wardrobe in the bedroom: it should fit the interior room.

    If you fill the bedroom from scratch, then, as a rule, the choice of furniture begins with either a bed or a closet. In this case, you have the opportunity to choose your closet, and then, based on its color and design, choose another furniture.

    Printed door - bright solution

    Psychologists have long warned that the color scheme of the room greatly affects the emotional state of a person. If we recall again the fact that a person spends a third of his life in a dream, and therefore he is in the bedroom more often than in other places, then the choice of color of the wardrobe should be given time. Here are the features of human exposure to popular shades:

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    The red scale in the design of the bedroom interior should be used very carefully, only small details can have this shade. Sliding wardrobe - too big interior element to make it red. Psychologists say that such a bright color leads to nervous excitability and overexertion.

    Red color for bold interior

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    Despite the fact that this color is associated with cheerfulness and positive, it is better to stop your choice in those rooms where you need a feeling of cheerfulness. It is unlikely that such a room is a bedroom, Therefore, if you make the corner wardrobe orange, then it should be calm, close to light brown.

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    This relaxing shade can be safely used to design the wardrobe in the bedroom. For example, many people like the idea of ​​creating an entire room in a Mediterranean style, so blue furniture will look very appropriate.

    Corner wardrobe with a blue print

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    This color was the most popular shade of furniture in our country in the 90s. Today is still relevant, so it can be safely used for the corner wardrobe in the bedroom. However, it is better to choose not darkly dark shades, but light ones.

    On a noteSome colors will look ridiculous, bright, defiant, or vice versa, if you carry them in the entire cabinet. Therefore, designers recommend combining them with each other. These colors include white, pink, purple, green, yellow.

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    Why is it better to make furniture to order?

    Most of those who decide to purchase new furniture, the easiest way to go to the store and buy the product they like. It is still much more practical to order a corner wardrobe in the bedroom individually. Here are just a few reasons for this:

    • Trends in interior design dictate their own conditions, and sometimes the owners decide to combine something incompatible, for example, use several techniques and styles, or decide to experiment with colors. If you need a green-purple wardrobe, it is unlikely that this will be available in at least one furniture store, but if you contact the manufacturer with an individual order, your wish will be fulfilled with pleasure.

    Corner wardrobe

    • Each person, especially it concerns hostesses, knows how many shelves, boxes, baskets and other stuff they need. For example, if a couple adheres to a denim style of clothing, so that a man does not have suits, and a woman does not digest skirts and dresses, then they do not need a large number of bars inside the cabinet. To make the model practical, and use all its space, it is best to order it individually.

    Original built-in wardrobe

    BoardTo make sure that you like the individually ordered corner wardrobe, you can first go to furniture stores and get acquainted with the models offered in them. If there is such a financial opportunity, you can order the services of designers who design the look of the wardrobe and how it will look in the bedroom, and evaluate the results on the 3D image. Return to menu ↑ return to menu


    Some closets provide for the presence of small lamps, which are located on the top panel. The easiest way to add them is when the top panel of the corner cabinet protrudes slightly, creating a kind of "visor" on which the light bulbs are located. As a rule, they are present in those models in which there is also a mirror.

    Black and white always look winning.

    Apart from the fact that due to such additional lighting it is easier to see yourself in the built-in mirror, they also help to find the necessary things at night when the spouse is still sleeping, or early in the morning, when it is still dark, and someone needs to get up and look for clothes. In addition, experts call other reasons why it is best to make the backlight inside the cabinet:

    • No matter how good the lighting in the room is, there is still darkness inside the cabinet, so even during the day it is difficult to find the necessary thing: first you have to pull it out into the light, open it, and in case of an error, fold it back. Illumination will save time spent on finding the right things.

    Backlight is a time saver.

    • Illumination helps to take care of health, because wherever clothes and shoes are stored, a lot of dust and other debris always accumulate. The presence of good lighting allows you to thoroughly clean, time detecting debris.
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    Care of the corner wardrobe

    If you do not devote proper time to cleaning and caring for the wardrobe in the bedroom, this will not only worsen the appearance of the furniture, but also a health hazard. After all, if you remember again how much time a person spends in a bedroom in his entire life, it becomes clear that constant inhalation of dust is dangerous.

    • The first cleaning of the wardrobe in the bedroom begins immediately after its installation, both built-in and cabinet. As a rule, installers use saws, drills and other tools, so before filling things, you must thoroughly clean the cabinet and the floor.

    Semicircular shape - an unusual solution.

    BoardBefore installing the wardrobe in the bedroom, it is recommended to cover the floor with foil, and take out all the furniture or at least cover it. This will facilitate the cleaning process after installation.
    • Cleaning, wiping dust on the cabinet and inside it, is recommended several times a week. To do this, you must use soft cloths, and you need to forget about hard tools such as hard scouring pads, scrapers and other products.
    • Once every few weeks it is necessary to empty the cabinet and carry out wet cleaning on its surface and inside it. For this, it is best to use ordinary soap solution or any products with a natural composition. The use of detergents with aggressive chemicals is strictly prohibited: it will damage both health and furniture.

    Low-key wardrobe with large mirror

    • If there is a built-in mirror, it should be regularly cleaned with special glass cleaners. If small spots appear, they should be wiped off immediately, as the stained mirrors look awful.
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    Other tips on choosing and maintaining

    To begin the choice of a corner wardrobe in the bedroom, you need after taking measurements of the room and the expected size of the cabinet. After that, it is recommended to go to the store to look at suitable and liked options. When you liked some model, you need to proceed from whether it is realistic to perform it on the basis of the measurements you have taken.