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Interior Fresco - How does it look in the hallway, living room, kitchen and bedroom? 150+ Photo Variations of original ideas


If you look at authentic frescoes that were created many centuries ago, they could only be performed by trained masters. To create a mural painting is required to paint on wet plaster. This process has changed a lot now. Now volumetric images can be applied with the help of various materials and techniques. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • What should be understood as a mural?
  • Features
  • Murals on non-woven fabric
  • Technological features of other species
  • What to choose between the mural and photo wallpaper? Is there a compromise?
  • Benefits
  • Most Popular Images
  • Recent trends in creation
  • Variety of styles
  • Recommendations for a small living room
  • What can be used in the kitchen?
  • Features of the frescoes in the children's rooms
  • Print paintings and photographs on canvas
  • VIDEO: Examples of frescoes for your interior
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • What should be understood as a mural?
  • Murals on non-woven fabric
  • Technological features of other species
  • What to choose between the mural and photo wallpaper? Is there a compromise?
  • Most Popular Images
  • Recent trends in creation
  • Variety of styles
  • Recommendations for a small living room
  • What can be used in the kitchen?
  • Features of the frescoes in the children's rooms
  • Print paintings and photographs on canvas
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 150 photos)
  • What should be understood as a mural?

    To understand it, it makes sense to recall the times when this technology was first started using such a method of home decorating. Visually, wall paintings are similar to frescoes, but in fact these are all different techniques, although in both cases the walls are decorated. Only fresh plaster is needed for application, therefore it is difficult to repeat the procedure in the current conditions..

    But there are masters who can reproduce even complex landscapes on fresh plaster. As a paint materials with natural pigments act. This allows you to get rich and bright picture.

    It is not necessary to make a fresco right on the wall, since the work can be done on canvas first, and only then can it be fixed on the wall.

    This option is preferred. If the picture gets bored, then it can be easily removed or moved to another room.

    Landscape fresco in the interior

    Due to the fact that the paints were expensive, and not everyone could do the work, the frescoes used to be used for the decoration of palaces. Could see them in rich houses. The basis of paint, except for natural pigments, created a mixture of sand and lime. After applying the paint on the wet surface, it firmly grasped the wall. On top of the image was covered with a film that protects it for a long time.

    Now it is used in ordinary homes, and in hotels, and in restaurants. Often this area is highlighted in a special way. This will make the picture more visible.

    It is possible to focus attention with the help of artificial lamps.

    Feature of performance of work consists in speed. During the day, the master must have time to do everything - lime dries very quickly. Accordingly, making mistakes when creating a picture is impossible. The technology itself denies making any changes. If an error is allowed, then the entire composition is completely deleted and redone.

    Bright accent in the interior of the restaurant

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    This has been described classic technique. But now it has changed a bit, as the composition of the paint has become more modern. As for the examples of ancient frescoes that have survived to our time, they can be seen in old buildings. For example, the famous work The Creation of Adam was preserved almost unchanged in the Sistine Chapel. Mural represents any technique of applying the image on the wall. To do this, any technique and any paint will do.

    There are even wallpapers imitating murals. The limitation to create may be a mismatch of styles. She can look bad in a room with a modern style. It is important to guess the theme of the image. For the new style it could be:

    • space;
    • futuristic motifs.

    Photowall-paper with space design

    There are special requirements for the room. There are restrictions on air temperature. Both cold and heat are harmful to frescoes.

    When moving you need to be careful, as they are quite easy to damage. Transportation is carried out in special containers. During the care of the image you need to keep contact with water to a minimum, if it does not have a protective varnish.

    Modern interior design

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    Murals on non-woven fabric

    In the old days, only one technology was used - applying the image on the wet plaster. Now there are much more variations.

    Textured non-woven base

    Murals on non-woven fabric belong to the Italian technology. To create a picture using non-woven base. You can make an image on a special printer.

    Feature of the method is that the image will be made antique. To do this, the master applies a special solution for aging.

    You can add a picture for several decades by the formation of microcracks - the so-called craquelure. Cracks can either be strengthened or abandoned at all. For one square meter of the picture they can ask for about 15 thousand rubles. Fastened non-woven sheet like regular wallpaper. There are no special secrets of installation. There is a special glue just for non-woven wallpaper.

    With craquelure effect

    Especially good to use these wallpapers for large surfaces. The lack of joints makes connecting individual parts easy. The very same picture is complete.

    Feature is the use of only natural materials. Vegetable glue, sand, lime, pigments.

    Work can be quite expensive, since it is performed only manually, and, at all stages. First, a plaster base is created. After creating the base image is applied.

    As in the previous case, this image must undergo aging before it gets to the canvas. The uniqueness of the method is that it can be performed by masters from Spain or Italy. Exclusive or large murals will be long and for a lot of money.

    Design of interfloor space is expensive and stylish

    Finished products are sold as a roll or on a stretcher. For bonding requires glue for heavy wallpaper. Excess canvas is trimmed around the edges before the plaster is applied and the wall is leveled. The picture should always be coated with wax. It can not be touched because of the fragility. Also, it can not be washed with water.

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    Technological features of other species

    Tiger in the living room interior

    As for the self-adhesive base, it is a non-woven fabric. The image is applied to this canvas with the help of sand paste. The image is created and applied digitally. After removing the protective layer, it is simply glued to the wall. The master can combine these murals with paints, wallpaper and other finishing materials.

    In addition to walls, you can decorate ceilings. Since the layer of plaster turns thin, you need to pre-level the surface. Hide large flaws of the wall so can not. In this case, the effect of antiquity is not observed due to a thin layer of plaster.

    Interior with ceiling painting

    In frescoes on a rigid basis, the foundation is created from:

    • wood;
    • ceramics;
    • polymer

    The base, despite its rigidity, is light. To underline the work of the past, it is customary to do artistic chips on the edges. Mounted as a picture and as wallpaper. There is a strict size limit, since it cannot be more than 3x1.4 meters.

    The most preferred option is to create an image on the elastic plaster. The elasticity of the plaster is given on a special Italian technology. The presence of the mounting grid is required to ensure that the product does not crack during bending. The image is applied with modern printing technology and harmless inks.

    The frescoes on the elastic plaster allow you to most accurately recreate old works.

    On elastic decorative plaster

    The layer of plaster turns out to be large, and due to this it turns out to create relief and texture of the image. Plasterer fits around the picture, which creates the impression of a picture painted on the wall. The mural can be washed with water, as it is not afraid of moisture. These can be seen not only on the walls, but also on the facades. They are glued with any mounting adhesive.

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    What to choose between the mural and photo wallpaper? Is there a compromise?

    It is this question that is of increased interest to those who want to decorate their interior, to make it unusual. In both cases, it will revive the situation. The sizes, as well as wall-paper, are impressive, therefore the listed materials can be conditionally carried to one category. But the effect of using these materials is different. If the mural is a large-scale image made by painting, then the wallpaper is simpler and cheaper. The image is created from separate pieces of wallpaper.

    The process of sticking wallpaper

    To understand the differences, you need to understand the process. Initially, the technique was the application of paint on the still wet plaster. Now such work is carried out less frequently.

    But if the customer chooses exactly the application of paint on wet plaster, then the final work will be called a clean mural.

    But the same mural can be considered painting on a dry layer of texture.

    Drawing is considered more creative occupation, than a pasting of wall-paper. Yes, and in other indicators they are ahead.

    There are reasons for this:
    • In the first case, the artist tries to reproduce the plot, which the customer liked. The artist in this regard has a lot of room for imagination, as he can remove elements or add something of his own. This approach allows you to decorate the interior.
    • Do not forget that the wallpaper is made automatically, while the fresco is purely handmade. Handwork is appreciated and paid for more. But manual work does not mean that the fresco will quickly become worthless.
    • The characteristic advantage of the frescoes is their durability. Wallpapers are not so durable - they have a degree of wear resistance. The wallpaper has a paper base, which immediately puts forward a number of requirements for the working surface and the room as a whole. The walls should be perfectly flat, and the room should not be too wet. Wallpapers can be textured vinyl. Vinyl gives wallpaper more durability. But to compete on this indicator with frescoes wallpaper can not. If we consider the most durable wallpaper, then this non-woven model.

    In the modern interior of the dining room

    Non-woven wallpaper can be purchased immediately, knowing the parameters, but most often they are made individually for the order. After covering with a layer of plaster, the wallpaper begins to resemble a mural. They have a clear bias at the average price. A more affordable option is to buy photo wallpaper.

    Antique painting

    You can go even further and purchase the cheapest paper wallpaper. Due to its fragility, it should be done only if financial opportunities are severely limited. You can also find a cheap option, since the cost is formed on the degree of skill of the artist.

    Office with paper photo wallpaper

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    • If the goal is to set the interior to an old style, then modern printing methods can achieve almost complete authenticity.
    • No problem in order to find a suitable picture for yourself.
    • You can dwell on both a ready-made solution, and on an individual order.
    • If the task is to increase the visual space, then you can choose with the desired image.
    • Some types of frescoes are cleaned with detergents.
    • They can be used not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling.
    • No problem in order to transfer a complex image on the wall. When printing using modern digital technology.
    • The picture will not deteriorate over time.

    The original design of the living room

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    Most Popular Images

    It all depends on the environment. A popular move is when one of the famous paintings is used. Such reproductions are usually carried over the entire wall. As for the classical images, they may be in the quality of an ancient or religious story. For vintage interiors, any scene from the life of those times is chosen.

    Reproduction of the painting "Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo

    When using abstract drawings, the selected color is important. It is cheaper than the classical method. Abstraction stencilled. If you need to solve the problem of the gloom of the room, then this can be done with a floral ornament. Here it is better to use images of fragrant gardens, especially if the windows of the room face north.

    The image of large inflorescences can correct the deficiencies of a room with low ceilings.. Landscapes are also popular. The option is universal, as it can be seamlessly fit into any interior. It gives a certain atmosphere of freshness and freedom. This category will include images of meadows, wildlife, beaches. Successful reception is use of false windows from which the unusual look will open.

    "Blooming rose on the window"

    Can be transferred to the wall image of a famous person. You can choose an actor, dancer or musician, the main thing is that being in the room is justified. No less popular are the plots. It doesn't matter where the plot comes from.

    The point is to go back at that time, to go through the situation yourself.

    All of these types of images are suitable for the interior, originally decorated with antique. For example, in such rooms they can frame a golden frame to give the picture a palace style. As the image itself can be used copies of paintings by famous artists. But even if the style of the room has nothing to do with classicism or gothic, then it can still be entered.

    Bedroom interior in palace style

    For a minimalist style can be selected urban images. An African-style room can have portraits of African girls. When used indoors, the loft style can dwell on graffiti.

    When selecting images from a catalog, it is important to clarify whether revisions are required. The specialist can change the location of the picture, replace some shades, focus on the desired elements or remove unnecessary details. As the image can be used and your own photos. To create such a picture, you must first perform a computer visualization.

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    Recent trends in creation

    Not a problem to fit it into an already acquired interior style.

    It all depends on the correctness of the choice of the subject of the picture.

    World map in the interior of the nursery

    For the romantic style preferred pastel colors and images of flowers. For minimalism, an image of abstraction is required so that the graphic details are as clear as possible. You can resort to popular Italian motifs. For this it is important to make a frame with natural stone. It is possible to use sandstone of a golden shade though the artificial stone under light marble will approach also. In addition to the wall, it can be placed on the ceiling.

    Ceiling fresco

    Terms of use
    • Large compositions look only in a spacious apartment.
    • The presence of low ceilings will make the situation painful;
    • It is very important not to overdo it with the details and not to add unnecessary elements to the composition.
    • No need to mix items that have nothing to do with each other. For example, a bad decision would be the image of ancient characters on an inappropriate modern background.
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    Variety of styles

    It is better to confine to some one artistic elements, around which in the future and build a composition.

    Mural on the wall in classic interior

    For the Italian style you need to use exactly antique. They are large in size. If the parameters of the room and furniture do not correspond to these sizes, then it is better to choose a different style.

    An alternative is modern modernity. In the modern there are lots of different options for frescoes. If you start from modern interiors, then they stand out with clear details. On the composition should be visible all the details, it is desirable that they be convex. Need to achieve the effect of manifestation on the wall.

    Modern fresco in the bedroom

    Similar are equally suitable for minimalism and modernity. But in compact rooms it is better not to use three-dimensional drawings. They will be hard to perceive visually.

    For compact space has its own methods:
    • The presence of a large window allows you to visually increase the space. Nothing prevents to make a view from the window in the form of a fresco. An alternative is a landscape with an open world.
    • If the room has a narrow corridor, it can be made lighter by depicting a mural imitating a window.
    • To enhance this effect, add illumination. Be sure to install it is scattered lights. It should be placed on the sides or bottom.
    • For narrow and dark rooms it is worth using a suite of arches. It is important that the background is a view of either the garden or the sea.
    • You can create the illusion of an old fireplace.

    Bright landscape on the wall can visually enlarge the room.

    Just do not portray such a thing. The room should have an elaborate design. Textiles must have a certain texture. The furniture should be made of antique. The same goes for lamps and other items.

    There is also a classic reception with a picture of the sky on the ceiling. This technique is not suitable for everyone. Judging by the reviews, after a while this starts to annoy. The presence of a blue sky makes an imbalance in the biological clock. The normal sense of time is disturbed. Therefore, you need to think many times before doing in the form of the sky.

    Fresco on the ceiling in the form of the sky

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    Recommendations for a small living room

    The fresco is able to add room to the missing items. The room can be visually pulled out, or vice versa - to narrow. For vertical stretching of ceilings, you need to use drawings with long objects. These can be tall buildings or tall trees. Will fit:

    • heaven;
    • bridges;
    • stone vaults.

    The fresco will extend the room, which smoothly passes from the wall to the ceiling. It focuses on erasing the border.

    The tree on the fresco continues from wall to ceiling

    Compact rooms are not combined with bright frescoes. The bright color of the element gives the effect of presence, which is inappropriate in this case. Too large items are inappropriate. It is better to focus on the bright colors in the composition. Frescoes with perspective in small rooms look organic. The prospect is a footpath or road stretching into the distance, the seashore.

    If there is an acute lack of space in the room, and there are also problems with lighting, then it should be done in warm colors. This step will give the room a certain softness and volume. The comfort of the room will give an orange tint.

    Japanese painting

    Murals can be used to highlight a specific area, if the room is large.

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    What can be used in the kitchen?

    The fresco allows you to turn the working room into a cozy place. The kitchen stands alone, but it uses the usual styles of frescoes. Suit and classic style, the most necessary. It is important here:

    • simplicity of lines;
    • stucco;
    • expensive materials;
    • clear forms.
    In the kitchen you can portray:
    • French and Italian paintings;
    • mosaic;
    • antique painting.

    Images of mythological heroes or self-evident still lifes will do.

    Landscape fresco in the kitchen

    You can resort to the author's painting, if there is an artist in mind, according to the painting on plaster. Styles like minimalism or hi-tech are considered to be more masculine. All the signs of style indicate that a male character prevails here. It is expressed in the following:

    • Nontrivial decor of walls, roughness, strict lines, the predominance of dark colors. In the tone of these signs should be created fresco.
    • Using computer graphics, you can simulate a complex mosaic or other structural image. Three-dimensional drawings are welcome. The brighter the pictures, the better.
    • In the tone of style is not only avant-garde images, but also more modern elements. For example, it can be complex mechanisms or monochrome drawings.

    Fresco with poppies in kitchen design

    Provence is considered more feminine. It is characterized by the creation of a cozy home environment. This also includes country style. To create a style should use rough plaster. You also need to stick to rough masonry. A combination of cool tones is welcome.

    Provence is a little different from country music, as more delicate shades should prevail in the colors of Provence. As for the frescoes, they should be small in size. You can depict motifs from European architecture or landscape.

    Provence Kitchen

    There is also an ethno-style for which traditional elements of decor are inherent. For Russia, it can be Petrikov painting, and Ukrainian motifs are also close. It is not necessary to transfer the motives of your country. Bright and interesting things can be found in other countries.

    Often borrow Japanese and Chinese motifs. You can stay on the image of the landscape or flower arrangement.

    Typical element of Japanese style:
    • cranes;
    • sakura;
    • bamboo.

    For modern kitchens, the Egyptian direction is also in demand. It is necessary to use canonical painting together with light splashes of gold. The tones should resemble sand, so it should be a warm tone.

    African motives can awaken the appetite, in which the Moroccan style is felt. You can use both traditional art and African savannah to depict.

    African design elements

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    Features of the frescoes in the children's rooms

    For the children's room, the comfort of the child and his safety come to the fore. When choosing frescoes for the children's room, you need to make sure that the materials used are safe. They must be sufficiently reliable and durable. You need to choose the option that will allow them to wash.

    If the selected material fits the criteria, then you can choose the image. You can transfer to the wall a cartoon hero, a plot from a fairy tale, a weather or natural phenomenon, a funny animal.

    Fresco for the nursery

    Especially important to guess with the color palette:
    1. Pastel colors will help to calm the child down - they create an atmosphere of comfort.
    2. Invigorates and improves mood green color.
    3. Blue and blue color helps to relieve tension - if a child has hyperactivity, then it is better to do it in these tones.
    4. Yellow colors have a positive effect on mental activity.

    Vivacity and mood will give an abundance of bright colors

    As for the red color, it can also be present in the nursery. But since the properties of red can act ambiguously, then you need to be careful. Red color keeps in shape and gives a surge of strength, but for a small child this can be superfluous.

    You need to make sure that it has a lacquer coating. It will protect against accidental damage or scratches. Also, the presence of the coating will allow for wet cleaning.

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    Print paintings and photographs on canvas

    The most complex and expensive are murals on canvas

    A relatively new direction is the transfer of images to canvas. As the image can be used as ordinary pictures or photos, as well as famous paintings. Modern technologies transfer any image to the wall. The main thing is to choose a high-quality image with high resolution.. When the original image is selected, you can choose a method to improve the frescoes.

    The view of the mural can be improved if imitation of oil painting will be performed. The picture is covered with a gel that changes the structure of the canvas. If desired, the master can finish drawing individual parts or add something from himself. As soon as the necessary strokes are made, all that remains is to cover the canvas with varnish. This will help keep the canvas as long as possible.

    Even the toilet room can be decorated with a fresco on a stretcher

    Created canvas is stretched on a frame, and then hung on the wall. The size of the canvas depends on the size of the picture. As previously mentioned, to a compact room needs a special approach. If the parameters of the room allow, you can make a panel of individual frescoes. Several frescoes are placed next to each other. The result of the work will be a modular composition.

    It is important that the panel does not block anything, in particular, the lamp