Modern Chandeliers and lamps: Which are suitable for the hall / kitchen / bedroom? 205+ Photo Options with stretch ceilings


Stretch ceilings look amazing in the interior, and if you choose a suitable lighting device for them, this effect will increase several times. What is the peculiarity of suspended ceilings, and how to choose a suitable chandelier? Everything is more detailed later in the article.

The content of the article:

  • What should be the lighting device for suspended ceilings?
  • What kind of lamps are suitable?
  • What are chandeliers?
  • Shape and size
  • Mounting method
  • What are the fasteners?
  • Where exactly to install?
  • Choosing a color
  • Why do you need a bookmark?
  • Materials for production
  • Light fixtures
  • LED Chandeliers
  • Different chandeliers for different rooms
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Entrance hall
  • Lighting for a long hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • We choose depending on the style of the room
  • Traditional style
  • Classical
  • Country music
  • Modern
  • Modern
  • High tech
  • Ethno-style
  • findings
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  • What should be the lighting device for suspended ceilings?
  • What kind of lamps are suitable?
  • What are chandeliers?
  • Shape and size
  • Mounting method
  • What are the fasteners?
  • Where exactly to install?
  • Choosing a color
  • Why do you need a bookmark?
  • Materials for production
  • Light fixtures
  • LED Chandeliers
  • Different chandeliers for different rooms
  • We choose depending on the style of the room
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 205 photos)
  • What should be the lighting device for suspended ceilings?

    The choice of lighting for suspended ceilings should be treated with special care. They are made of polyester or PVC fabric, which stretches a few centimeters from the ceiling itself, and the material itself does not tolerate external influences.

    PVC fabric does not tolerate temperatures above 80 degrees, it heats up and begins to stretch. The polyester fabric does not have the ability to stretch, but with prolonged exposure to light, it can change color (darken or turn yellow). This problem is also common if lighting fixtures are improperly installed, or high temperatures affect the canvas.

    The right lighting for the stretch ceiling

    For suspended ceilings there are special lights, but if necessary, you can choose a suitable light fixture among other models.

    For this it is necessary to build on the following characteristics:

    • It is important to note that the chandelier should be located at a safe distance from the canvas so that it does not heat up. In addition, the lamps of the lighting device must have a certain power, and what we will tell later.
    • Some types of lamps require the installation of power converters. Such lamps include, for example, LED and halogen. Many people mistakenly install this device in the empty space above the canvas, but this is a big mistake. Due to the absence of air circulation in this space, any converter quickly overheats and fails. Therefore, to install such a device, you need to prepare a special ventilated niche, and the wires to it are already held behind the canvas.

    Choose a chandelier with shades

    • Buying a lighting fixture costs prior to installing suspended ceilings. The luminaires are attached directly to the main ceiling, so before installing the canvas, you need to prepare and install fasteners, and calculate where exactly the cut for the product wires will be.
    • It is advisable to choose lamps with shades. 80% of light is reflected in the smooth surface of the canvas. If you install lamps with open lamps, or shades pointing up, the light reflected in the canvas will literally blind the eyes.
    • Luminaires with complex fixtures are not suitable for installation on suspended ceilings. This can damage the fabric once more, which is highly undesirable.

    Spotlights in ceiling design

    Despite these restrictions for suspended ceilings, lighting devices of various types are installed: spotlights, fan products, lighting devices with an intricate design and much more.

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    What kind of lamps are suitable?

    Lamps can also be different, each of which has its own characteristics. If you still want to install the product with the lights up, you can choose the lighting fixture you like, the main thing is to install a suitable lamp.

    • Incandescent lamps. This is the cheapest, but the most inappropriate option for a stretch ceiling. Such a lamp heats the air strongly and, if improperly installed, can damage the web. In order not to heat the suspended ceilings, the lamp must be installed at a distance of 25 cm from the surface. If the ceiling facing up, this distance is increased to 40 cm. In this case, its power should be a maximum of 60 watts.

    Incandescent lamp with a power not exceeding 60 W

    • Energy saving light bulbs. They practically do not heat the air and are excellent for such a case. Of the heating elements in such a light bulb only power converter. The only drawback of this lighting is the mercury vapor inside the bulb, and breaking it requires urgent precautions to be taken.

    Take precautions with such lamps.

    • LED. These are ideal lamps for installation. They do not heat the air, but they shine very brightly. Many people prefer to choose low-voltage products, they do not need a power supply. If you install lamps for which it is necessary, you will have to make a separate niche for this unit.

    Bright light from a small light bulb

    • Halogen lamps. For such lamps with a directed stream of light up, you need to maintain a distance from the ceiling - 30 cm, if the lamp power is 35-40 W, 20 cm, if their power is 20 W, and 10 cm for lamps 10 W power

    Halogen lamps for kitchen lighting

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    What are chandeliers?

    Much depends on the size of the room. For example, if the area of ​​the room is from 9 to 12 m2, it makes sense to install one classical chandelier in the center. If the lighting fixture can be hooked, its installation will not take much time. Just need to remember that some companies that are engaged in the installation of the canvas, free install one light fixture.

    Classic chandelier in the center of the room

    If the area of ​​the room exceeds 20 m2, one chandelier can not cope with the lighting of the entire room. To do this, you need to install additional spotlights or ceiling lights that will illuminate the dead zones. If a the room has an elongated shape, you can install two chandeliers at an equal distance from the wall.

    Chandelier in the center with additional lighting

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    Shape and size

    All lamps, and for suspended ceilings, and for ordinary, are divided into two categories: vertical and horizontal.

    • Vertical. Installed on ceilings above 3m. Their diameter can be from 20 to 50 cm, and the height of such a chandelier is close to 1 m.

    Vertical chandeliers in the living room interior

    • Horizontal. Installed in rooms with low ceilings (up to 3 m). The diameter of such a product should not exceed 1 m. It can have completely different forms, like the classic multi-track form with the arrangement of the lights on the "branches", and more interesting design solutions. The advantage of such a lamp, it perfectly illuminates the entire room because of the uniform distance of the lamps from the center.

    Horizontal chandelier for low ceiling

    Individual choice

    The cost of the lighting device depends entirely on its design, size and materials for manufacturing. Ceiling lamps are better to choose directed to the sides or to the bottom. Otherwise, it will badly affect the canvas. You should not be limited to modest and simple lamps, they can be decorated with elegant lampshades, glass pendants, and various beads.

    The most common and interesting lighting option for a stretch ceiling - meeting all the requirements that are imposed on lighting fixtures. The crystal ware beautifully diffuses the light with the help of its faceted elements. In addition, the crystal elements reflect the light and "play" highlights, reflected on the canvas.

    Pyramid chandeliers

    It is worth mentioning the pyramid-shaped chandeliers, which are suitable for installation in the corridor, and are often used in museums, hotels and theaters. In general, the choice depends on what the home owners want to see.

    Crystal product for unusual lighting

    Do not forget to take into account the compatibility of the ceiling and chandeliers. For example, a lighting device with "candles" with a glossy canvas looks ugly, the light reflected in the PVC canvas will look strange and uninteresting.

    This chandelier will look great on the background of matte stretch ceilings. If you choose the lighting for the glossy surface of the canvas, it is better to give your preference to lighting devices in the shape of a hemisphere, as it is beautifully reflected in the glossy canvas and makes the room visually wider. A universal option for both matte and glossy ceilings - many horizontal rozhkov products.

    We pay attention to everything

    The upper part of the chandelier and the ceiling should also be "beautiful." This is important, because this part will be reflected in the glossy surface of the canvas for stretch ceilings. No wires or other parts spoil the visual characteristics of the product.

    In addition, all fasteners and possible damage done during installation must be covered by the canopy. If you decide to buy a lighting fixture with upward directed shades, you should install special reflectors. Even if the device is placed at the correct distance, stains may still appear on the canvas over time.

    This applies to both suspended ceilings and conventional. Many have black spots on the ceiling that look like soot if the chandelier with the ceiling-shaped ceiling lights is close to the ceiling. These are traces of burnt dust on the surface of the lamp.

    Choose ceiling for your room style

    If you still bought the product with upward shades, you need to purchase a suitable lamp. Energy saving and LED lamps heat up the least. The reflector is a chrome or stainless steel located above the lamp. It reflects light and prevents overheating of the web. When buying a chandelier you need to pay attention to the model with reflectors.

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    Mounting method

    The chandelier can be fixed in one of two ways of fixing:

    • Suspended products. This mounting method involves the presence of a special hook, which is located in the ceiling. This hook can be fixed in the concrete ceiling. Fastened with clips in the empty space of the ceiling, or may be attached to a special plate, which is screwed to the ceiling. If you want to install the hook yourself to install the chandelier, then it is best to choose an anchor hook, which is securely fixed in the ceiling. This method is suitable for suspended ceilings. You just need to make a hole in the canvas, pass the hook that was previously lowered to the desired height through it, and pass the wires and hoses leading to the chandelier through the hole.

    Suspension mount

    • Overhead chandeliers. They are attached directly to the ceiling, and come complete with special fixings (brackets).
    Mounting plate

    The most common type of fasteners of all. It is installed for products with low weight, which are attached using special studs or side clips. Given that the stretch ceiling is located 5-6 cm from the main one, then the mounting film should be fixed so that it is at the right level. To do this, between the main ceiling and suspended one must install some kind of substrate. As it can be used wooden beam. Its thickness should be 5-10 mm less than the distance from the main ceiling to the canvas.

    Mounting plate "cross"

    Designed for mounting large and heavy lighting. The shape of such a device should be round, oval, rectangular or square. The installation principle is about the same as in the previous case. It is necessary to take plywood, the size of which is slightly larger than the cross itself, in the center we make a hole into which it is necessary to pass the wires from the chandelier. Plywood is attached to the ceiling with anchors for concrete, and the mounting crosspiece is attached directly through the plywood.

    Planck "I-beam"

    Designed for the most massive chandeliers. It is installed in the same way as the mounting "cross.

    Surface Mount

    Mounting strips "cross" and "I-beam" for installation requires special skills. In the ceiling of the canvas to make holes of large size, so for this work you need to call a professional. Otherwise, just choose another way to fix the chandelier.

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    What are the fasteners?

    The choice of lighting for a room depends on the interior of the room, and its size. A small room can be illuminated with a single light source; for a large room it is advisable to use several lamps. In addition to the division into horizontal and vertical, there are also chandeliers on the rod, which have successfully combined the advantages of both main types.

    Chandeliers on the rod

    Their charm is that the height of the product can be easily adjusted. Thus, together with the chandelier on the rod, you can always use incandescent lamps, or install this lighting device in a room with any ceiling height.

    Adjustable Light Height

    With horns, plates and suspensions

    All of them are in demand among buyers and have both their advantages and disadvantages. The most common among them - chandeliers with horns. For stretch ceilings, they fit perfectly, and from the restrictions can only select the use of products with horns pointing upwards. For what reason, and how to deal with this, we have already said.

    Form with horns demanded by buyers

    Dish shaped chandeliers

    More neat and have a simple design, therefore suitable for each room. For such devices, the installation of a reflector is mandatory, otherwise the ceiling coating may deteriorate. The difficulty is that finding such reflectors is difficult, and therefore many have to abandon the idea of ​​installing such lighting.

    Chandeliers with suspension

    These are ceiling lamps that hang on a chain, a fishing line, etc. They can be installed with both a closed canopy and a canopy located at the bottom. This type of chandelier allows you to maintain the desired distance from the ceiling to the lamps, with any directivity of light.

    Light plate

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    Where exactly to install?

    So that the whole room is lit evenly. And there were no dead zones left, you need to choose the right place to install lighting fixtures. Classic is the installation of a chandelier in the center of the room, but it works provided that the room has the correct shape. If the room is oblong, or the room is large enough, this method may not work.

    One chandelier will not be able to fill the entire room with enough light. For such situations, you can use the installation of several lighting fixtures simultaneously. They should be located at an equal distance from each other, which will allow creating uniform illumination of the whole room.

    Several lighting fixtures in the same room

    But there are rooms that have a complex or irregular shape, what to do then? For them, you can use the following tactics: divide the room into functional zones, and separate them using light sources. For example, if it is a dining room combined with a kitchen, one chandelier will be located above the dining table, and the second directly above the working area of ​​the kitchen.

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    Choosing a color

    Choose the color of the lampshades should be based on the design of the room and the tastes of the owner of the house. But there are also a few rules of choice:

    • If you choose the body and ceiling of white color, it will help to make the room more light, and the lighting in the room will seem elegant and solemn.

    White ceiling to create a celebration

    • Peach, sand, "champagne", beige color, all this will make the room more comfortable and warm. This color of the ceiling more has to relax and rest, so these products are chosen for the bedroom or living room.

    Calm shades in the interior of the room

    • The red chandelier arouses the interest of the guests of the house; they are designed to be looked at. Of course, in the bedroom or living room such a product would be superfluous. Red color is more appropriate in the kitchen or in the dining room.

    Bright chandelier in the kitchen

    • Green shades will be relevant to the work area in the house. This color has a positive effect on the performance and perseverance of the person. What is appreciated in the last century.Lighting devices of this color were hung over banks, various agencies and bureaus.

      Shades of nature on your ceiling

    • Brown. This color helps to maintain an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility in the room. The first association that comes to mind is the color of natural wood. A chandelier of this color will harmoniously fit into rooms in Provence, Country or Japanese style.
    • Products of strict black color will fit only into the modern and original interior of the room. In the classic rooms such design will look inharmonious.

    Refined combination in modern style

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    Why do you need a bookmark?

    To install lighting on a false ceiling. It is necessary to take care of the installation of a special bookmark under the chandelier, a kind of platform for the lamp. It is installed before the installation of the suspended ceilings themselves.

    Round chandelier platform

    If you notice that the chandelier after installation begins to sag, you need to completely remove it, and replace the platform.

    Mortgage is made, most often, from thick plywood. Due to the high viscosity of the fibers, this material is considered the most durable and practical. If you want to somehow decorate the platform under the chandelier, you can install a polyurethane outlet.

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    Materials for production

    During the selection of chandeliers for suspended ceilings should pay attention to the materials from which it is made. This characteristic will significantly affect the performance of the product, and its functionality. What materials are used for the manufacture of lamps:

    • Metal chandeliers are popular because of their practicality. A metal product will last a long time and is easy to care for. The disadvantage of such a chandelier is its high price and large mass of the product. To install a metal fixture, you need a special mount.
    • Glass models are also considered functional. From the merits of the product you can select a beautiful view and a wide selection of different models. The disadvantage is the difficulty of care. The fragility of glass is the only drawback that such chandeliers possess. During washing the cover is easy to break.

    Beautiful appearance under the style of the room

    • For stretch ceiling is also important to use wooden chandeliers. Of course, this material looks beautiful and interesting, but the dependence of wooden appliances on the humidity of the room is very alarming. This can even result in the formation of fungus on the product. Caring for a wooden chandelier is extremely difficult.

    Unusual lines and materials for the selection of chandeliers

    • From the economy options can be considered products from plastic and any of its substitutes. Plastic products look very beautiful at the time of purchase, but due to the constant exposure to light, they gradually lose their attractiveness.
    • Crystal, it is beautiful and expensive. Such a lighting device will look good in any interior, but it is quite expensive. To install this product requires high ceilings.

    Crystal beauty in your interior

    • From the original lighting options stand out lamps with textile lampshades. Among the disadvantages of this product, it is possible to single out only the difficulties during the care, but visually it fits well with the interior. Another drawback, they are fire hazardous.
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    Light fixtures

    In the suspended ceilings can be installed not only chandeliers, but other lighting fixtures. They are more compact and voluminous. Among the fixtures for suspended ceilings stand out:

    • Spotlights. They can be installed to illuminate a particular interior element, or create a backlight at a certain angle.

    Light is set at a certain angle.

    • Ceiling lamps. They are installed instead of chandeliers and are used as the main lighting.

    Spotlights instead of main light

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    LED Chandeliers

    Light control with IR remote control

    LED lighting is the most reliable replacement for incandescent lamps we are used to. Recently, it has become very popular due to its long service life. Such lighting is often controlled with the help of an IR remote control.

    1. Long service life. The operational life of such a lamp is 2-3 times longer than that of halogen light sources.
    2. Saving electricity. Such lamps consume 60% less energy than halogen lamps.
    3. Wide selection of colors. Lamps may have different shades. Such a trick is often used to complement the interior in fusion style.
    4. Security. The work of these lamps is safe for humans: this applies both to the absence of flicker and the absence of harmful radiation.

      Long service life and safe operation

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    Different chandeliers for different rooms

    Each room of our house should have its own atmosphere. The chandelier is an important part of the interior, therefore a certain lighting device should be installed for the bedroom, hall or corridor. With suspended ceilings, the task becomes even more complicated. What chandeliers are suitable for suspended ceilings in the hall, bedroom, kitchen and corridor?

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    Designers prefer to use in the bedroom there are two types of lighting: American or European. The American system involves a large number of spotlights, aimed in different directions, without a central chandelier. European style - the main central chandelier on the ceiling and additional lighting.

    Popular types of lighting in the bedroom
    • Starry sky Modern technologies have allowed to create in the bedroom a real starry sky, which visually will not differ from the present. It should be borne in mind that it must be done in advance, before the stretch ceilings are installed. Many complement their starry sky with a laser projector that allows you to create other effects in your bedroom, like a flying comet or the northern lights. This luxury is not cheap, so you can use cheaper products of this type. Stars are applied on a dark canvas of stretch ceilings with the help of luminescent paint. During the day they are invisible, and at night they give a very beautiful visual effect.

      An interesting solution for any age.

    • Perimeter lighting. Such lighting is installed around the perimeter of the entire room. And visually makes the ceilings higher. Such lighting is not very bright, but it creates a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom for relaxing, watching TV or working with a computer.

    Calm lighting for privacy and comfort

    • Chandelier in the bedroom. This is a classic that is used most often. Install the chandelier in the bedroom, if the ceiling height allows it. As a rule, this is a neat product with matte shades, soothing shades. The lighting in the bedroom is selected so that it corresponds to the overall interior of the bedroom.

    The harmonious combination of all the elements in the bedroom

    • Built-in spotlights. This option is suitable for homes with low ceilings. Where, after installing another suspended ceiling height remains quite small. The stores offer a large selection of different spotlights. They may have different shapes and colors.

    Such products may differ decoration. This kind of lighting in the bedroom has several advantages:

    1. Low price.
    2. Easy to install.
    3. Beautiful appearance.

    Spot lights for low ceilings

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    Living room

    The living room is the main room of the whole house. Before choosing a chandelier for suspended ceilings in the hall, it is important to know its area. The average area of ​​this room is from 17 to 20 square meters, so the lighting device must have sufficient power to illuminate the entire room.

    The combination of spot lighting with a central

    The chandelier can be combined with other lighting.