Modern design ideas for the hallway and corridor (furniture, lighting, decor). TOP-10 rules of registration + 200 PHOTOS


Hallway - a place where guests are, barely crossed the threshold of the house. It is the atmosphere and atmosphere of this room that form the first impression about the owners of the house. Not surprisingly, equipping the hallway, each housewife wants to stand out, show creativity and imagination. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • TOP-10 rules of registration hall
  • Wall, floor, ceiling decoration
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • We select the decor
  • Mirror
  • Carpet
  • Plants, paintings, vases
  • Classic style
  • Modern
  • High-tech entrance hall
  • Minimalism
  • Top 5 stylish color solutions for the hallway in 2019
  • VIDEO: The coolest hallway design options
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for the design of the hallway
  • TOP-10 rules of registration hall
  • Wall, floor, ceiling decoration
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • We select the decor
  • Classic style
  • Modern
  • High-tech entrance hall
  • Minimalism
  • Top 5 stylish color solutions for the hallway in 2019
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas for the design of the hallway
  • TOP-10 rules of registration hall

    It is beautiful, original to issue a hall, besides also each hostess is also fashionably capable. But you need to remember a few basic rules:

    1When choosing furniture and materials, it is necessary to consider, first of all, such an indicator as moisture resistance. This is especially true of the lower part of the walls and the floor.

    Moisture resistance of furniture in the hallway

    2Prihoja should be such that it was easy to restore order.

    Minimum things for easy cleaning

    3 Resistance to mechanical stress. Through the hallway, we constantly carry something: food bags, bags, umbrellas, strollers. Some of this has to be set so that it rests on the floor or walls. It is important that these factors do not affect the finishing materials and furniture, accelerating their wear.

    Wear resistance of all materials

    4Modern design art pays great attention to the issue of environmental friendliness. 5. Making the entrance hall is best in bright and pastel colors. In this way, it will be possible to visually enlarge the area.

    Light, pastel colors in the design of the hallway

    6To emphasize the uniqueness and creativity of the design will help the original architectural details. To decorate the walls, you can use moldings and fake panels. But such a highlight is relevant only for overall hallways.

    Wall moldings

    7It is necessary to choose a decor. Placed here are paintings and art objects for the atmosphere of a quiet family hearth. Suitable for decoration and personal images placed in a stylish frame.

    Decor for family comfort

    8At the account of the selected lighting, it will be possible to create a cozy and bright room.

    Cozy room due to the correct light

    9Perfect in the hallway mirrors. Due to such an element it will be possible to create the illusion of additional space.

    The mirror is an illusion of extra space.

    10A hallway can not do without wardrobe and hangers. These elements are necessary in order. To keep the room tidy. In the hallway of a small size it is worth considering the possibility of using a combined stand for outerwear and umbrellas.

    Furniture items to maintain order

    Compliance with these simple recommendations - a pledge of durability and cozy design of any hallway.

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    Wall, floor, ceiling decoration

    The selection of materials for the floor, walls and ceiling for a modern hallway should rest on such parameters as quality, durability and convenience. The walls are best covered with plain washable wallpaper with a smooth surface. Shades choose soft, non-irritating. Alternatively, the walls can be painted with matte acrylic paint.

    Soft shades of the walls in the hallway

    The original option is to emphasize one wall or part of it with an original, unobtrusive pattern that will not be far from the main background. For the floor, it is better to select darker, but matching colors with the walls. From materials it is better to use parquet, laminate, wood.

    Unobtrusive pattern in the wall of the hallway

    Modern hallway is difficult to imagine without a stretch ceiling. But you can also paint it with acrylic water-based paint. It should be made in a light tone to harmonize with the tones of the walls.

    There is no clear frame in the choice of colors. It's a matter of taste. However, it is better to give preference to the light tones of one selected color. It is recommended to bypass sharp contrasts, to refuse complex combinations. Remember - simplicity is the best decoration.

    Ease of creating comfort

    You can create a beautiful ceiling in the hallway by constructing a panel construction. Glossy, matte or transparent - you choose.

    Decorate the ceiling in the same style

    Stretch ceiling - one of the most inexpensive, high-tech and beautiful design options. Yes, and you can make it quickly, one day will be enough. Thinking through the interior walls, floor, ceiling in the hallway, it is important to ensure that the design is in harmony. This is the only way to achieve a cozy, beautiful and modern room.

    Modern technologies on the road to harmony

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    Feature of style in the ability to achieve convenience and harmony in the details. To this end, and the furniture is selected lightweight, compact. Wardrobes, small cabinets, equipped with hidden drawers and shelves for storing the necessary trifles, miniature, but comfortable poufs, light plastic or metal chairs will come in handy.

    Sliding wardrobe with built-in cabinet

    A good find is compact modular furniture that allows you to combine some elements. For example, a combination of ottoman and shelf for shoes, as well as stand for an umbrella will save space.

    Ottoman as a shelf for shoes

    Furniture for the hallway is selected depending on the area of ​​the room and features of its location.

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    Halls of private houses can be equipped with a small window. There is no such “luxury” in the apartments and it is necessary to create additional lighting with the help of special devices. Modern ideas of the design of the hallway using lighting devices are widely represented in the photo on the Internet. Option - installation of several fixtures.

    Window in the hallway in combination with lamps

    With the help of ceiling chandeliers, you can set the tone for the interior of the entire room. If the chandelier is large, massive, with a lot of crystal elements, then this is a pure classic. Modern style involves the use of lighting devices of unusual geometric shape.

    Unusual geometric shape chandeliers

    Wall sconces, located in a row along the wall, floor lamps, modern and spotlights help to regulate the degree of illumination in the hallway. By the way, you should not use floor lamps for a narrow hallway.

    Wall sconces to adjust the light in the hallway

    If you make the hallway lighter, it makes sense to replace the blind door separating the corridor and the living room with a transparent one. You can get rid of the doorway at all by replacing it with an elegant plasterboard arch or pillar. Return to menu ↑ return to menu

    We select the decor

    The decor is a great find, able to decorate, give it a character. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it, because a large number of small things can give the room a cluttered look.

    Decor to create comfort in the hallway

    What can be used to decorate the hallway?

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    Reflecting the light, this object is able to visually make the room more spacious, deep. In addition, it is very convenient: leaving the house in front of the mirror, you can fix hair, makeup, clothes. Modern mirrors can be made in the most bizarre designs, they have a chance to become an interesting element in the interior. Rectangular, round, wavy - even for the most sophisticated.

    Mirror - the most interesting decor in the room

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    The use of this element in the hallway is gradually becoming a thing of the past. On the one hand, the carpet - a real collection of dust and dirt, besides, it is difficult to clean. On the other hand, nothing is able to create a cozy, hospitable atmosphere like a carpet.

    Hospitable setting with carpet

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    Plants, paintings, vases

    Potted plants in the hallway can be put only those who do not like sunlight.

    Plants that do not tolerate direct rays

    With the help of wall paintings, posting photos, scenic landscapes and abstractions, the owner is able to reveal their individuality and surprise the guests.

    Pictures to create style integrity

    The use of floor vases suitable only for spacious rooms. If possible, a large vase can be installed in a free corner of the room.

    Floor vases for large rooms

    Make the interior truly unique will help the realization of the most daring solutions. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, to try something new, unusual. The main task is to create comfort.

    Experiment with decor

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    Classic style

    Assembled, cozy, creating a warmly filled atmosphere of a hall in a classic style will never lose its relevance. But this design option can be diluted with interesting ideas. For example, use a pendant lamp.

    Pendant lamp in the interior of the hallway

    Solidity and self-confidence the classical hall gets thanks to the picked-up furniture. Preference is recommended to give a calm light colors.

    Selected furniture in bright colors

    A constant element of a classical hallway is a massive cabinet with a showcase and a light stylish sofa of a small size.

    Classic with wardrobe and small sofa

    When placing furniture should take into account the possibility of symmetry. Each element should be built in a single compositional center. For example, if the door acts as an accent, the furniture should line up around it. It must be remembered that the absence of cluttering is characteristic of the classics.

    Lack of clutter in the classics

    Classic style, as a rule, the personification of luxury and wealth. That is why for interior design should be selected only expensive, high-quality materials. Graceful accessories, luxurious mirrors, and forged details are suitable as decorations. Floral patterns are appropriate.

    Luxury mirrors and elegant accessories

    Classic does not accept the use of large colors and geometric images.

    Parquet floor in perfect combination with the whole style.

    Ideally, the floor should be parquet, made of expensive wood species.

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    Strict forms, underlined geometric harmony - these are the features of modernity. Soft curved lines, the exclusion of right angles - sophistication and versatility in everything.

    Underlined geometric harmony of modern style

    Multifunctional furniture should contain style-specific elements that act as a kind of "highlights".

    Multifunctional furniture for the hallway

    For modernity is characteristic:

    • The presence of arches;
    • unusual combinations of color shades (usually bright);
    • fanciful compositions;
    • original accessories;
    • unusual patterns on the glass cabinets;
    • the image of insects, unusual birds, plants;
    • combinations of different materials.

    Initially it was assumed that this style implies imitation of the forms of nature, which does not accept hard straight lines.

    Imitation of the forms of nature

    In order to avoid the closeness of space, care must be taken to add light and elegance to the room. Hallway walls. Made in Art Nouveau style, according to tradition, they are covered with wallpaper. In rare cases, use multi-colored paint.

    Sand wallpaper for the hallway in modern style

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    High-tech entrance hall

    The interior of the hallway, made in the style of "modern", has gained particular popularity in recent times. Right angles, plastic and metal - an unusual and interesting solution.

    Unusual and interesting solution to create a cozy hallway

    "Hi-tech" - ideally smooth metal or glass surfaces, shining with glossy shine. It is desirable to finish the floor with large monochromatic ceramic tiles.

    Monochromatic high-tech ceramic tiles

    The color palette of the "high-tech" style in the design of the hallway should be limited to a maximum of two or three colors. No sharp contrasts, preference to give gray, white, green and purple hues. If desired, you can create an accent by introducing black, burgundy with a moderate amount of bright pure colors.

    Metal accents in the interior

    The principle of "hi-tech" is nothing superfluous! The design is characterized by moderate brevity and the lack of decorative elements.

    The main principle is nothing superfluous.

    The furniture is multifunctional, compact and at the same time modest. The doors of cabinets and cabinets must be glossy. A necessary element is a huge mirror, in full growth.

    The main thing - a huge full-length mirror

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    The conciseness of the composition when creating the interior is an invaluable advantage for most housewives. The minimalist style involves the use of a small number of colors - no more than three, contrasting with each other. The main speakers are white, milky and light beige shades.

    Minimalism in the hallway in bright colors.

    To dilute a strict two-color interior, you can embed one or a couple of bright elements. It is important not to overdo it, because minimalism does not recognize the abundance of jewelry.

    Focus on one detail in the style of minimalism.

    Furniture should be as small as possible. The presence of a shoe shelf and closet compartment is sufficient in the interior. The peculiarity of furniture is in the directness of the lines and geometrically regular forms.

    Minimum furniture in interior creation

    It is very important to think about the lighting, because it helps to simulate space. Many luminaires, which merge in color with the walls and ceiling, should dissipate the radiation, filling the space with additional volume.

    Lighting that simulates space

    When making a hallway in the style of minimalism, you need to completely abandon the use of decor. If you can not do without it, then it is recommended that such accessories and decorations that will be in harmony with the general range of colors. For example, a small rug near the door merges in color with the floor. The only required items is a mirror.

    Mirror as a required element of the hallway

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    Top 5 stylish color solutions for the hallway in 2019

    1 Classic white.


    2Warm beige.


    3Laconic gray.


    4 Sunny yellow.


    5Different red.


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    VIDEO: The coolest hallway design options