Built-in wardrobe in the hallway. Plans for the organization of space and content + 170 PHOTO design and ideas

Traditionally, the closet in the hallway was intended solely as a place for coats, jackets and other items related to the weather. However, times have changed.

Today in the hallway in many houses and apartments there is an amazing amount of things that are not associated with coats, hats or umbrellas.

Sporting goods, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, last year’s Christmas decorations, a dozen spare extension cords — the list of what's in our closets now seems to go on forever.

If this describes your closet in the hallway, then let's try to properly organize the space and clean up the corridor.

Content of this article:

  • Top 5 ways to organize space in the dressing room
  • Built-in wardrobe
  • TOP 3 basic types of built-in wardrobes
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Partial wardrobe with partial frame
  • Sliding doors (wardrobes)
  • Selection of quality materials
  • How to upgrade a built-in wardrobe
  • Top 5 ideas for complete reform in your closet
  • Walk-in closet
  • The shape of the room in the closet
  • Style definition
  • The importance of light in wardrobe design
  • TOP-10 ways to fill the wardrobe
  • GALLERY: Stylish options for wardrobes in the hallway
  • Top 5 ways to organize space in the dressing room
  • Built-in wardrobe
  • TOP 3 basic types of built-in wardrobes
  • Selection of quality materials
  • How to upgrade a built-in wardrobe
  • Top 5 ideas for complete reform in your closet
  • Walk-in closet
  • The shape of the room in the closet
  • Style definition
  • The importance of light in wardrobe design
  • TOP-10 ways to fill the wardrobe
  • GALLERY: Stylish options for wardrobes in the hallway
  • Top 5 ways to organize space in the dressing room

    Dressing room always seems crowded with confusion. Arranging shoes, coats, bags, hats and mittens will help reduce morning rush.

    Spacious closet in the hallway


    Use hooks

    A wardrobe full of hangers is always a mess. These coats will never hang neatly! Replace the hanger rod with a hook system.

    This option for clothes looks a lot more neat and functional. In addition, both children and adults are more likely to hang a coat more likely on a hook than on a coat hanger.

    Replace hangers with hooks

    You will be surprised how many organizational issues can be solved with simple small hooks.

    To eliminate clutter in the closet, store only the items of clothing necessary for the current season, placing them near the front door. The rest can be stored elsewhere because they are not used daily.2

    Organize a shoe store

    It is more convenient to keep only the things of the current season in the closet.

    Removing things from the floor instantly removes visual clutter. On the other hand, shoes thrown to the bottom of the closet create instant chaos.

    Try to install partitions for storing shoes. Your morning rush will be greatly facilitated when you find both pairs of shoes in a neat look and easy access.


    Shoe storage

    Add shoes for shoes if you have children, or use plastic boxes for this purpose. In any case, when you structure the lower level of your wardrobe, its appearance will change dramatically.


    Use every inch available.

    Using the door as another storage space will add significant space to your closet. Use the inside of the cabinet door to install hanging rods with hooks or other attachment on it.

    Spacious wardrobe for your belongings

    Placing pockets, pouches, or even a hanging shoe rack will provide an alternative place to store small items.


    Add shelves wherever you can

    Create more places for drawers and shoes by adding shelves and cells where there used to be empty space. Look for a place near where you usually keep your coat to place a new shelf there.

    Simple locker for the most necessary

    Optimally, if additional storage will be located in the upper and lower parts of the cabinet, creating a more functional place to store shoes and other items.


    Change the cabinet color

    Paint the interior walls of the cabinet in a new unusual color. Studies show that we are more eager and maintain order where there is an easy-to-read color that can enhance our mood.

    Stylish solution in black

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    Built-in wardrobe

    Although they are more expensive than ordinary, built-in wardrobes have many advantages. They allow you to make full use of the space, as they are installed up to the ceiling, to the floor and close to the walls on both sides.

    Built-in wardrobe

    Fully occupying the space between the walls, dust does not accumulate in the gaps and the only thing that needs to be cleaned regularly is the doors.

    Cabinets are made in different styles with different types of doors that can slide, fold or be mounted.

    Wardrobe for a small family

    Another advantage of the built-in wardrobes is that the small size of the hallway is not a problem for them.

    This is the best option for a small room to effectively organize the necessary items in a convenient and accessible place.

    We embody the most daring ideas

    Use a ready-made corner or sliding wardrobe for a small hallway, or order individual built-in wardrobes according to your measurements.

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    TOP 3 basic types of built-in wardrobes

    Built-in wardrobes often become an effective way to change the appearance of a hallway, transforming the storage area into a part of the room's decor.

    Cabinet with a bright accent

    You can choose radically different options - from furniture with rattan to plastic wardrobes with a high-quality print that imitates the underwater world or space. Let's look at those types that are suitable for your hallway.

    Original black and white solution

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    Built-in wardrobes

    This type of wardrobe identifies the presence of a base, a ceiling, two walls and a rear panel. When the doors open, the fully lined interior of the cabinet is exposed.

    Built-in frame cabinet

    Some of the advantages include quick and easy installation, tightness and easy disassembly. However, this fitted design is not suitable for sloping ceilings.

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    Partial wardrobe with partial frame

    It includes the floor, but usually without a back panel or sidewall. In addition, it can be built from floor to ceiling at different distances from the back wall.

    Partial wardrobe with partial frame

    Benefits include easy access to storage and a great design for suspended ceilings. Disadvantages include the absence of an internal wall, the complexity of the installation, which takes a couple of days, the complexity of self-assembly.

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    Sliding doors (wardrobes)

    Built-in cabinets with sliders are usually created as basic frames without a support bar. The interior is made in the form of frame furniture and placed behind the sliding doors.

    Wardrobe with sliding doors

    Benefits include practicality for limited space, low cost compared to other types, simple design. Disadvantages include complex installation and the need for regular cleaning of mirror surfaces from fingerprints.

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    Selection of quality materials

    Apply the highest quality materials and the most modern production methods to guarantee that the new wardrobe will meet all requirements.

    Successfully complement the design of the room

    Only the best materials will stand the test of time. Typical wardrobe materials include plywood, curb boards, glass, lacquered wood, and medium density fiberboard.

    Quality wardrobe made of expensive materials

    The most aesthetic and reliable material is wood. Glass sliding doors are more spectacular and modern, and full-size mirrors are part of most built-in wardrobe designs.

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    How to upgrade a built-in wardrobe

    One of the biggest drawbacks of built-in cabinets is the lack of flexibility. Since it is embedded in its space, it is fixed, and when we want to change the location of the room, the location of the cabinet will fully influence the new distribution of space.

    Large dressing room for clothes

    What you can do in such cases is to slightly change the design of the cabinet, making it an open wardrobe or changing its appearance to make it look different.

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    Top 5 ideas for complete reform in your closet

    1Mirrors and glass doors. You can add mirrors to the cabinet doors, as they reflect light from the windows and make the room brighter and the space wider.

    The choice of colors may be the most diverse

    2Functionality. When you update the built-in wardrobe to save space in the hallway, one solution is to integrate the dresser in the wardrobe. You will receive space and will be able to make the most of the area.Make it completely open. If you have a large closet, you can remove the door and leave it completely open.

    By including some drawers and shelves, you will create an area for changing clothes in the blink of an eye. In addition, the removal of cabinet doors will make it less difficult.

    Built-in wardrobe saves space and money

    4Or open it partially. If you want to have an open closet without showing all the entrails, use curtains to cover those parts of the closet that you do not want to show. In addition to concealing part of the closet, the curtains will serve as decoration.

    Choose a fabric in accordance with the general style of the room - neutral colors for modern hallways or bold colors for those who have a loft design.

    5Let it fit with the decor. Decorate the doors of your built-in wardrobe in the same style as the hallway in which it is located.

    We bring aesthetics to the room

    In the cold season to keep all the jackets in a small hallway, use the "tree for coats", which can often be seen in a cafe. Such racks are a great alternative to bulky closets with minimal loss of valuable space.

    Floor coat rack in the form of a tree

    Now you can choose very sophisticated models of such a tree, which have several levels of limbs at different heights to hold various objects.

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    Walk-in closet

    A room in the closet is the dream of every woman who does not yet own her. The reason is that women love to be surrounded by their fancy clothes and accessories, to walk inside the style kingdom and try all possible combinations.

    Wardrobe room in the closet

    If the size and proportions of your hallway allow you to allocate some space for a fenced room with things - you are a big lucky girl, be sure to use this gift of fate!

    A room-wardrobe can be either a full-fledged room of the correct form, or half-hidden corners - everything is curled from your span.

    We keep the useful area of ​​the hallway

    Recent trends are to keep them open to make the room more refined and spacious.

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    The shape of the room in the closet

    There are three main variations:

    1 semi-circular; 2 in the shape of the letter "G"; 3 direct cabinet.

    Rectangular wardrobe

    Cabinets in the shape of the letter "G" are located between the two walls of the rooms. On the other hand, the semicircular occupy more space (three walls), but they look more interesting.

    Practice shows that straight cabinets are the most functional choice, since their sides provide maximum storage.

    Cupboard with seating

    There is always additional space for an antique mirror and an ottoman for visitors.

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    Style definition

    I would recommend that the style do not confuse you, since the additional delimitation of the space within the same room can be completely avoided without the slightest loss.

    Continue the hallway dynamics and add the same color palette, furniture and accessories. This will create a sense of harmony, and make the closet look like an extra part of your hallway.

    No matter what you decide, keep it light and refined. The mess can be destructive for a nice room in the closet.

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    The importance of light in wardrobe design

    Stylish solution for the hallway

    Converting your zone is impossible without proper lighting. You need strong lights on the ceiling or additional LED lights coming from the walls.

    Proper lighting can help you easily find items of clothing, as well as match and recognize colors for effective fitting.

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    TOP-10 ways to fill the wardrobe

    Method 1

    Method 2

    Method 3

    Method 4

    Method 5

    Method 6

    Method 7

    Method 8

    Method 9

    Method 10

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