American style - Discreet elegance: Choosing a design for an apartment (living room, bedroom, kitchen)


The apartment is American-style - spacious, bright, combining simplicity with comfort. She really gives peace of mind that is intertwined with the classic design of all the important parts and accessories. This is an elegant choice of modern people. More detail later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Style formation
  • Layout and colors of American interior
  • Wall decoration
  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Panels
  • Floor decoration
  • Laminate
  • Parquet
  • Tile
  • Ceiling
  • Material combinations
  • Furnishing an apartment
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  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 155 photos)
  • Style formation
  • Layout and colors of American interior
  • Wall decoration
  • Floor decoration
  • Ceiling
  • Material combinations
  • Furnishing an apartment
  • findings
  • PHOTO GALLERY (more than 155 photos)
  • Style formation

    The style itself was formed gradually: first, European settlers who arrived to colonize America somewhat modernized the English classics into the American colonial style. Then, at the beginning of the twentieth century, under the influence of the active development of cinema and the art deco at that time, it became somewhat more elaborate.

    Classic and elegant style in the interior

    The sixties, with their return to basics, included notes of country music in it.

    Modernity has adopted the resulting mixture, eliminated from it all unnecessary and isolated the main features of the American style, such as:
    • Large living areas. Or their appearance, created by an abundance of light, mirrors and a skillful combination of color shades.
    • Open layout. American style usually combines kitchen and living room, but it does not recognize the complete freedom of the loft, modern and the like. The bedroom should be a separate room - either it should be obviously fenced off by a curtain or a screen.
    • Lots of hidden storage spaces. Space is not combined with cabinets - because it is assumed the presence of wall cabinets, hidden niches.
    • The prevalence in the design of light colors. Usually American style prefers light brown, beige and other similar colors. But occasionally you can meet and contrasting combinations - only strictly defined.
    • The prevalence in the design of natural materials. Wood, stone tiles or at least fakes for them.
    • The presence in the interior of each room pronounced axis. In the living room is a large sofa, around which the rest of the furniture is built. In the kitchen - a dining table. You can, however, choose other centers - the main thing is that they can be clearly defined.

    It is mostly open plan.

    Everything together gives a light, spacious style, suitable for relatively large apartments - in a tiny studio, for example, it will not work.

    To get a beautiful result, you need to skillfully combine the necessary elements.

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    Layout and colors of American interior

    First of all - planning:
    • Living room and kitchen. Connected in one room, separated by furniture, composition.
    • Bedroom. Most often - part of a common large room, but is separated either by a screen or a curtain.
    • The hallway. It does not stand out walls, only color.
    • Bathroom. If possible, spacious. Often made combined to get more free space.

    The hallway does not stand out with special wall decoration.

    Then - color solutions. Prevail:
    • White. It becomes either the main or used to highlight the necessary elements in the interior. Warm, pleasant shades that create comfort are used. As a rule, it is milky or cream - in combination with the colors of natural materials, they look advantageous, complementing and emphasizing them.
    • Beige. It is used either in combination with white or as the main color of the interior. For aesthetic qualities gives about the same comfort and warmth, but requires less effort when cleaning.
    • Sand. A modest shade of yellow is usually not the primary color, but an additional color. Carpet on the floor, furniture, a small section of the wall can be painted by him.
    • Chocolate. Also an additional color - warm, dark, is used to give the interior depth. They can be painted doors or curtains, carpet or ceiling beams.

    The color scheme is implemented using beige and chocolate shades.

    For emphasis it is also allowed to use dark blue or dark red - colors that are perfectly combined with the basic range of style.

    For those who prefer American-style contrasting interiors, there are clearly adjusted combinations that are used relatively rarely:
    • dark brown, white and red - you can combine them to taste, highlighting the main and additional colors as it seems appropriate in a particular apartment;
    • sand, white, blue - the contrast is achieved by precise, verified use of a deep blue color for accents;
    • red, white, blue - any of them can prevail, the main thing is that the shades are warm and well combined.

    You can use more contrasting colors.

    BoardAmerican interior does not tolerate too bright colors in large quantities - walls, floor, ceiling, large pieces of furniture should be made monotonously, muffled. Brightness is allowed in accents - pillows on the couch, a picture on the wall, window curtains.
    Interestingly, the walls and the floor can get off with different materials. You can choose any of them, according to your tastes and budget sizes.

    Accent the room can create bright pillows

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    Wall decoration

    American style walls can be covered:
    • paint - put on a plaster base, is the most popular;
    • wallpaper - are less common, usually monochromatic or with a small pattern;
    • panels - wooden or plastic, often in addition to wallpaper or paint.

    Each material has its own advantages, disadvantages and has a different effect on the interior.

    Paint - one of the ways to cover the walls

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    Paint for the American interior - the main way to finish the walls, because when it was conceived, no persistent wallpaper existed in principle, and the tile was expensive.

    Paint has its advantages:
    • Easy application. Paint the walls in the room can even someone who has never engaged in repair.
    • Easy to upgrade. If the coating cracks or a stain appears on it, it will be enough just to work the brush for five minutes to restore the original gloss. And if the color gets bored as a whole, the next layer of paint can be put directly on the previous one, without preparatory work.
    • Easy to clean. For white, this is especially important - you can simply wipe painted walls with a damp cloth to restore cleanliness to them.
    • Convenience of working in difficult areas. Niches, closets, protrusions - all this being a torment, if you cover them with wallpaper. With paint, they will not give you any inconvenience.

    These interiors are easy to maintain.

    Paint can not damage pets, she is not afraid of water, she has many shades.

    Pluses are undoubted - but there are also disadvantages:
    • The need to act very carefully. For the first coloring it is necessary to prepare the surface - otherwise all defects will be visible. You also need to make sure that there is no drip, the paint goes flat, does not crack. For a beginner, this can be quite tiring.
    • Lack of resistance to mechanical damage. This disadvantage, however, is inherent in most coatings - and paint, at least, is easy to restore.

    Paint may leak when painted

    Paint is:
    • Oil or alkyd. Cheap, glossy, with a pungent smell. Keeps only a few years, does not let moisture. In the living room is better not to use.
    • Silicate. Permeable to steam, not afraid of moisture, resistant to mechanical stress more than others. But paints only bare walls, and then no other paint will fall on it. Requires great precautions when working.
    • Polyvinyl acetate base. Cheap, diluted with water, not resistant to mechanical damage. But it passes moisture well and is easy to apply.
    • Water dispersion. Expensive, but resistant to mechanical stress and moisture permeable. The only drawback is that it fades over time.
    • Acrylic. Resistant to ultraviolet light, passes moisture, slowly wears out.

    Easy to update design

    Ideal for the American interior is acrylic paint in light colors.
    BoardIf you do not feel affection for the wallpaper, the paint is the best solution, if only because it is classic for the American style. Return to the menu


    Wallpaper for the American style is rarely used, but can look no worse than paint. WITHThere are several varieties of them, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

    • Paper. The oldest of the existing ones, made from plain paper, are single-layer or double-layer. There are relief and smooth, plain or patterned. They cost a little, they are very diverse, but they are easily torn, they are afraid of moisture and will last no longer than five years.
    • Vinyl. The basis of paper, covered with vinyl on top. Diverse, imitate natural materials, are smooth and embossed. Not sensitive to moisture, so do not suffer from wet cleaning. But the indoor climate is changing for the worse, it will have to be constantly aired.
    • Textile. Basis flizilinovaya, top fabric fibers - more often natural. They look gorgeous, like walls covered with fabric. But they fade in the sun, attract dust, absorb odors.
    • Flizelinovye. Basis flizilinovaya coating too. The main plus - amenable to staining, and repeated. Wash themselves. But the room, again, will have to be constantly aired.
    • Glass fiber. The most reliable, are not afraid of mechanical damage, do not fade under the sun, are not afraid of water. Dust does not settle on them, they can be painted. But they are expensive.

    Wallpapers in this style are used much less frequently.

    Liquid wallpaper is a kind of compromise between paint and wallpaper. It is a dry powder, which is diluted with water and applied to the walls like paint.

    He can be given relief, he is not afraid of moisture, does not fade, does not gather dust. If it is damaged, you can simply clean the affected area and cover it again.

    Wallpapers should be monophonic, maximum - with small flowers or floral pattern.

    BoardWallpapers are well suited for the decoration of the living room, while the paint is good to use in the kitchen - it is more resistant to moisture.

    Perfect for living room decoration

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    The American-style living room can be fully decorated with panels, but much more often they are used to cover the lower half of the walls, leaving the upper one for paint or wallpaper.

    Panels are:
    • From plastic. The American style does not require the use of exclusively natural materials - fakes for them will be quite enough, because PVC is quite possible to use. Lightweight plastic panels, they are easy to deliver, they are mounted according to the design principle, they are not afraid of water, temperature changes, parasites and mold. But they burn and may also be of poor quality, and then they deform over time and begin to emit harmful fumes.
    • From lining. Natural wood, processed, easily mounted on the wall using special grooves. Cheap, beautiful, easy. But - not resistant to moisture or biological stimuli. Lit. It needs to be coated with special formulations that will make it more sustainable.
    • From the planken. Natural wood, most often - larch. It is resistant to everything, it is beautiful, it can be attached either by visible studs or by special invisible fixings. When needed, elements change easily. The only negative - roads.
    • Of stone. Natural beautiful material, but heavy and expensive. Most often used light varieties.

    Use the panels on the walls

    By and large, the panels can be any - the American style is democratic and does not require the use of natural wood and stone, although they look noble and expensive.
    BoardEven if you have a big budget, try on your apartment and plastic, and natural panels. Perhaps the difference will be so small that there will be no point in additional spending. Return to menu ↑ Return to menu

    Floor decoration

    An American-style floor can be covered:
    • laminate flooring is the cheapest option;
    • parquet - is rarely used because it is expensive and requires careful maintenance;
    • tiles - put most often in the kitchen, because it is easiest to wash.

    The floor can be covered with parquet, laminate or tile.

    Each material has its own characteristics.

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    Laminate is a base of chipboard, several layers of paper and a protective laminating coating. Laid on the floor, it is very similar to a real tree. He has advantages:

    • Price. Laminate flooring at times cheaper.
    • Diversity. With it, you can imitate any tree.
    • Endurance. A good laminate (class 31, for example) will serve in a residential area up to fifteen years.
    • Easy installation. Each laminate plate has a spike on one side, and a groove on the other side, with which it can be stapled with the other. As a result, it is no more difficult than to fold a constructor.
    • Easy to clean. Laminate is not afraid of aggressive chemicals, water.
    • Reliability. Laminate does not fade in the sun, does not suffer from mechanical damage, is resistant to moisture, fire, and biological stimuli.

    Laminate flooring is much cheaper

    But there are also disadvantages:
    • Lack of specific resistance to moisture. If the board gets water - not scary. But if it gets under the board, the entire cover will swell.
    • The need for pre-treatment. The floor should be perfectly smooth.

    Laminate is easy to put on, easy to replace - good, it's cheap. Parquet, of course, more beautiful, but for laminate easier to care for. It also looks good in the living room and in the kitchen. Besides, will be suitable for the device of a heat-insulated floor.

    This coating looks good in any room.

    BoardFor the American interior it is worth choosing a laminate that imitates light woods. Return to the menu ↑


    Parquet for American interior is more a luxury than a classic solution. Yet in this style, functionality is most appreciated, and the parquet is difficult to maintain and not too resistant to some irritants.

    But he has advantages:
    • Reliability. A parquet can last for twenty-five years — or even longer — if it is well cared for.
    • High sound insulation and heat insulation. Important in apartment buildings.
    • Does not cause allergies, does not attract dust. Good for home where allergic people live.
    • Aesthetics. Parquet is exceptionally beautiful - natural wood gives a special gloss to even the simplest geometric patterns, and in fact parquet can be with a complex structure, and even laid out in the form of a mosaic.

    The disadvantages are the following:
    • The complexity of installation. To lay parquet, you need to have a perfectly smooth floor, as well as the skill of specialists. You can't do it yourself.
    • Lack of resistance to mechanical damage. It can be scratched, it can crack from a blow, a trace of something hot can remain.
    • Lack of resistance to temperature and moisture. Parquet can crack in too dry, hot air, and you can swell in the air too humid.
    • The need for meticulous care. Just wash the parquet floor with a damp cloth will not work. It is necessary to wash it with special compositions, and then rub it with wax so that it retains its brilliance and remains at least somewhat stable.

    Here every little thing matters

    The parquet is expensive, if one of the plates cracks, it will be difficult to replace it. But the beauty of the flooring he has no competitors.

    BoardIf you want to put parquet in the house, put it in the living room. In the kitchen, he will become unusable too quickly. Return to the menu ↑


    The tile is not put in the living room - it will look alien.

    Tile - durable and resistant to moisture

    But in the American-style kitchen, it looks organic and has several advantages:
    • Strength. The tile wears out longer than the laminate.
    • Moisture resistance. Even if the moisture gets into the seams, it will not affect.
    • Resistant to mechanical damage and fire. The tile is being worn out slowly, it does not burn in fire at all.
    • Ease of care. Not afraid of even the most aggressive chemicals.
    • beauty. There are a variety of patterns.

    The best tile looks in the kitchen

    But there are also disadvantages:
    • Cold. The tile does not store heat; it almost always feels cold to the touch - unless she has been in the sun for several hours.
    • Fragility. If the tile is not prone to small cracks and abrasion, then you cannot drop objects on it - it will crack completely.
    The tile is difficult to lay, the floor must be perfectly level. But it is easy to replace.
    BoardChoose a plain tile for the interior. If you want a pattern, then let it be in primary colors - for example, chocolate on white or beige.

    Such a floor can become a central figure in the room.

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    For American-style floors and walls, various materials and combinations are welcome. For the ceiling there is no such diversity. It should be:

    • Light. Bright ceiling makes the room visually larger, which is very important for the American interior. To achieve the desired effect, you can use paint or plaster. The first can be washed, the second can not, otherwise the difference between them is small.
    • With beams. Beams - the main feature of the American style. In all its varieties, they are found one way or another. It is possible to deviate from this rule only if the ceiling in the room is low and there will be a feeling that the beams are under pressure from above.
    • With perimeter molding. Molding - a decorative element in the form of a convex plank. It can be patterned, it can be geometric. The color is either white, like the rest of the ceiling, or one that is used in a particular interior for contrast - chocolate, red, blue.

    Beams - the main feature of the American style

    The result is a high ceiling with a beautiful decorative element that complements the overall design.

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    Material combinations

    There is a lot of materials in American style, you need to be able to combine them too.The following wall coverings are suitable for the kitchen:

    • Paint. Easy to clean, does not suffer from temperature changes, looks good.
    • Wallpaper. Exclusively glass fiber, non-woven and vinyl. Wash themselves, do not suffer from temperature changes, look also good.
    They should be supplemented by:
    • Tile. The most classic option for the kitchen.
    • Laminate. Similar to natural wood, it will add chic to the kitchen.

    Coverage option in the kitchen

    Parquet and panels in the kitchen make no sense to apply, because they are too unstable.

    Suitable for living room as wall coverings:
    • Wallpaper. You can choose any - here the performance requirements are not as high as in the kitchen.
    • Panels. Well combined with wallpaper and can complement them.

    The paint looks too simple for the living room, although you can use it too - just remember that it does not match parquet.

    The paint in the living room looks too simple.

    For the floor fit:
    • Laminate. The main thing - to choose a beautiful shade of a tree.
    • Parquet. In the living room he is less likely to deteriorate quickly.
    The tiles in the living room are not placed - it looks too strict and cold. For a bedroom, you can use any combination, to taste - in American style this room is strictly personal, its design depends solely on what one wants to see her.

    Bedroom design according to your preferences

    In the bathroom on the floor it is better to put the tile, because it is more insensitive to moisture than other coatings, to paint the walls.

    When selecting combinations, it is important to consider not only which materials will be combined, but also the size of the room:
    • if it is obviously small, the floor is made of dark wood, the walls with the ceiling are left light - so the space seems larger;
    • if it is too high, the walls are light, and the ceiling is thickly decorated with beams so that it appears darker and lower;
    • if it is too low, the walls are dark, like the floor, and the ceiling is left light;
    • if it is long, narrow, the floor is made dark, the ceiling with walls is light, and the wall farthest from the entrance is painted in a dark, saturated color so that it appears closer;
    • if the room is too big, American-style is just a plus - no steps are taken to hide it.

    American classics in the hallway

    When you enter the apartment in the American style, the finish of which is finished, but in which there is no furniture, textiles, accessories, there should be an impression of light, spaciousness, and noises, and in warm colors.

    BoardTo make sure everything fits, draw or recreate the future apartment in the editor before you start working. return to menu ↑ return to menu ↑

    Furnishing an apartment

    The furnishings are as much a part of the American style as the walls, the floor, the ceiling and their combinations.

    Do not forget about good lighting

    The first item on the list of important elements is lighting. You can run it differently:
    • Highlighting specific areas. Spotlights can enhance zoning, visibly separate the kitchen from the living room. You can even select their separate zones in each room - in the kitchen working and for eating, in the living room sofa and reading chair.
    • Chandeliers. Large hanging chandeliers are used except in the living room, but this is not a mandatory element. In addition, the chandelier can destroy a carefully built balance - you can only hang it in a room with a high ceiling.
    • Sconce. Characteristic for the American style - they can be safely placed in any room, it is important only to ensure that they fit into the design.

    Such chandeliers are better to hang in a room with a high ceiling.

    The lighting is complemented by small lamps that add comfort, acting as accessories. In the living room it is a tall floor lamp on a thin leg, in the bedroom there is a lamp on the bedside table, in the kitchen there is a graceful lamp on the table.

    The light should be soft, diffused, preferably in a yellow palette.

    We complement the interior with small lamps

    The second item is the furniture - with its help the space is basically filled. American interior features:
    • The Red tree. This is a noble material, the furniture from it looks stylish. Good will look chairs with a table in the kitchen, a small coffee table in the living room, a shelf under the TV.
    • Upholstery. An important sofa, covered with natural fabrics of colors that are familiar to the style - is recognized as the king of the living room in the American interior. Also, comfortable armchairs look good.
    • Built in wardrobes. Cabinets and cabinets in niches - another mandatory element for the American style. A wardrobe in the bedroom, a wardrobe in the living room, and cupboards in the kitchen - they should not be too noticeable, and if there are not enough niches, then from the same mahogany.

    Properly selected furniture - a pledge of beautiful design

    There are also mandatory placement rules:
    • Not too crowded. Between furniture should be easy to move, it should not leave the impression of crowding, blocking the space.
    • Not at the walls. The furniture should reign in the interior, act as a complete composition. Because you can not try to hide it.
    • Compatibility Ideally, in each room should be furniture from the same collection, suitable for design.

    Each room - each zone - should have its own obvious center. In the living room, everything is located around a large soft sofa. In the kitchen, furniture focuses on the orbit of a large kitchen table. In the bedroom, the bed becomes the main element.