Interior of the kitchen combined with the living room (180+ Photos): Design tricks and secrets of placement


Want to harmoniously your combined kitchen and living room look stylish and harmonious? Then read the tips from our article to keep abreast of all new products and terndov in interior design. A rich and bright photo gallery will prompt an idea for style and cozy furniture. Everything is more detailed later in the article.

Content of this article:

  • Selection Features
  • Fashion solutions
  • Dynamic loft
  • Bright fusion
  • Charming eco style
  • Imperishable classic
  • Easy country
  • Zoning rules in the kitchen combined with the living room
  • Top 3 ways to save space
  • Two options for zoning space
  • Catwalk is stylish
  • Color zoning features
  • Lighting with fantasy
  • Facades - one of the most important interior elements
  • Contrast finish
  • Secrets of the arrangement and properties of furniture
  • Top 7 design tricks for small rooms
  • VIDEO: The most beautiful combined spaces
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas of a modern kitchen combined with a living room
  • Selection Features
  • Fashion solutions
  • Zoning rules in the kitchen combined with the living room
  • Secrets of the arrangement and properties of furniture
  • Top 7 design tricks for small rooms
  • PHOTO GALLERY: The best ideas of a modern kitchen combined with a living room
  • Selection Features

    The combination of two functional areas in the same room is not surprising. This technique is rational for small apartments and studios. This is a reasonable and modern solution. Meaningful zoning of the space, harmonious combination of different styles or a single design, carefully selected furniture will make the interior trendy with a veil of individuality and personal taste.

    In addition, the combined space has a number of indisputable advantages:

    1comfortable while cooking and organizing a celebration, because you don’t need to carry food from one to another room; 2to be able to cook lunch or dinner at the same time, chat with guests or watch TV.

    Combining space has several advantages.

    Cons combining:

    • difficulty with solitude;
    • noise from household appliances;
    • odors with insufficient ventilation;
    • use only electric stove.

    But at the same time there are difficulties with solitude

    For aesthetics and practicality, every single thing is important in the setting:

    • expressive shades of the palette;
    • suitable furniture;
    • decorative items;
    • textile;
    • accessories;
    • stylistics

    Important every trifle in the setting

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    Fashion solutions

    Of the variety of styles, one cannot be called fashionable. Comfort, calm atmosphere, ergonomics - the basic principles of the creative interior mix. Refined luxury organically merges with laconic minimalism, unhurried modernity with impudent loft [/ wpsm_box] [/ wpsm_box], sharpness of technicality with simplicity of eco-design.

    The main thing is comfort and calm atmosphere.

    The unity of the image of the interior of the combined kitchen space with the living room is emphasized by the characteristic criteria of zoning and decoration. High-tech and minimalism suggest hidden kitchen utensils and appliances, the use of spotlights, glass and metal to give the room volume.

    High-tech with deaf facades, bar, "island" is perfectly combined with a corner for recreation, without reducing the functions of both zones. Open storage systems in the kitchen space, combined with the living room, look "in the kitchen", violate a single perception, so the Provence requires a lot of effort to maintain cleanliness and order.

    High-tech kitchen

    The modern style living room combined with the kitchen looks catchy, but without pomp. A lot of wood and metallic luster, brightness of details, patterns, originality of ornaments on the walls and furniture literally fill the atmosphere with optimism and charm.

    Fill the atmosphere with comfort

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    Dynamic loft

    This style is defined by:

    • open space with delicate zoning;
    • ceiling, creating the illusion of the presence of an attic;
    • flooring from wooden boards.

    Dynamic loft looks no less impressive

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    Bright fusion

    This direction is inherent in:

    • youth negligence;
    • brightness;
    • contrast of different materials;
    • retro furniture;
    • comics or humorous photos;
    • abundance of shelves and racks.

    Brightness and contrast in one room

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    Charming eco style

    This interior does not tolerate artificiality. He is faithful to natural materials for decoration:

    • a tree;
    • natural stone;
    • rattan;
    • bamboo;
    • ceramics;
    • clap;
    • flax.

    Eco-friendly natural materials

    The color palette of natural shades of brown and green, sand and straw is usually diluted with white tones. Stone flooring, wicker furniture in the kitchen and wooden floor, wooden objects in the guest area, columns from bamboo trunks with a large diameter,, seashells, and floral ornaments are characteristic features of the eco style.

    Bamboo is one of the elements of this style.

    We must not forget about moderation. Glut on the verge of bad taste. Return to menu ↑

    Imperishable classic

    The nature of this design direction is given by:

    • clear symmetry;
    • plain surfaces;
    • lack of a large number of parts;
    • decorative pilasters on kitchen furniture;
    • large mirror cabinets and figured wooden parquet in the living room;
    • bright ceramic tiles in the cooking zone;
    • rounded shape of the furniture;
    • medallion chairs;
    • gold or silver patina in decoration;
    • stucco;
    • thread.

    Interior classics

    Classic interior looks good in spacious rooms. Exquisite pieces of furniture look stylish with good artificial and natural lighting.

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    Easy country

    For this style direction are characteristic:

    • well selected textiles;
    • paintings with landscapes and still lifes in wooden frames;
    • the presence of a fireplace;
    • color palette of delicate beige, light brown and white shades;
    • facing the floor under the tree;
    • floor lamp with a light shade;
    • bookcase;
    • earthen vessels;
    • antique items.

    Gentle beige tones combined with beautifully selected textiles

    This unique and unique style is ideal for a combined kitchen-living room of a country mansion.

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    Zoning rules in the kitchen combined with the living room

    When combining a living room with a kitchen, it is necessary to distinguish functional areas. They must be at least three:

    • working kitchen space;
    • resting corner;
    • dining

    When planning it is important to follow the rules of zoning

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    Top 3 ways to save space

    1Installation of built-in equipment in the kitchen area. 2. Use of a minimum of pieces of furniture. 3. The location of the kitchen furniture set is vertical. The bar counter is a wardrobe, a table, and a storage place.

    Multifunctional bar counter

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    Two options for zoning space

    For open zoning are used:

    • different ceiling levels;
    • elevations;
    • flooring combination;
    • contrasts;
    • diverse sources and lighting systems;
    • racks.

    Open zoning option

    The open view of the layout assumes the design of the combined rooms of the same style and color palette. Such a solution is rational for small-sized apartments that require expansion of space. In this case, it is difficult to hide the kitchen equipment.

    Closed type of layout - space delimitation using:

    • furniture items;
    • arches;
    • bar counter;
    • kitchen island.

    Closed type of planning

    The narrow narrow partition with decorative niches or shelves perfectly copes with the division of spaces for different purposes. In addition to decorating the space, a similar element of the interior will expand its functionality by adding a number of places for storing small items or original handicrafts.

    Another solution is to install a sliding door. Due to the location of its open doors along the surface of the walls, the interior with combined functional areas will only benefit. For this are used roller blinds, accordions.

    Another way is to install a sliding door.

    The main thing to increase the living room area is to locate the partitioning part as close as possible to the furniture in the kitchen.

    With a closed layout, kitchen utensils are easily masked. This option is ideal for country houses or studio apartments.

    Increase the living room space by reducing the kitchen area

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    Catwalk is stylish

    This zoning option is possible in rooms of sufficient height, area and configuration of the room. Usually raised area, which occupies a small area, often kitchen set. In this case, it is covered with a bar or island.

    We use the podium in rooms where height allows

    Depending on the area, the opposite option looks no less advantageous. The living area on the podium easily turns into an additional storage system, and the step is played up with the help of décor and LED lighting.

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    Color zoning features

    Always trendy light gamma. The predominance of white color can create ease even in a room of modest size. Rich accents allow you to focus and emphasize the geometry of space.

    Emphasis due to highlight color

    Zoning using the color palette requires following the rules:

    • warm shades have a positive effect on appetite and excite the nervous system;
    • cool colors soothe;
    • natural light complements the warm range of peach, yellow, orange, red shades, creating a soft atmosphere for hospitality;
    • with a lack of natural emphasis is placed on artificial lighting, especially spectacular against the background of the surface of the walls in a dark cold palette;
    • the brightness of the decor in contrasting shades give the atmosphere a variety and vibrancy;
    • the larger the subject, the less saturated the color gamut should be and vice versa, the smaller, the brighter;
    • kitchen set with a top of light tones, and below - with a dark visually makes the room higher.
    The correct combination of color shades helps to unite the space of the two zones into a single composition. Dark shades narrow the living room, combined with kitchen space, and light - significantly increase. Relaxation is promoted by green tonality. Return to menu

    Lighting with fantasy

    The choice and the correct location of the light sources not only divide the space into zones, but also give the atmosphere charm and comfort. In the kitchen, brighter, and in the living room - more muffled. The main thing is balance. Therefore, to illuminate the combined space is used point, LED, halogen lighting. Slots and embedded system around the perimeter of the ceiling or wall surface emphasize the warmth and airiness of the atmosphere.

    We create comfort and coziness

    In addition to the ceiling lighting devices, which invisibly, but clearly delineate the space, wall lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps in the living area of ​​the living room are used. In the kitchen segment, the lighting of wall cabinets is relevant.

    Thanks to the built-in lighting in both rooms, a proportional balance is given to the room.

    Planning rational lighting

    Minimum fixtures for high-grade lighting:

    • chandelier in the living room segment;
    • ceiling lamp in the kitchen;
    • illumination of the working area;
    • floor lamp in the recreation area.

    Large chandelier in the living room

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    Facades - one of the most important interior elements

    The completeness to the design of the space with a combined kitchen-living room is given by properly selected facades. They should be:

    • practical;
    • resilient;
    • withstand wet cleaning;
    • match the overall range of the room.

    Stylish facades in the kitchen

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    Contrast finish

    All decorative materials help the visual separation of space. Even a small accent gives the room harmony. The kitchen area needs a moisture resistant, resistant to hot, oily and sour coating on the floor. Frequently used options are:

    • tile;
    • ceramic granite slabs;
    • vinyl cover.

    They are perfectly combined with parquet, laminate, carpet in the living area.

    Contrast finishing in a small area

    You can not use varnish to cover natural wood, so as not to deprive the eco style of natural features.

    Sections of the walls of the kitchen area are protected by materials that can be washed, and the rest and reception area is decorated with any material other than textile.

    We distribute the furniture so that it is easy to care for and keep clean.

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    Secrets of the arrangement and properties of furniture

    When making a combined space of the kitchen-living room, the correct location of the furniture will free up the useful area, make the small room larger. For this set you can put:

    U-shaped design

    • in one or two rows;
    • angle;
    • P-shaped;
    • peninsula;
    • an island.

    Single row arrangement of furniture

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    Top 7 design tricks for small rooms

    1Select the kitchen with the letter G using the bar counter.

    Kitchen department bar counter

    2Mount the sink and desktop by the window.

    Window wash

    3Posit the sofa back to the kitchen corner.

    The sofa stands with its back to the work surface in the kitchen

    4 Use furniture of the same color as your wall decor.

    Furniture to match the walls

    5Set a set of furniture for the living room as a continuation of the kitchen.

    Furniture continues kitchen set

    6Cabinets with additional lighting will give the interior a new note.

    Cabinets with extra lighting

    7 Arrange a soft corner, using a window sill as a sofa.

    Sofa on the windowsill

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    VIDEO: The most beautiful combined spaces