Two-storey house with garage (+180 photos). Projects and planning, TOP-9 advantages


What to do if the garden is small, but you need to place a house and a garage. There is a way: build a house combined with a garage. What is necessary to provide? Everything in more detail later in the article.


Top 9 house benefits with a garage

For owners of a large estate, it may not be important where to locate the place where the car is stored: in close proximity to the house or on the border of the plot. However, it is more rational to build a house combined with a garage. This is especially true for small areas, which, as a rule, are allocated in residential complexes. Why?

Materials saved during construction

1Save construction and finishing materials in the process of construction. Only one wall that is adjacent to the house is built from expensive materials. For the rest, you can use other options. But not used u.2 Guaranteed comfort. Owners and family members do not need to run from one room to another in frosty or slushy weather with an umbrella. Usually plan an additional entrance to the house directly from the garage.

Usually plan an additional entrance to the house directly from the garage

3 It is easier to control the safety of the car than in a separate building. You can use the unified security system at home. 4 You can use it as an additional utility room: place things, cabinets that you rarely use drawers. 5 The basement for storing vegetables and preservation under the garage will be warmer and easier to get into.

Garage can be used as an additional utility room

6Significant savings on communications: the total system with the house is always cheaper. If you install the temperature controllers, then the temperature inside the room will be acceptable for the car, but there will not be a large flow of coolant. A car that is stored in a warm place breaks down less, the body lasts longer and it is reliable in operation. 7 If the house has a built-in one, the owner saves time for clearing additional territory from snow, the room for the car and the driveways are compact.

The machine, which is stored in a warm place, less breaks

8 It is convenient to store garden implements: lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, irrigation hoses, which by the way can be used to wash a car, snow removal tools and equipment. A workshop or a corner for repair work is placed in it.

It can accommodate a workshop or area for repair work.

Do not place heating boilers in this room for any kind of fuel. This is dangerous from a fire point of view. Also, do not store fuel (wood, briquettes, coal), even for fireplaces, barbecues and barbecue.

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The main features of such houses

Detached garages are traditionally considered as ancillary buildings. Often, when building them, inexpensive construction materials are used, and they often do not even think about finishing. In contrast, the garages built into the ensemble of the house are designed in one stylistic key: color, finish, roof.

Pay attention to several features.

The garage is built into the house, designed in the same stylistic key

On small plots, a project with a built-in room for a car is definitely chosen, otherwise you can forget about organizing a cozy garden plot. Detached occupies a lot of space, because in addition to the building itself, it is necessary to make a reliable blind area around it, the driveway.

A house with a garage should be located so that there is easy access. If each time you have to do complex pirouettes around the yard to go inside, the whole point of presence is lost. Any project should improve the comfort of life, and not add problems.

A house with a garage should be located so that it has easy access.

Analyze finances. Building a building with an attached garage can increase the total cost of the work. It is necessary to make an additional roof, to install a more powerful boiler heating. Save help budget project with built-in garage.

Be sure to think about perspective. If after building a house you eventually think of purchasing another car, then immediately plan for two cars.

We plan for two cars

Consider whether you will keep a bike, moped, motorcycle, jet ski, or snowmobile in it. In this case, the dimensions increase.

An important point - insulation. The sound of a car engine that starts under the bedroom or next to the nursery is unlikely to add life to comfort.

Take care of sound insulation

Building technologies are constantly improving. At present, it is possible to erect buildings of a complex architectural form, to join together several functional buildings.

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What to do to make the garage last longer

For comfort, provide a transitional platform to reduce heat loss at home. Be sure to spend the heating. On the batteries, install temperature controllers to set the optimum temperature and not to overload the boiler. On the one hand, you save on gas or electricity, on the other hand, you do not throw out additional finances by regularly repairing cars.

Be sure to heat

Do drainage. Often, owners enter during rain or snow. Puddles accumulate on the floor, increasing the overall humidity of the air, which negatively affects the machine and structure. Install a drainage that will drain water from the room beyond the basement and the blind area.

Install a drain that will drain water from the room.

Often condensate is collected in such structures to avoid this plan ventilation. It can be forced-air and exhaust by means of a fan and passive (air vents in the lower and upper parts of the opposite walls). Such systems prevent exhaust fumes, fuel odors and lubricants from entering the living quarters.

Schedule ventilation to avoid condensation.

In addition to the general home security system, it is desirable to provide separate security systems. As a rule, the owners, upon arriving home, turn off the secret police as a whole, and thieves can open the gate and steal a car.

Provide separate security systems.

It is rational to install solar panels on the roofs, this will significantly save finances on electricity.

At a planning stage, it is necessary to bring in a package of project documentation. This is a legal requirement. All buildings must be legitimized. Return to menu ↑

Houses with built-in garages

Garage location option - below ground level in the basement

This is an option for small areas. Option is the location below ground level in the basement. To implement such a project, you need to make sure that the level of groundwater is sufficient. Otherwise, instead of a car, you will have to purchase an amphibian or install drainage pumps (which is completely irrational). Arrange a gentle descent.

Arrange a gentle descent

When planning, you need to take into account certain structural features of the house. The width of the room for the car should be 2-3 times smaller than the overall size of the house. What is it for? If the size will no longer be able to properly install the supporting partitions. Return to menu ↑

Attached options

In this embodiment, it is possible without sound insulation ceiling

This project requires a bit more materials than in the previous version. But you can save on noise insulation materials, to do without ceiling noise insulation. It is enough to mount the noise insulation belt only on the wall that is adjacent to the house and the task of living room comfort will be solved.

In such rooms it is easier to make a drainage system.

In such rooms it is easier to make a drainage system. In this case, you can build a simpler system of ventilation and heating, it does not affect the comfort of the house.

Disadvantage - large size

The only downside is the large size. Often the projects of such houses do not fit into the geometry of small (especially angular) areas. In this case, you need to consider a project with a built garage or build a separate building.

The foundation of the house and the garage is being built at the same time, it must be monolithic

Build a solid foundation. The car has a large load on the basis of the building. The foundation is being built at the same time. Otherwise, shrinkage may begin with time, and the attached garage will move away from the house, forming cracks.

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A little bit about cons

The garage, located on the ground floor, takes the area

We have already talked about the benefits, but there is nothing perfect in the world. Having learned about the disadvantages, it is easier to foresee all the nuances at the planning and construction stage:

  • The place is fire hazardous.
  • There may be increased heat loss during the cold period. Open garage door blows all the heat out of the room.
  • We need additional financial investments for thermal insulation, noise insulation materials, a more reliable ventilation system and waterproofing of the room.
  • The garage located on the first floor takes the area that can be used for a full room. Such a problem occurs when the family grows.
  • Need to regularly carry out thorough cleaning. Otherwise, dirt mixed with moisture, oil and fuel will fall into the living rooms.
  • We'll have to fight odors.

It is necessary to regularly carry out thorough cleaning and fight odors.

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Methods of dealing with deficiencies

The above listed drawbacks can be foreseen at the design stage and get rid of them. When designing the garage is located next to the technical and utility rooms:

When designing the garage is located next to the technical and utility rooms.

  • Wardrobe;
  • Kitchen;
  • Storage room;
  • Bathrooms, toilets, sauna, guest bathrooms;
  • Tamburami, boiler rooms.

Install a good pull-exhaust ventilation, additionally warm the walls.

The same principle applies to rooms located above the room for cars.

Install a good pull-exhaust ventilation, additional wall insulation. Strengthen sound insulation will help transition platform with reliable doors.

When entering / leaving, provide coverage that will not be too slippery during the icing period.

For garages located in the basement, a gentle descent is constructed, which will not be a problem when entering / leaving. Provide a coating that will not be too slippery during the icing period and drainage facilities to divert rain and melt water.

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How to choose materials and sizes

It is necessary to choose only quality materials.

For such garages you need to choose quality materials. You should not even build an attached garage from low-quality cheap, especially b sh-shnyh materials. This building serves as much as the whole house.

The exterior finish of the garage must be in harmony with the decoration of the facade of the house

Exterior finish should be in harmony with the decoration of the facade of the house. An interesting effect is given by decorative similar elements: lamps, facade tiles, natural stone, colored whitewash.

For owners, it is important that when approaching the house you can effortlessly open the gate and put the car in. To facilitate such a task can roller shutter, sliding automatic gates. They are more reliable, they are almost impossible to crack. No need for the driver to get out of the car, the opening takes place using the remote.

Automatic gates are reliable, they are almost impossible to break.

Consider the basic dimensions, below which you can not fall. Even if the machine is now small, after a while you will get a larger model and a problem may arise. So: a length of at least - 5 meters, ceiling height - 2 m, width - 3 and more.

The most comfortable sizes: 6 - 6.5 meters, height - not less than 3 meters, width about 4.5 meters

I want to emphasize - this is an economical option. For shelves, cabinets and comfortable movement this is not enough. For a more comfortable life of the car and the owner need a room length - 6 - 6.5 meters, height - at least 3 meters, a width of about 4.5 meters.

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Inside should be comfortable and comfortable.

To build a garage is small, you need to properly equip it inside. Finishing materials, choose fire-safe: a minimum of wooden parts.

Finishing materials choose fireproof

  • conduct electrical wiring;
  • it is necessary to install racks or shelves for fuel and lubricants, spare parts;
  • if there is an opportunity to organize water supply: it is easier to wash your hands or car;
  • make concrete floor with FEMs: easier to clean and flush out drops of oil or fuel;
  • equip the inspection pit, workshop;
  • It is not recommended to install fuel boilers in the room to prevent fire or explosion.

Organize the water supply in the garage for your own convenience.

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

Disposition of the house with garage

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