How to hang the right pictures in the interior of the kitchen - 205+ (Photo) Stylish and Beautiful Ideas


Want to transform your kitchen with taste? Pictures bring to the interior originality and exclusivity. Many years ago, the design of a house with paintings was considered a luxury - only the cream of society could afford it. Today, decorating your home with painting objects is accessible to everyone. This allows you to create a unique design, to demonstrate the presence of taste and add color to the room.


It is hard to imagine a stylish kitchen interior without appropriate decorative elements - kitchen attributes, textile solutions and, of course, paintings. To prevent walls from appearing naked and completely boring, it would be a good idea to decorate them with expressive painting or photos within. However, often the result seems boring and inappropriate.

What subtleties must be taken into account when choosing a painting to make the room in which the whole family gathers every day, pleasant and comfortable? You will learn how to choose compositions that fit perfectly into the design of your kitchen.

Pictures bring to the interior originality and exclusivity.

Functions of the painting in the kitchen

The positive impact of painting on the psychological state of a person has been established for a long time. Often it is purchased to confirm high social status, but in most cases the paintings are chosen as the finishing touch in the interior. The picture has many functions in the interior of the kitchen:

  • adorns the walls, gives the room individuality;
  • creates a cozy atmosphere;
  • emphasizes the overall style of the room;
  • fills it with a positive emotional background;
  • helps to complete the design decision;
  • adds luxury.

Painting has a positive effect on the psychological state of a person.

BoardDesigners note that the paintings written by artists look more beneficial in the interior and testify to the sophistication and taste of the owner. Return to the menu

Selection and Location Criteria

Painting in the kitchen will certainly be a bright decorative decision. In order not to be mistaken, rely on the following tips:

  • Balance. If you choose painting, be guided by space. Selecting some bright image, take a couple more in the same color scheme. Such a solution will allow you to enter the most harmonious pictures and make the design complete.
  • Plots. The palette and scenes in your kitchen can be completely different - it all depends on your taste and style of the room. For example, classical cuisine is well complemented by landscapes painted in oil. Floral arrangements are suitable for the Provencal interior. Modern or high-tech can be interesting to revive with the help of abstract drawings. Even if you want to hang an image with a culinary theme, still do not depart from the general interior style.

Decorates the walls, gives the room individuality.

  • Color spectrum. The color of the paintings in your kitchen should match the tone of the walls, furniture, decorations and even your apron. In a neutral room, you can focus on curtains, vases and paintings. For example, white walls and brown furniture will successfully complement still lifes with rich yellow, pink, light green hues and tint curtains.
  • Unity of composition. If you are going to hang several pictures, it is important to achieve their harmony. The sequence in which they will hang, in this case is absolutely not important. The main thing is that there would be some similarity between them. For example, style, palette, semantic meaning.
  • Form of composition. Often the pictures are hung in such a way as to imitate a whole fragment of the wall. This solution will ideally fit into a minimalist or austere interior. It does not matter whether the same size of the picture. The main thing - to issue the correct layout. To add ease to the atmosphere, you can arrange the composition in a chaotic manner. To understand how the pictures will look, circle and cut their outlines from paper and attach to the wall.

Visibility will allow you to present the final result.

Emphasizes the overall style of the room.

  • Dimensions. A huge picture in a small kitchen will look as ridiculous as a small image on a large empty wall. Respect the proportions, be sure to consider the height of the ceilings. For example, in a long but low room, you can hang an elongated composition. In a room with high ceilings, you can hang one large canvas.
  • Accommodatione. The universal solution is the arrangement of pictures, following a horizontal or vertical axis. You just need to find the center of each image and hang them in a row.
  • A place. We advise you not to hang works of art where direct sunlight will "touch" them. You do not want them to quickly burn out? However, you should choose a well-lit areas of the wall, as in the shade they will not be perceived properly.
  • Height. To image properly perceived, hang it at eye level. If you hang canvases on two walls, make sure that their lower edges are level. Large paintings should be hung not lower than the middle of the wall, while small ones can be lowered even below eye level.

It creates a cozy atmosphere

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Color and thematic variety

The color for your case should be based on the design of the room, you can also try to play with contrasts. Do not choose too dark options if space is limited.. This will create the effect of black holes and will depress the environment. Light sunny colors, on the contrary, will expand the space.

BoardIf you want to draw attention to the pictures, you can bring the backlight. This will highlight the beauty of the pictures, help to visually enlarge the room.

To make a new solution to the interior, choose canvases of bright juicy tones.. For example, abstract works of rich crimson or lime color will perfectly fit into a minimalist room.

Fills the kitchen with a positive emotional background.

Standard themes for kitchen walls are “tasty” images of vegetables, fruits, other products, the cooking process. Interestingly fit both classic still lifes and pictures in the style of pop art.

In general, the kitchen can be decorated with the following options:

  • still life;
  • Provencal landscape;
  • portrait;
  • abstraction.

For beige walls and restrained furniture decor with elements of coffee will do. It does not matter at all whether it is a printed poster in a fringed frame, or self-made work from coffee beans.

Helps to complete the design decision

ECWhether you opt for modular paintings, the gamma must be combined with the existing trim. Otherwise, the interior will not look harmonious.

Small room - extremely bright images. The walls in this case should be a delicate shade of blue, green, yellow, lilac or orange.

When making a room designers often take into account the temperament of the owner. If this is an active and purposeful person, he will like saturated panels in a red tone. If you want comfort and peace in the kitchen, then opt for green. These include images of trees, forests, meadows and other greenery.

Adds luxury

To really fit the canvas, it is also important to choose the right frame. The high-tech style will suit metal frames, antique or classical - gold-plated frames, while in the loft you can completely place pictures without a baguette.

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Accommodation features

The effect of the canvas in the kitchen depends not only on the plot and color, but on the correct location. If it is in a dark corner, it will simply be lost. A good place for composition will be not only aesthetic, but also a semantic addition to the whole room.

BoardPick up for images in the kitchen lower location than for other rooms. After all, visitors often sit here.

The effect of linen in the kitchen depends on the correct location.

Designers identify several basic ways of placement:

  • In the classic version of the canvas are arranged according to strict schemes, lines. Most often it is a clear horizontal line, on which all the frames are lined up.
  • In the artistic mode, images are grouped by subject, a common palette. The formats and forms of paintings can be completely different.
  • You can make an imitation of the wall with posters by placing pictures without frames.
  • Harmonious combination of paintings of different shapes and directions, such as posters and still lifes.

It is important to choose the right frame.

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How to choose a picture to a particular style?

Rustic. This includes the famous Provence, which conveys the atmosphere of the French heartland, the flow of flowering gardens and the Mediterranean Sea. The color of the interior is underlined by dull, slightly faded paintings. They must depict nature or floral ornaments. Simple Provencal-style kitchen furniture should also be reflected in baguettes.. It is desirable to make or purchase frames from natural unpainted wood.

Ethno style. Thematic images emphasize the overall design of the room, will make the ethnic interior truly original and distinctive from other kitchens. Choose pictures of unusual shapes with African or Indian style.

Art Nouveau

Modern. In the modern direction of design it will be interesting to use a composition of black and white walls in the style of the twenties of the twentieth century. For example, it may be well-known American architectural landmarks that need to be hung near the dining area. This corner will be a real highlight of the kitchen.

Retro. Modular photopictures in seasoned colors perfectly fit into vintage style. They must pay tribute to the charm of the past era and emphasize its characteristics.

Modern. Loft and hi-tech - popular styles for the design of kitchens and dining rooms. They came to the forefront a long time ago thanks to a stylish minimalist interior. Its ergonomics perfectly highlighted photo.

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Modular pictures

The use of modular pictures is a new direction that has been rapidly gaining momentum in recent years. In this decision, any photo or drawing can be a complete and effective solution.

Modular pictures are called structural. The photo is transferred to canvas or photo paper, divided into several parts. Thus, the individual parts form a single picture. The main advantage of photo images is the fact that you can choose any images, even personal photos.

Photo-picture will help to place accents correctly, if necessary, it can even completely change the style of the room.. Correct images will help to visually expand it. The most remarkable thing is that they are inexpensive, so you can make a replacement at any time.

Use frames of different sizes

Main varieties:

  • Print a photo on photo paper.
  • Transfer to canvas, framing, decoration under the "artistic picture."
  • Drawing the image on glass. It is least likely due to fragility.

Sometimes modular compositions are aged with the help of "cracking" gels, simultaneously creating the appearance of smears.

BoardModular pictures are easy to make yourself by contacting the printing house for printing. This solution will appeal to creative people, as it leaves a lot of space for the manifestation of creativity and creativity.

In a modern interior

Main advantages:

  • low price with a spectacular result;
  • a huge selection of images;
  • duration of operation, since the laminated coating allows you to clean and remove dust without any problems, prevents burnout.
BoardChoose for the kitchen modular paintings that will be made in neutral colors. The main shade should be green, the images themselves should include products, nature or attractive still lifes.

They should create a relaxing environment, adjust to rest and peace after a working day, cause an appetite. Cozy photos of European cafes and old streets, mouth-watering dishes and a richly laid table fit into this category.

Interesting linen cutlery

For a spacious kitchen, a combination of several small-sized drawings is suitable, and for a small one - a panorama. No need to sharpen them into massive frames. It will be interesting to look modular images of unusual shape, such as oval or round. They are a symbol of tranquility and harmony, because it is superbly impossible to better fit into the room where the whole family gathers.

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Ideas for creating your own hands

You can add fresh air to your favorite kitchen design with your own hands. To do this, it is not necessary to have an art education or spend a lot of money to buy tools. A stylish work of art is easy to make from improvised!

Add fresh air to your favorite kitchen design.

Panel of products. Subject application as well as possible will fit into design of this room. For this purpose, cereals, dried fruits and vegetables, coffee, spices and much more are used. Such a natural panel will look not only stylish, but also very appetizing. Let's try to build a panel with spices and coffee. For this you need only an evening of free time and desire. Use and combine those dried products that you have available. It can be dried peppers, citrus peel, cereals, pasta and coffee.Button Arrangement. Many houses had a box with colorful buttons lying around that could not be applied. It can be fixed! Draw a pattern of an object on a plain cardboard - it can be a tree, a butterfly or a cat. Lay out all the space with buttons. You can combine colors or stick them apart. To do this, absolutely no need skills in the artistic field, only glue, patience and free time. At the end of the work pick up the frame and boldly hang on the wall.

The frame should fit into the overall style of the room.

The whole wall is a work of art.

Dried flowers appliqué. Such applications look unusual and fit perfectly into the kitchen. The only thing that is required of you is to dry out beautiful leaves and plants in the autumn period. Sketch on paper. On top, glue the necessary elements - buds, twigs, grass blades and leaves of your favorite color.Collage. The option requires the least effort. You just need to find colorful pictures on the Internet that fit into the style of the room. You can choose from a personal archive, such as a portrait photo shoot of the whole family or wedding shots. Next you need to print them on a widescreen printer and beautifully decorated in a baguette.Wine Cork Panel. Many people keep corks from wines and champagnes at home, others work in a bar and can easily get the right material. In any case, even a small number of traffic jams can complete the picture. Prepare rectangular plywood and size and liquid nails. Arrange them so that there is no free space left. The difference and different shades of wooden caps are not a hindrance - the product will turn out even more original.

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Spice panel cooking workshop

The main components of the spice panel are products, so it will ideally fit into the kitchen setting. Prepare the following items for work:

  • baking paper;
  • cardboard;
  • frame;
  • PVA glue;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • decorative paper;
  • spices, cereals, coffee beans, tea, pepper, beans, etc.

On a bright, green background

We proceed to the process:

  • First we make out the basis. Cut a rectangular shape out of paper and cardboard that will fit the frame you have. Glue the paper to the cardboard and let it dry.
  • Get ideas for the composition of the photos on the Internet. Stick in accordance with your idea a few pieces of light and dark decorative paper, as well as pieces with double-sided tape. The dark shade of paper will help to shade the dark elements, while the tape will be needed for larger parts.
  • Liberally spread the PVA on the paper and sprinkle them with various spices. Do not feel sorry for the ingredients! Wait ten minutes and shake off excess components from the sheet. Make sure that they do not mix with each other.
  • Bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and peas stick separately. Press them firmly to glue "grabbed."
  • After all the grains and spices are distributed and the picture dries, insert it into the frame and hang it at the chosen place.